Chapter 1- Three and a Half Years Later

Teddy- 7 Victoire- 5 Dominique- 3 Fred- 3 James- 3 Roxanne- 1 Louis- 1 Molly- 1

"Fred!" Angelina yelled loudly. "What are you doing?"

"It was Jamesie!" Fred exclaimed.

"I'm sure it was." Harry said idly as he moved a chess piece. "Ron, it's your turn."

"Harry!" Ginny exclaimed. "Roxanne's crying! You're just gonna be okay that it was James."

"Not at all." Harry stood up and walked over to the teary eyed Roxanne. "Come here, Roxie." Harry kneeled down and opened his arms for his niece. She came running over and right into his arms. He picked her up and held her at his hip.

"I'm sorry Jamesie was mean to you, Roxie." Harry told her, as she laid her head against Harry's shoulder.

"Dommie an Fweddie too." Roxie whimpered in her little one-year-old voice.

"I'm sorry, darling." Fleur came over and gave Roxanne a kiss on the forehead. "Dommie and Freddie and Jamesie can be mean, huh?" Roxanne nodded her head in agreement.

"I know what will make you feel better." Grandmum told her little granddaughter. "I've got chocolate ice cream for all the good little boys and girls."

"I want it!" Louis exclaimed, jumping up and down. "I want it!"

"You can have some, because you've been a good boy." Grandmum told Louis. "But Dommie and Freddie and Jamesie have been too naughty this time."

"I sorry!" Fred immediately exclaimed when he heard his grandmother's words. "I sorry, Roxie!"

"Okay." Roxanne nodded her head and she tried to wriggle out of her Uncle's grasp, but he easily let her down.

"But everyone haz to eat zere dinner." Fleur said, looking at each of her children in turn.

"Yup." Ginny, Angelina and Audrey said all together.

Everyone slowly sat down to eat, and the women helped Grandmum set everything out on the old, expanded table.

Everyone passed around the food, filled their plates up, helped their children and talked happily.

As Harry talked with Ron about his and Hermione's little baby on the way, Harry couldn't help but remember when James was born, which was three and a half years ago.

To Harry, the past three years had flown by. He didn't realize that time could go so fast, until he had James. And, so much had happened in the last three years.

There had been small changes, such as Teddy spending more time at the Potters gradually, and big changes, such as new editions to the Weasley family. On November 20th, 2003, Fred got a new little sister, Roxanne Angelina Weasley, and on November 30th, 2003, Victoire and Dominique got a little brother, Louis Charlie Weasley. And on December 15th, 2003, Percy and Audrey had their first little girl, Molly Elizabeth Weasley. And now, Audrey and Hermione were both pregnant with little girls.

Other important things had gone on too. Like Ginny deciding that Quidditch was one of the best things of her life, but that she couldn't play anymore. It was time for her to hang up her broomstick, and just take care of James, who was quite a handful. She thought about going and finding a different job she could do, but decided she'd wait until James, and any other future kids, were older.

The Ministry had continued to thrive, and fix things that Voldemort had messed up. Hermione had been hard at work on fixing up the elf rights, which were still taking up time. There were so many things to right, that she sometimes wondered if she'd ever fix it all. And while working on it all, she had begun making plans on helping the centaurs, giants, and any other 'beasts' who might need her help.

But, as Harry thought over the years since James' birth, the one thing that mattered the most to him, and that stuck out the most, was simply raising James. He could be really hard to handle sometimes, and took lots of effort, and sometimes, he would be a good child. But, no matter the 'level of hardness' Harry loved James. He loved everything about him. He loved being able to raise him from a baby, and as his own. Sometimes it was hard to teach him different lessons, and things that would help him in his life, and sometimes raising James just meant playing with him, and taking him on broom rides with Ginny. Sometimes it meant taking him to the park, or over to Shell Cottage to play with Dom, and sometimes Fred.

James, Dominique and Fred had become closely knit. The three were always together and causing mischievous, even at the young age of three. George said they'd be the next Marauders, and Harry easily agreed. James was already named after two of them, and Fred was named after one of the greatest pranksters and creators of Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

Harry also enjoyed watching his nieces and nephews grow up in front of his eyes. It was sad, whenever one of them celebrated a birthday, because he knew they were just getting that much older. But, when he thought over all he did to create a world for these children, he was proud at them, and he was always proud to hear the succeeded. They were all fairly young, but were still old in a sense. They weren't the tiny little newborns they once were. They were older.

