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If you haven't read Never Gonna Be Alone, Savin' Me, and Someday, stop reading this and go do it. If you don't, you will be confused. You have been warned.

Author Note:

We're now in Series 5. For Series 3 and 4 and the specials, go and read the three prequels to this one.

So, when we left off, the Doctor had regenerated and left Lily on Earth. How long will they be apart? Only time will tell.

This story will pick up with the beginning of The Eleventh Hour and follow both the Doctor with Amy and Lily on Earth with Torchwood until they are reunited, so don't skip a chapter just because it seems the same as the real episode. Things will be changed, and the stories will run side by side.


Name: Lily Elizabeth Carter, Dark Phoenix, Alyssy (called that by the Master when she was on Gallifrey)

Age: She was around 20 in Gallifreyan years when she was taken away, and she's lived as a human for 21 Earth years. Normally she'd be considered a very young teenager by the Time Lords, but she has matured at a human rate, so mentally, she is an adult. Usually she ignores the difference between an Earth year and Gallifreyan year and says she's around 41. After she regenerates, she changes to match the Doctor's reckoning, making him 906 and her 222.

Hair: Black, pre-regeneration. Blonde, post-regeneration. After, she tends to die it in different ways, most commonly the tips different colors, but she has been known to die a stripe different colors.

Skin: Pale, both pre and post.

Clothes: While human Lily changed her style from day to day, favoring jeans, t-shirts, cropped leather jackets, and boots, Time Lord Lily tends to go more towards the punk rock look. She wears different colored short sleeved dress shirts, with different colored ties and vests. She wears mostly jeans with black converse, but skirts also, with black boots. The only thing that always stays constant is the Fire Point Diamond around her neck, which the Doctor gave her.

Eyes: Grey with flecks of gold or the inverse when she uses her powers. When she goes deeply into the vortex, they can lose all of the grey and turn completely gold. No matter what, they remain this way.

Height: 5'7", pre. 5'3", post.

Personality: She's very sarcastic. She makes jokes when she's upset. She has a need to take care of everyone and tends to put them first even at the risk of ignoring what she needs. After she regenerates, she's still sarcastic, but less defensive. She knows who she is now and is more secure about it. She won't beat herself up as much about what she can't stop.


The Doctor-she is his bond-mate. She loves him very much, more than she loved her original Doctor. She needs him every bit as much as he needs her and doesn't take being separated from him very well.

Jack Harkness-she considers him her brother in every way but blood. She views him as only second to the Doctor and would do anything for him.

Donna Noble-she and Donna were linked by the metacrisis and now have a bond similar to twins. Donna is her sister in all but blood and she will do anything to protect her. They also share a low level telepathic bond. Nothing like the bond she shares with the Doctor, but enough that she can share information with her if need be. She can no longer travel with the Doctor and Lily due to the dormant knowledge in her mind. She is engaged to be married to Shawn Temple.

Again, if you haven't read the other three stories, stop now and go read them.

Thank you.

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