There is Hope in Pandemonium

Rating: M for violence, descriptive imagery, sexuality in later chapters and more. You have been warned!

Summary: A new threat has befallen the planet and WRO. Protesters are standing against the WRO and questioning their motives. Rufus Shinra and his Turks join the WRO and cause much more turmoil than possible but yet another threat arises when things heat up between the ex-turk and a certain annoying redhead.

"Vincent felt the rumble deep inside him that was coming from Chaos. He was surprised at the demon's open admission. Reno's smirk only widened to a more feral one. That rumble sounded surprisingly like a purr."

Setting: Final Fantasy VII World, one year after the events of Dirge of Cerberus. For any who have not played the game, Shelke is a character from the game that helped Vincent out and at the end of the game Chaos, Vincent's demon, and Omega, the WEAPON of that game, were both destroyed and returned to the planet.

Note: I'm trying to keep the characters as much In Character as possible but it's kind of hard when they're thrown into a situation that they have not been portrayed in the game. I would also like to point out that Vincent is not the silent character a lot of others point him out to be. He is brooding and quiet, but he still talks quite a bit and has a lot of smart-ass comments to make as well as a very dry sense of humour.

Lastly:note that this is YAOI, meaning male x male (homosexual) relationships will occur. This does, however, mean that there is sex in every chapter. I will note if there is anything sexual between any characters in the chapter that it is in, but this is a storyline based story, not just a PWP.

Hope you still enjoy it!

Chapter 1

Reeve and Cid sat quietly in a small waiting room, facing each other but neither finding the need to fill the comfortable silence between them. They were waiting for their two companions and when the door swooshed open, they realized that at least one of them had come.

Yuffie bounced into the room, tripping over her own feet in the process but regaining her balance before she could plant her face at Cid's feet. She waved happily at the two men and even at the age of twenty, she was as hyper-active as always, bouncing around on one spot.

"Where is she?" Reeve looked behind the young ninja for their final companion.

"She'll be here in a moment," the Wutaian grinned widely.

Cid snorted out something before rising and removing a cigarette from the pack under his goggles. He easily lit the cancer stick and breathed in deeply before facing the other door of the room. "When's the meeting?"

Reeve glanced at the clock above the door and sighed heavily. "Five minutes."


"Yo, man! Shit, ya scared me, girl!" Cid jumped slightly and reached out to grab his falling cigarette, easily catching it and burning himself in the process. After a hiss escaped his lips, he took another long drag and turned the young girl. "Shit, man… every time I see ya, ya get taller an' taller! I swear… one of these days ya'll probably reach ma height!"

The group started walking towards the other door.

"As if I'd want to reach your height, old man," the small brunette scoffed.

"That's right, you tell him Shelke!" Yuffie jumped out from behind her and wrapped her hands around the brunette.

"Oh, man," the pilot turned away and muttered a few obscenities under his breath before shaking his head. "Can't believe they're teamin' up on me!"

Reeve laughed when he came closer to the pilot, resting a hand on the blonde's shoulder and tapping it gently. "Come on Cid, enjoy the fun," the robed man turned towards the two girls. "Glad you could make it."

"Of course I can," the brunette smiled softly as she walked beside Yuffie and down the long hall towards the meeting room.

Reeve nodded and turned to face forward again, hands behind his back, but threw a question back at the others. "So, Shelke… got anything new for us?"

"Actually, yes," the brunette nodded softly and took out a small disk. "I've collected some data from around the World Network… and it's not something we can be happy about."

During the past year, after the Deep Ground incident, Shelke had joined in on the WRO as a computer and intelligence specialist. Yuffie and she constantly ended up working together to find information on anything that may help them. During that one year, the nine-year old body of the young woman was slowly regaining the past years. She stood barely half a head shorter than Yuffie and appeared barely a few years younger.

The Wutai ninja had taken quite a liking to the girl, especially when the girl's dry humour had jumped out towards the pilot.

"What is it about?" Reeve asked with hands crossed over his chest as the small group walked down the long metal hall of the new WRO Headquarters.

"Mostly small things," the brunette continued, glancing at Yuffie every so often as the hyper-active ninja was rubbing in comments into the pilot. "However I have found that there is a forming organization that is… not… happy with us."

This caused the other three lead members of the WRO to face her in question.

"They are saying that the WRO is doing what President Shinra was doing, especially when it concerns our army," the girl's voice became slightly monotone and more robotic, reminding all where she had come from and her true objective. "There were quite a few threats sent out towards the WRO and you especially, Reeve."

The man became silent but continued walking without stop.

"They are also questioning not only your motives, but your source of income," the girl added in, causing the robed male to lower his head in thought.

"Is this information reliable?" he asked after a long moment of silence.

Shelke nodded and glanced at Yuffie briefly before turning her gaze back to Reeve. "I am currently confirming it all… however some of those reports have been shown to the public in various areas of the planet."

The Wutai ninja seemed to pout, annoyed that she hadn't been informed of a mission within her section of espionage and intelligence. Cid noticed this and raised an eyebrow at the silent exchange between the two girls, but didn't voice his opinion. Reeve noticed it too however he didn't remain silent and voiced his question. "Who have you sent out?"

Shelke smiled slightly, her gaze lingering on Yuffie a moment longer, before glancing at Reeve. "There is only one other person I know that is better than Yuffie when it comes to gathering information."

The other three immediately understood and nodded in agreement, glad as to who was chosen for the job, before entering into the meeting room.


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