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Disposing of the fake Zedd turned out to be more problematic then they had first anticipated. The fact that it seemed alive was disturbing to say the least. But they couldn't let it report. Then add the logistics in destroying something that really wasn't alive. It took them a quarter of an hour to get the job done. A quarter of an hour that both of them would rather forget. Arthur needed to change the subject.

"Is Gwen alright?" Arthur asked.

"I dunno," Merlin replied uncomfortably.

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"I mean, I don't know. I really didn't have time to check on her."

"We're going to her house and we're going to find out."

"Arthur!" Merlin hissed. "Are you crazy?" Merlin instantly regretted those words. They sounded callous. Merlin understood why Arthur so badly wanted to check on Gwen. Merlin wanted Gwen to be safe; she was his friend. But if Morgana knew about Arthur and Gwen, she was probably hoping that Arthur would do something rash.

"Merlin," Arthur said desperately, "I need to know that she is okay. I intend on going with or with out you. And nothing you say will change that."

Arthur's jaw was set. Merlin briefly considered using a spell to stop Arthur and then thought better of it. After all, he was worried about Gwen too. "Fine," Merlin snapped. "But we are not going in the citadel."

"I give the orders. Remember?" Arthur protested arrogantly.

"Great. We're not going in the citadel."

Arthur and Merlin snuck into Camelot. Merlin's stomach tightened with anxiety. This was such a bad idea. They were going to get caught. More than once they had to hide from the new management.

Then Arthur did do something rash. Something so rash that Merlin became certain they were both going to die. If Merlin had known that telling Arthur about Gizelle being Morgana's accomplice would have created this type of situation, Merlin would've kept his mouth closed. Now, they were hidden in an alley way. Arthur was pressing his sword against a frantic woman and quietly demanding answers for her behavior.

"What were you helping Morgana with?" Arthur hissed.

"Nothing," Gizelle whimpered. "I swear."

" Really? As I understand it, the night before the coup, you were with Morgana, trying to break into my chambers."

"I don't remember any of that." Tears were rolling down Gizelle's face. "The last thing I remember before they took Camelot is the lady Morgana was showing me a mirror. It was a really odd little thing. Even if it was made of gold."

"Why was it odd?" Merlin interjected. Arthur looked at Merlin with annoyance. Clearly, Arthur doubted that the mirror itself had any significance. It probably wasn't important, but still it didn't hurt to check.

"It opened and closed. There was a small reddish thing painted on it. I didn't get good look at it before I fainted. It's not fair. She summons me into her chambers to look at it. Then doesn't let me have a good look at it. I'd like to buy a mirror that opens and closes like that."

Merlin didn't know why it mattered to her whether a mirror opened and closed. Frankly, he didn't want to know. He didn't think that it had been a good idea to waylay her in the first place. But what was done was done. They might as well make the best of it. "Do you think the mirror made you faint?" He asked.

"I don't know. I hope not; I wanted to get a mirror like that, except prettier." Arthur and Merlin both rolled their eyes. Oblivious to her interrogators' distress, Gizelle continued to prattle on. "I'm not even sure if that mirror was pretty. Morgana snatched out of my hands before I had the chance to get a good look at it. At least she had the decency to offer me a drink," Gizelle huffed.

So mirror was meaningless. Morgana had just drugged Gizelle.

"What happened after you woke up?" Arthur asked.

Gizelle shuddered and began to sob. "I was behind a tapestry a-and- and."

"Yes?" Merlin asked.

She took a deep breath, "There was an old man and h-he w-was- he was-" The old man was probably Zedd. This could be some promising information.

"He was feeding me!"

Merlin released a breath in disappointment. Arthur, however, was not giving up so easily. "What was he feeding you?" Arthur pressed.

"I don't know. It was some sort of porridge. But he was feeding me," Gizelle whimpered.

"Was there anything usual about it? Do you remember?"

"I—uh, I don't—He was feeding me!"

"Did he feed you rat?" Merlin asked brashly. "Wilddeoren bones? What terrible thing did he feed you?"

"He was feeding me. A strange scary old sorcerer was feeding me."

