So take my hand, and knowing,
with it, I also give my heart
wanting, never to be separate again
let eternity begin

-Jewel, "Face of Love"

"Holy crow," I muttered as I stared at the gift my friends had given me on the eve of mine and Jake's wedding. My eyes nearly popped out of my head.

It was a very silky and very see-through scrap of material. It was nothing like the sexy bra-and-panty set I had bought when Jake and I had first started dating; it was much sexier and very skimpy. My friends were cackling with glee at my reaction.

"Come on, let us see," Elijah said with a grin. "You need a man's opinion on it, and they wouldn't let me and Brian take a look at it when they got it."

I didn't really want to show it off, but reluctantly I held it up. Dana, Samantha, Clarissa, and Jaime began laughing when they guys saw it. Brian's eyes nearly bugged out of his head, and Elijah only stared, his mouth open slightly. The black scrap of thong didn't look like any kind of underwear I had ever seen and the top opened up right under the breasts, revealing the stomach. The bra cups were mostly see-through.

I felt my cheeks flush. Jake and I had experimented a little, but I had never dressed like this for the sole purpose of being seductive. I could do it, though, right? I knew Jake would love it.

"Damn," Elijah muttered. "Jake is one lucky guy." And with that, I turned more of a fire-engine red.

Jamie nudged Brian. "No more staring or you're banished from the room."

He chuckled, pulling her in close for a kiss.

Dana was flipping through the music collection that we had picked out for our wedding, and she frowned when she got to the end.

"Bella, don't you have any ass-shaking music? Seriously, you need to have some bump-n-grind; get Jake going for your wedding night."

"Um, you do know our parents will be there?" I said dryly.

Clarissa snickered, picking up a shrimp and dipping it in the cocktail sauce, and popped it into her mouth. "Once all of us and the rest of your friends are out there, no one will notice you and Jake sexy-dancing."

"Remember that time Jamie tried that with Brian and ended up tripping over his foot?" They all howled with laughter.

Jamie sighed. "Yes, I know I will never live that one down."

I hadn't been there to see that, but they made sure to tell me just how it happened. Jamie took it in stride, and I decided to admit that I didn't even know how to dance like that. They all stared at me in surprise.

"Really?" Samantha stood up. "Okay, Bella, we're going to teach you. Since you've been sheltered in the art of dancing like a slut, we'll help you out. Jake will love you even more for it."

"I'm not sure that's possible," Dana said, and all my female friends looked teary-eyed at that.

Brian snorted. "I'd offer to help you out, Bella, but Jamie would probably castrate me…"

Jamie kicked him, and I giggled. "I don't know… my klutziness is so much better now, but doing something like this is kind of iffy…"

Dana gave Elijah a shove. "Go on, Elijah, help her out. Jamie and Brian will do it, too, so Bella can see it as well."

Elijah was blushing along with me, but he obliged by placing his hands on my hips. Dana turned the music on, and I saw Jamie begin to swivel her hips, her arms around Brian's neck. The swiveling included her lower body coming into contact with Brian's as they rubbed against each other.

Horrified, I glanced up at Elijah. His voice was somewhere above my left ear. "Don't worry, Bella. I'm showing you, but we won't… uh… be in contact quite like that."

I relaxed a little as his hands guided my hips into swiveling. He was true to his word; he kept his touch light, showed me how to move my hips, but we only brushed against each other instead of grinding.

That was unlike Brian and Jamie who seemed to be aiming for a World Record.

I began to feel the rhythm a little bit more and moved and swayed. "Good," he assured me. "You just have to relax which you're beginning to do now."

"Let your body feel the music, too," Samantha called out.

"Let your inner sexy beast out," Dana added.

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" Clarissa said and everyone cracked up, effectively ending the training session.

I shook my head, laughing, and reached up to give Elijah a peck on the cheek.

"Thanks," I said, smiling when his dimple flashed in a grin. The rest of them cheered and clapped for us, congratulating me on my first attempt at dirty-dancing.

I took a deep breath. I would show Jake tomorrow, on our wedding day, and I knew he would be thrilled.

I stood on the wildflower-strewn platform, my arm entwined with Charlie's, staring only at Jake as he stood at the front waiting for me. His black eyes met mine and everything else was lost. I felt Charlie kiss my cheek; he hugged Jake and placed my hand in Jake's big, warm one.

The dress flowed down around my ankles in soft white, a glittery white band that started between my breasts wound up around my neck, leaving my shoulders bare to the cool and comfortable air. My hair was braided and pinned artfully, and a few loose strands lifted in the breeze, tickling my face.

The minister spoke, and I dutifully repeated my part, so ready for when he pronounced us man and wife.