Harry too loved seeing the different personalities you could already see blooming. Teddy was the leader, the big brother, the helper and the person they all looked up to. Teddy loved being there for his little brother, and little cousins, and he was always playing and helping in some way. Victoire was a mini Fleur in a nutshell. Down to her looks, or the way she held herself up, and acted. She had the put togetherness of Fleur, but in a child. Whenever Harry saw Victoire, he couldn't help but think of Fleur. Dom, was the complete opposite. Even though she was only just about two years younger than Victoire, she couldn't be more different. Everyone said she was a perfect mix of Bill and Fred and George. She had the wild side, and the daring side from her father, and the prankster, fun loving, and mischief streak from her uncles. Fred was exactly the same way, as was James. They were really too young to realize what they were doing, but when put together, they were always wrecking havoc; always. Roxanne was just little, so you couldn't see too much how she'd be. But, you could see bits and pieces of Angelina and George in her personality, and that made Harry smile. Louis was just a little energy ball. He was always jumping around, screaming something, and having fun, or as much as a one-year-old could. And Molly, well she was as much as Percy as a one-year-old could be.

In other news, the Auror Department hadn't had any real bad cases lately. There were things here and there, but since James' birth, Harry had only been on two real missions. He mostly just did paperwork, and went to boring meetings with the Minister and other Auror's. Sometimes Harry'd help with the trainees, and teach them a thing or two. And once, by some miracle, McGonagall had convinced Harry to come stay up at the castle, with Ginny, Teddy and James of course, and teach some Defense Against the Dark Arts classes. Harry didn't think he'd like that, but he found after a class or two, he really did enjoy sharing with the students all he knew.

One thing they hadn't done recently though, was go on a big family vacation. Harry and Ginny took James and Teddy different places, and once they even camped out in their backyard, but Harry wanted to have a big vacation with the entire Weasley family. He and Ginny had actually talked about it, and were seriously thinking about just paying for the whole affair, and surprising the family for Christmas, or something.

"Daddy!" Harry was knocked out of his deep reverie, by James shrieking his 'name'. "Daddy!"

"What is it, James?" Harry asked as he turned to his son.

"Mummy says I hafa eat all my food if I wanna haf ice cweam!" James exclaimed. "I don't wanna!"

"But James, look how yummy Grandmum made dinner." Harry knew just how to get James to eat, and luckily James was seated in a booster right next to him. "Here, how about I feed you."

"No!" James exclaimed. "I don't want it!" Harry, ignoring James, grabbed his spoon and scooped up some food for him.

"Here you are, James." Harry swirled the spoon around. "The broom is coming for a landing! Open up! Hurry!" At this, obviously being tricked, James eagerly opened up his mouth, and accepted the big bit of food.

"Now isn't that yummy?" Ginny asked her son, from his other side. James just nodded his head.

"Teddy eat!" James exclaimed, as he pointed over to where his big brother sat next to his best friend, and cousin, Victoire. "And Vicky!"

"We are eating." Victoire told him. "We always eat, Jamesie." She told him matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, James." Teddy agreed. "It's yummy."

"'Ummy!" James exclaimed, trying to imitate Teddy, as he often did. "'Ummy, 'ummy!"

"Yeah, James." Harry agreed. "Have another bite." Harry scooped up more food, and used the same tactic to get James another bite of his mashed potatoes.

"Dommie!" James exclaimed, as he looked across the table at his cousin and best friend. "Do you wike it?"

"Uh-huh." Dom nodded her head.

"Do you wike it, Fweddie?" James turned to his other best friend.

"Wike it!" Roxanne exclaimed, completely cutting off whatever it was Fred was going to say.

"Roxie!" Fred exclaimed, obviously not appreciative of his sister's remark. "Jamesie wikes me!"

"Wike me!" Roxanne exclaimed, a look of determination on her face.

"I wike Fweddie!" James exclaimed.

"No," Harry told James. "You love all of your cousins."

"No!" James exclaimed, and Harry gave him a small look.