Merlin sighed in exasperation. He knew Arthur's idea had been a bad one, and it hadn't even been remotely useful. Now, how were they going to prevent her from telling everyone? Gizelle was known to have trouble keeping any information to herself. They couldn't kill her. That would be wrong. Unless—No. He couldn't let himself think like that. But they couldn't take her with them. She would just cause unnecessary trouble. But they couldn't let her tell anyone.

"Do you know what the worst part of this is?" Gizelle muttered. When neither Arthur or Merlin said anything, Gizelle continued her babbling, "Florence. He's upset with me. He keeps telling to explain myself. Father thinks I tried to run away with him. He's—"

"Gizelle" Arthur said, lowering his sword. "Why you don't elope with Florence?"

Merlin's jaw dropped. Arthur did not just say that. What was he thinking? This would be a disaster! Merlin struggled to find the right words express his disgust.

"What?" Gizelle replied, shocked.

"Run away with Florence and marry him," Arthur said. "You're in trouble for it anyways. Go."

Gizelle nodded.

Merlin watched Gizelle walk off. He decided that Arthur must have been hit on the head one to many times. The prince was not only giving her license to tell everyone they were here, but he also was encouraging a scandal. If they managed to retake Camelot, Arthur would have to answer for this behavior.

"What did you just do?" Merlin hissed numbly.

"I stopped Gizelle from informing anyone that we are here. She'll be too busy trying to elope."

"What happens when she justifies running away on your orders?"

Arthur looked sheepish. "It won't matter. Nobody is going to believe that I'd order someone to elope."

"You've tried to elope in the past." Merlin pointed out.

"That was years ago," Arthur snapped uncomfortably. "I doubt anyone remembers that."

"You sure?"

"Shut up, Merlin. Let's check on Gwen."

Elyan noticed a figure creeping into Gwen's home. If someone thought they could pillage his sister's home and get away with it... Elyan was going to stop him. He had the advantage of surprise. He grabbed a sword and made his way to his sister's home.

Elyan peeked through the window. The bandit had his back turned. Elyan swung the door open and charged at the intruder.

"Look out!" cried a surprisingly familiar voice.

The man Elyan was trying to attack spun around and blocked Eylan's blow. Now Elyan could see the man's face. It was Arthur Pendragon.

"Sire," Elyan said, surprised. Then he saw Merlin. "Merlin."

"Elyan," Arthur replied, looking relieved. "Where is Gwen? What happened?"

"Gwen is fine. She is at the citadel. Several of the knights betrayed Camelot. Some people say that they've been enchanted."

Kahlan stared in frustration at the castle wall. The days events weren't going well. She, Zedd, Richard, and Cara had decided that getting Morgana off the throne was now the best thing to do. Kahlan had spent the day trying to find a new candidate for the monarchy. She talked to the nobles that weren't incarcerated. She asked what they thought of the new rule. After these conversations, Kahlan decided that they were all out of the question. Either they were in danger of being punished by Morgana for continued sympathy to Uther and Arthur, or they were too scared to take a stand. At one point she thought that she might have found the perfect candidate. He noted that both Morgana and Uther were tyrants. Then, however, he started to speak longingly about Arthur and how much he had been looking forward to that monster being king.

Kahlan bit her lip. She wasn't sure how to proceed from here.

Kahlen whirled her around as she heard the sound of footsteps. It was Guinevere on her way to do laundry. In the past, the maid never seemed interested in speaking with them. But maybe Kahlen could wheedle some information out of her.

"Guinevere?" Kahlen called out.

Guinevere stopped. She replied with polite iciness, "Yes, your ladyship."

Elyan told them about how Mogana's new helpers had taken up the responsibility of aimlessly checking nearby towns for Merlin and Arthur. If they were going to keep this up, there was a chance of ambushing them. However, Arthur, Merlin, and now Elyan would have to find away to separate the crazy crew. Merlin felt that it was too risky to take all of them on at once if they didn't have too.

So, Arthur, Merlin, and Elyan snuck out of Camelot. Traveling through the forest, they ran into two men. One of them was a large hulking man, and other was more normal sized. It was the normal sized man that Merlin was interested in.


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