"You are my sunshine, Jacob Black. You make every single day brighter. We struggled through a lot together, but I always knew you would remain the single best thing in my life. Thank you for being who you are; I love you so much."

Jake just stared at me when he was supposed to start his vows. "I… you… beautiful… love you."

Everyone was laughing gently at his stammering, and my smile grew. It was rare for Jacob to be so tongue-tied. I took pity on him, squeezed his hand, and mouthed I love you.

He laughed at himself and got back on track.

"Bella, you have become stronger every day, and a lot of that was because of you not me. You have impressed me with your love and overwhelming acceptance of so many things, but it never surprised me. You are capable of so much, and deserve so much, and I'm thrilled you're going to be my wife. I love you more than anything."

We kissed – long and deep – and we were pronounced man and wife.

We faced the crowd, and I couldn't tell who was louder; the pack or my bakery friends. I started laughing as they cheered even louder, whistling, as we walked back down the aisle.

The reception was a wild blur of bodies dancing, drinks pouring, and a delicious mix of fresh-caught salmon and stuffed chicken breasts. I threw myself into my friends' arms when we first got there. It was one big group hug, all of us laughing, the women crying, and Brian and Elijah rolling their eyes at us. The pack just lifted me and passed me from one to the other.

Dana, Samantha, Clarissa, Jamie, and I spun in a crazy circle on the dance floor.

"I can't believe you're married!" Dana said for the fiftieth time. It still sent a thrill through me.

"I know! Holy shit, Bella, you and Jake are husband and wife!" Clarissa exclaimed.

"You'll be the cutest married couple ever!"

"And you'll probably have a ton of kids!"

I laughed, still in the middle of their circle. "I don't know about a ton, but a few maybe."

Jake was looking for me not long after and they all gave me a collective shove. "Go… it's a good song for some bump 'n grind. We'll all hide you."

Laughing, I wrapped my arms around his neck, smiling up at him.

He raised an eyebrow at me. "Having fun, Mrs. Black? It looks like you've been having some wine."

I giggled. "A bit, but I'm not going overboard."

"Good," he whispered in my ear. "I want you fully alert for later tonight."

That was enough to send a rush of heat spiraling downward. "I have a couple surprises for you, Mr. Black."

When the music began pumping, I wound myself around Jake, gyrating my hips and pressing up against him. I felt more than heard him suck in a breath and grinned secretively. His hands settled on my backside, his thigh between mine, and I rubbed and shook my hips like nobody's business.

When the song was over, he whispered to me again, "Damn, Bells. Where the hell did you learn to do that? You're going to have to walk in front of me until I can sit down without anyone seeing. And our wedding night might be starting a lot sooner."

I grinned at him over my shoulder, thrilled to see the pleasure on his face. All my friends were giving me the thumbs-up, and Elijah winked at me. I blushed at our display, but knew it was totally worth it.

We would be leaving for our honeymoon in California in two days, and I was glad that our first night as husband and wife would be in our new home. It was beautiful and fit both of us perfectly. Jake had disappeared into the kitchen while I showered and changed into the lingerie.

I bit my lip when I stared in the mirror. My freshly washed and dried hair was a mass of waves over my shoulders and the black sheer lingerie emphasized my pale skin, but in a good way. I brushed my hands down the sheer fabric that barely concealed my breasts... and the underwear was pretty much non-existent. I knew it would tear easily in Jacob's big hands.

Hair smoothed down, I peered at myself in the mirror and figured this was as good as it would get. I looked pretty good all things considered and opened the door when I had the robe wrapped securely around myself.

Jake was in the bedroom, outlined by the light from the moon. He turned around, his smile warming me from the inside out.

"Mrs. Black," he murmured. I was his wife and the idea thrilled me. It didn't matter we had been together countless times, loved each other for what seemed like forever... I couldn't stop the butterflies in my stomach at revealing myself to him in this get-up as his wife. We would make love for the first time as a married couple.

"Mr. Black," I echoed, enjoying the sound of our shared name.

I moved straight into his arms, his heat sliding up my back, working its way into me. He leaned down to brush his lips over mine. He eased back, and I saw in the dim light, one single candle showing off a small tray of champagne and glasses, strawberries, and cheese on the nightstand.

"Nice touch. A bit of a romantic, huh?" I teased him, calming myself in the process.

"Mmmhmm," he murmured, nipping at my ear. "And you know you love it."

I smiled and let him sway me to the strains of something soft and melodic coming from the speakers. "I really liked your bump 'n grind," he said with a wicked grin. "How about we try that again?"

My cheeks flushed, but I obliged him. He turned me so my behind was pressed up against him. My hips swayed and I rubbed against him, feeling his immediate response. Jake moved sinuously, and my body tuned in to his, our bodies coiling and moving until I felt charged and even more ready for him.