"Jamesie, yes you do." Ginny cut in, her voice soothing. "And they love you."

"Nuh-uh!" James exclaimed.

"Uh-huh, James." Teddy cut in. Teddy was good at finding the situations that his godparents needed his help in. He was always able to convince James of something that his parents couldn't, and Teddy loved being the big helper. "You do."

"I do?" James asked questioningly. Almost as if he'd never even thought of such an idea.

"I love you, Jamesie." Victoire said. Victoire was also good, in either helping out with Dom and Louis, or with any of her little cousins.

"I wove wou, Vicky." James said as he allowed his father to feed him more food.

On the other side of Harry, Ron sat fussing over his pregnant wife.

"Are you alright, Hermione?" Ron asked Hermione. "Too hot, too cold, hungry, thirsty…?" Ron's worried voice trailed off, and though Hermione very badly wanted to snap at him, she bit back her snappy, hormonal remark.

For Hermione and Ron, getting pregnant had been quite the struggle. They'd been trying to conceive for the past two and half years. They'd tried everything known to magic, but nothing worked. Padma Patil, they're mediwitch, had tried to help them as much as she could, but for a while, it looked like they couldn't have their own children.

But, about a year ago, Hermione had finally conceived their first baby. Both Hermione and Ron couldn't have been happier. They were very careful and didn't do anything that might cause Hermione to get sick, hurt, or for the any harm to come to the baby. It'd been so long since they started trying, and now that they had their little one, they were going to be careful.

Unfortunately, when Hermione was three and a half months along, she miscarried. She was absolutely devastated. She felt like she wasn't going to be good enough for Ron anymore, and even thought about the possibility of them getting a divorce. She didn't feel like she'd be good enough for Ron, but she decided all this in her mind, before Ron even knew about the miscarriage.

When Ron came home to find Hermione in a bloody, teary mess on the bathroom floor, he assumed the worst, and depressingly, his assumptions were right.

Those first few weeks after the miscarriage where horrible for Ron and Hermione. Ron missed a lot of work to stay home and take care of Hermione, and Hermione completely missed work for weeks. Everyone was worried about them, and it left a big gloom over the family.

But after a lot of love, and family closeness, Ron and Hermione were able to somewhat move on. They'd obviously never get over the fact of losing their first born, but it had gotten much easier. They were both able to go about their daily lives, and were able to actually be happy again; especially when they found out that Hermione was soon again pregnant. But, this time around, Ron never left her side; ever. He hadn't attended work in some time, but Harry was able to mostly cover for him. Everyone understood why Ron couldn't be there, and Kingsley fully backed him up, he was one of his best Auror's.

The only problem was that with Hermione's hormones out of whack, she sometimes snapped at Ron, and instantly felt bad. She tried her hardest to stay calm, but Ron insisted that he understood, and that he only wanted to love, support and help her in anyway. One thing both Ron and Hermione could agree on, was that they wanted this baby very much, and they were willing to do anything to keep it healthy and safe.

"Hermione…?" Ron's uneven, concerned voice snapped Hermione out of her thoughts.

"Sorry, babe, what?" Hermione asked.

"Are you okay?" Ron asked in concern.

"I'm perfectly fine, honey." Hermione assured him. "Though I'd like some more water."

"Water it is!" Ron exclaimed as he quickly reached out for the pitcher, and in seconds, Hermione had a full glass of water again. She kissed her husband gratefully, before taking a drink.

"Thanks, babe." Hermione said.

"Anything else?" Ron asked.

"No, I'm good."

Soon enough, dinner at ended, and so had the night. He had gotten hard for everyone to stay at The Burrow very late, since they all had little ones to get to sleep, and it always left Grandmum and Granddad sad to be alone. Though they knew that many of their grandchildren would come visit throughout the long week.

"Take care." Grandmum told her children as she kissed each son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and grandson.

"I wove wou, Gwandmummy!" James exclaimed as he gave his grandmother a big hug.

"I love you, too, my little Jamesie." Grandmum hugged James tightly. "Be good for Mummy and Daddy."

"O'tah." James nodded his head, and Grandmum let James down, and he raced over to his dad's embrace.

Everyone said one last goodbye and then they all took turns flooing home in the one fireplace.

Things had changed in the last three and a half years, but it was definitely for the better.

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