There is Hope in Pandemonium

Rating: M for violence, descriptive imagery, sexuality in later chapters and more. You have been warned!

Summary: "Vincent felt the rumble deep inside him that was coming from Chaos. He was surprised at the demon's open admission. Reno's smirk only widened to a more feral one. That rumble sounded surprisingly like a purr."

Note: FINISHED! Ending is a little weird to me, I don't like it that much, but I don't know how to fix it. If anybody feels the same way I do, please point out how to fix it and I will try

Chapter 23
Epilogue – LIFE

Reno lunged Vincent the same way he had lunged him just moments ago. Maybe it was because he knew he could win, maybe because Vincent held Chaos back, or maybe it was Chaos that held Vincent back, but for some reason he did not move out of the way as the redhead crashed into him and sent them both sprawling in the snow.

"Didn't think that'd work, yo…" the redhead grinned lightly as he sat up and straddled the older man to get comfortable. The wings that Vincent had sprouted were gone and Reno could not tell if it was because Vincent had full control once more or the demon had hidden them so he would not be lying on them.

But when summer eyes met with the crimson pair the redhead only grinned and leaned down to steal a kiss from the older man. He nibbled at the unresponsive lips and licked until they parted. Once they did his tongue dove inside and ran over the sharp canines in surprise. He started pulling back but there was suddenly a hand at the back of his head keeping him still and the lips under his started responding, tongue pushing out to battle against his and two beings over-powering Reno with their passion and lust.

Once the kiss broke Reno was panting, a breathless smile on his lips as he rested his forehead on the older man's shoulder. "Fuck… thought ya'd tear ma head off if I tried that."

"Then why did you?" Vincent's deep rumble echoed through him as the older man held him close.

Reno only scoffed before clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth. "Tche… if I died kissin' ya, it's worth it. Dun't know who taught ya, but they taught ya good."

A deep chuckle left the older man and Reno felt it reverberate through him. "How ya holdin' up?"

"I am not. Chaos is usually the one in control. I am really surprised he relinquished it to me so easily."

Reno scoffed lightly with a wide grin on his lips. "Maybe he saw me comin' an' didn't wanna deal with me, so he ran away."

Vincent also chuckled at that and nodded. "Maybe… it may just be another form of torture for me."

Reno laughed but after a moment he sobered up completely. "Why haven't ya gone back yet? Shelke's worried sick fer ya. At least give 'er a call er somethin'."

"I am not sure where my phone is," at Reno's chuckle Vincent smiled but also added, "nor am I sure if Chaos knows how to dial properly." At that statement Reno finally sat up and looked at Vincent's left arm. The obsidian claw that belonged to the demon was gone and replaced by the ever present glove that annoyed the redhead to no end.

As Reno sat back Vincent followed his example so sit up and leaned back on his right arm to look at the redhead. He was so focused on the glove that for a moment the ex-Turk felt completely exposed. His left hand rose, fingers caught and played lazily with the redhead's own. Then Reno met his eyes as his hands went to the buckles at the top of the glove.

Red eyes narrowed but after no clear rejection came the first buckle came undone. His fingers slid down the glove to the second buckle, then the third that was at the wrist. Next his hands ran to the top to grab the zipper that ran the inside of the ex-Turk's arm and ended right below his middle finger on his palm. Their eyes never parted and Reno leaned closer suddenly, lips connecting in a passionate kiss as he slowly tugged the zipper down.

When it was at his wrist Vincent's other hand grabbed Reno's hair and tugged back. "Stop." He ordered and the redhead froze. It seemed as if the ex-Turk was on the verge of losing any and all control he had.

"It's alright. I trust ya."

"No," Vincent growled, eyes hardening. "I do not trust me." Reno smirked at that statement and his lips parted to speak, but Vincent interrupted him. "You have no idea what he wants, what he makes me want when he is awake."

Reno's smirk faltered only for a moment before the zipper ran over the man's palm, eyes still never straying from the crimson depths before him. "Blood, gore, war an' fightin'… bathin' in ma blood as ya fuck me raw and lovin' every second of it, knowin' that I'm lovin' it as much as ya are." Vincent's expression screwed up between surprise and curiosity. "Been there too, love. Seen what he wants and wanted it too. If it'll make ya happy, do it," he started peeling the glove off carefully, pulling at each finger of worn leather without once looking down.

"If it'll make ya guilty… hold back a lil'," Reno grinned but grinded his hips forward, showing Vincent that he was just as hard as the ex-Turk was. The glove was gone but his summer eyes never tore away from the crimson depths. Instead, his fingers ran up the man's arm, feeling the light shiver it sent through him, before reaching his collar and starting to undo his shirt as well. "But just a lil'," he added with a grin.

Vincent continued to stare at the redhead in surprise and only after his shirt was gone and slipped off his shoulders, did Reno stand up. His eyes remained locked and the older man had no idea how he could contain his curiosity for so long. Then the redhead was undressing. They were in the cold, laying in snow, but Reno threw off his dress shirt and trousers as if he was on the beach.

Then the redhead moved away and towards the fallen tent. He would not lay on the snow at least. He sat down on the cloth and beckoned the red-eyed demon before him with his eyes and smile only. As he lay back he spread his legs in a wanton show of submission and though Vincent was still about a meter or two away from him, Reno felt the rumble in his chest when the demon growled.

And just as suddenly Vincent was on top of him, supporting himself with both hands on either side of Reno's head, settling comfortably between his legs as the redhead reached up and pulled his hair tie away completely. The red tresses spilled across his hands, making him shiver as they tangled in the fingers of his left hand – skin that had not seen contact with anything other than the glove for too long.

When Reno's summer eyes, heavy lidded and glazed over with passion, looked up at him, Vincent closed his own pair, feeling the last of Chaos subside inside his body and relinquishing all control to the ex-Turk. When the two men kissed again Reno was caught completely off guard. The ex-Turk usually dominated the kiss as he did everything else, including his kills. It was with raw precision and power that left him staggering that Vincent always kept the redhead so close to the edge but never close enough. Now though, the berserker's tongue was lazy in its swipes inside his mouth, drawing out his own tongue before sucking it into his mouth.

Reno was even more surprised when suddenly they rolled over, Vincent laying beneath him and the redhead perched atop him. The Turk had to pull back to stare at him in curiosity, but then he felt the soft hands, thumbs gently rubbing at his thighs in an encouraging manner before a gentle smile appeared on his features.

"Are ya sure?" Reno questioned with slight worry. He did not know from personal experience however he could read people really well and he knew how hard it must be for Vincent to give up control completely rather than lose it in a fight. As a response the berserker reached up with his left hand and brushed at one red swipe with his thumb. The gentle smile on his lips surprised Reno but it just seemed to fit properly for some reason.

The redhead nodded to himself and rocked his hips over the ex-Turk's covered erection. They both moaned in unison and Reno clutched at Vincent's raised arm. He continued to rock his hips slowly as his fingers ran over the sensitive and scarred flesh. Then he brought those fingers up to his face and his devilish tongue dashed out to lick them. Vincent bucked up when two of his fingers suddenly entered the heat of the redhead's mouth. Once they left Reno guided them behind him and they entered an even tighter heat.

Preparations were quick and Reno's hands left Vincent's to do the work as he opened the man's trousers to let him free. He stroked him, leaning forward before lips locking, and one hand slipped into Vincent's thick hair before dragging him up. The ex-Turk sat up with Reno in his lap, one hand still stretching the redhead for him while the other rested on his thigh.

"This is not about you handing control over ta me," Reno spoke, his street slang gone almost completely form the words and returning only when Vincent's long fingers brushed that spot deep inside him. He was proud not to stutter though or lose track of what he was saying. "This is about you, letting it go."

Those words may not have made sense to anybody else or coming from anybody else, but Reno had been inside that nothingness and had seen how much Vincent had to struggle to keep Chaos at bay, to always be in control. Reno had seen how the man needed to dominate him and see him as prey in fear of giving him more leverage than needed if he saw him as something else. Reno had seen how those emotions, spilling from Chaos over into them both, had allowed the gunman to completely let go and just search for the feeling without the need to hand over the power.

Now, as they sat clutching at each other, Reno's hand guided Vincent's to the older man's erection before both hands guided it inside his body. The redhead settled himself in the gunman's lap and smiled softly, resting his hands lazily on Vincent's shoulders. Vincent in return wrapped his own arms loosely around the redhead's waist.

Then Reno rose experimentally and dropped lightly. The next movement was when Vincent thrust up into the redhead. They set a slow rhythm together that was only controlled by their building passion. Reno arched his back, hands clutching at Vincent's long hair and head thrown back as he rolled his hips to meet every one of Vincent's upward thrusts.

"Holy Shiva," Vincent muttered, burying his face in the redhead's neck, both hands now holding the redhead's hips to guide him into his movements.

"More, I need more, please…" Reno gasped out above him, feeling those talented lips playing with the hollow of his neck and running up to his chin. Before either of them knew it Reno was on his back once more with Vincent thrusting between his legs. The redhead had a strong clutch on his back and held the older man close to his body, legs wrapped around his hips and pivoting into every one of those maddening thrusts as they sped up.

Then a sudden pressure filled them both and Vincent was so surprised by his completion that he screamed in surprise, arching his back and eyes wide to stare into nothingness. Reno was as surprised as the older man to find his completion, connecting with the man as they reached their end at the same time due to that one strange push. But unlike Vincent's unseeing eyes, the redhead's vision was filled with Vincent's beautifully arched frame and the large black wings that sprouted out of his back and spread as if trying to reach the edges of the sky.

The Vincent collapsed atop him, the wings falling to cover them both as they lay in the cold snow, breathing heavily and too surprised by the sudden end of their activities to say anything.

"That was…" Vincent stated speaking, feeling the weight of the black, leathering appendages that still sprouted from his back.

"Mmhmm… it was Chaos," Reno added in, his legs relaxing to unwrap from around Vincent but still framing the older man's body. His arms still remained locked around his back though and his fingers were playing with the skin where the black wings sprouted from.

"Stop that," Vincent growled from above him, face hidden but the sound rumbling through both their chests.

Reno just grinned in response and continued to toy with what was obviously a sensitive area for the older man. A movement from the berserker and a sudden, sharp pain startled Reno into complying. "What the fuck!" he screamed and watched as Vincent's head reared back, blood staining his lips and tongue lapping at them to reveal sharp fangs behind. What surprised him most though were the crimson eyes with specks of gold dancing in between. He reached up to his neck where he felt the pain and felt his torn skin with a grimace.

"I thought this wasn't 'bout control?" Reno ground out in anger, glaring at the older man.

Vincent just smirked down at him, the expression absolutely feral when added with those sharp fangs, blood, and the large wings still covering them both. "There is a difference between control and claim, Reno." It was Vincent's voice that spoke the words, no accent to the demon what-so-ever, before he leaned down to kiss the redhead again.

When they parted Reno pushed the man away from him suddenly, feeling the thickening erection Vincent was sporting by his thigh. Without giving the older man a chance to understand what he was doing he shuffled under his frame till he was lying on his stomach and propped himself up as much as possible with the older man's body still above him. He looked over one shoulder, past the bloodied mark of claim Chaos felt the need to put on the redhead, and his glazed eyes bore right into Vincent as he moaned suddenly. "More."

Vincent just smiled before leaning over that same shoulder to capture the redhead's lips in another bruising kiss before entering the redhead once more into a smooth movement.

They did not separate all evening and even far into the morning the following day. The wings, fangs, obsidian claw, and horns disappeared off of Vincent's person. Reno had brought him an extra pair of clothes, as well as for himself knowing his would probably be ripped at least once, and the two made their way back to Icicle Inn.

Reno's one week vacation was cut short by exactly one day when the two men returned to the WRO headquarters at Junon. Vincent was reluctant the entire time, not wanting to endanger the others with his new found lack-of-control over Chaos. But during their trip Reno had forced Vincent to take them back to that state of nothingness. And while in the darkness that did not exist and burning with a fire that was not there, Reno proved to Vincent that Chaos did not need to be controlled. The demon just needed to be spoiled a little.

When they landed at the air pad in the Junon Area they were surprisingly escorted straight to one of the meeting rooms of the airport where the head WRO members, Rufus, and the Turks were waiting for them both.

"Vincent! You're back!" both Yuffie and Shelke ran towards the man, ignoring what they had known of him to wrap their arms around his neck in unison.

"Glad you're back, Vince!" Cid grumbled with a wide grin, slapping the back of once shoulder once Vincent had effectively disengaged the young women off of him.

Reeve smiled and nodded when he stepped up from beside Rufus. "Got everything under control?"

The ex-Turk nodded and looked over at the small crowd of people that had come to greet him upon his return. A strange feeling filled his chest as he looked them all over. The two young women that had completely shattered any type of solitude he could ever have wanted, the gruff pilot and the leader of the WRO that had become such close friends. Even Rufus and the Turks seemed well placed, seeming more like the family of his lover than his own, but people that he knew he could come to accept.

His red eyes locked with Tseng's black depths as he thought this. The man was well on his way to joining Cid and Reeve in that tight circle of really close friends. Tseng just inclined his head with a small smile on his lips. Vincent copied the action, the noted as the Turk leader turned to Reno. "And what happened to you?"

As a response Reno sniffled loudly right before sneezing. He rubbed at his red nose and glared at Vincent's back. Tseng's small smile widened barely a fraction. "Your immune system should be better than that, Reno. I would take it that you were rolling around naked in the snow for you to get so sick."

The mischievous glint in the black depths caused Reno's own eyes to narrow. But the words were already out and even Cid, whom had heard briefly of what was going on between Vincent and Reno, blushed and looked away. The one thing that startled them all was Rufus's loud laugh as the blonde president doubled over suddenly.

"Glad I could be yer form of entertainment, sir," Reno grumbled out, wrapping his arms tighter around his torso and turning to walk away. He was completely caught off guard when Vincent's arm suddenly fell across his shoulders and the older man pulled him closer to his body. The snickers behind him were answer enough as to why Vincent had done it, but then the ex-Turk had to go all out and tip his chin up with one finger so that they could lock lips in a passionate kiss.

It is safe to say that the couple were the last to leave the room that day and the following one Reno was too sick to even get out of bed.

The End

Note: I kept what's under Vincent's glove on the left arm hidden because really… that's the mystery of it all… everyone can imagine what they may in that spot, I believe I left just enough description and vagueness to give a general idea, but I don't want to come up with something on my own… you decide why he hides it!

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