His lips were parted, his breath thickening, and at that moment everything disappeared... the self-consciousness of showing him what I wore, the silliness of how I might look in it. All I wanted was my husband. My fingers trailed over the planes and traced the line of muscle in his chest and stomach; his breath shuddered a little as I dipped to right above the top of his jeans.

I stepped back, untying the belt at my waist. The robe fell open and slipped down my arms. I stood there, content and happy, and felt the rush of excitement when Jake's eyes widened and his tongue swept out to moisten his lips.

"Damn, Bells..." he said faintly."No matter how many times I see you, I still get a hell of a charge. And that outfit..."

"You like?" I asked demurely.

I giggled as he started exploring immediately while nodding eagerly. I closed my eyes as his fingers stroked and teased over the bared skin of my stomach, brushing them over my nipples. I felt the jolt as if I wasn't even wearing anything. Which I mostly wasn't.

Suddenly, his hands were on my hips, lifting me. Automatically, I wrapped my legs around his waist, looping my arms around his neck. His mouth went from hot and soft, to hard and hungry, and then achingly soft again. My mind buzzed as his tongue pressed against the pulse point in my neck. "I want you more than anything," he breathed into my ear.

"Then take me," I told him, my voice soft but bold.

He grinned, tumbling me down onto the soft, pillow-top bed we would share as husband and wife. His mouth moved hungrily from my neck, down to my breasts. He kissed my hardened nipples through the sheer fabric, and I held onto his head, anchoring him there. Little shoots of pleasure raced through my body as he tasted first one, then the other. My heels moved restlessly over his back, arching my hips up to rub against the already hard bulge in his pants.

He took both my wrists in his hand, pinning them over my head, as the other one dipped into my panties. He was gentle, persistent, and I whimpered as his fingers slicked along the length of my opening. He lifted my legs so they rested on his shoulders, his mouth seeking out sensitive spots along my thighs. I squirmed at the ticklish feeling, and I could feel his smile curve against the sensitive skin of my inner thigh.

He hastily pulled the lacy thong off of me, surprisingly not ripping it, and his head dipped between my thighs and sent me into a fast climax as he tasted me. My body was quaking, and I felt so hot and alive, as he sat up and brought me up onto his lap. I kissed him, distracting him with my tongue, as I reached down and gave him one full-fisted, heavy stroke. He groaned against my mouth as I sank down onto him. We both moaned simultaneously as I slid back up, pulling off him, only to sink back down again.

"Ahh, Bells," he gasped as I bit his earlobe and began rocking my hips faster. "I want to see you orgasm; see the flash of pleasure in your eyes before they glaze over..."

Another whimper escaped as he breathed the words into my ear, his nose rubbing along my jaw, before pulling back to meet my eyes.

His hands squeezed my backside, firmly pulling me back down after I would move up. Our eyes stayed on each other, our lips would occasionally dive together for a luscious kiss, as the feelings began to build in intensity inside me. My head fell back.

Jake's mouth found my breasts, tugging on my nipple gently with his teeth.

I grasped his hair, held on.

As I burst apart in pleasure, Jake pulled me back up, his eyes locked on mine as my body quaked. He came then, too, after one more hard thrust and our gazes never wavered. I watched him just as he watched me and then I collapsed against his chest. He lowered us back down to the bed, still connected, and kissed me softly. We eventually sat up and made good use of the snacks before lying back down again.

"I love you, Mrs. Black," he murmured.

I smiled. "And I love you. And now I'm exhausted."

He chuckled. "Take a nap, sweetheart. You're going to need to re-energize.

I raised an eyebrow sleepily at him. "Oh, is that so?"

"Oh yeah, I have plans for you."

I grinned, snuggled into him, and dozed off.

The surf pounded on Ocean Beach in San Francisco as Jake and I strolled along, watching the few brave and serious surfers out trying to catch the huge waves. I breathed in the briny air deeply, idly watching the joggers, the kids playing, the people sunning themselves with friends and family. It was one of the rare sunnier days in October thankfully, though the water was beginning to make my feet cold.

We had just arrived that morning and checked in at the Ocean Beach Bed and Breakfast we would be staying at and came out to enjoy the weather. We had picked up a couple sandwiches on the way up to stave off our appetites until dinner.

Jake's hair was whipping around in the breeze, the sun playing off his smooth, bronze skin. He was wearing cut-off shorts and a white t-shirt that hugged the muscles in his chest and stomach; he was getting more than his fair share of stares from women.

Probably men, too.

He was also paying attention to a guide book we had picked up. "There is plenty to do," he said as we walked back toward where we had come onto the beach. "I wouldn't mind visiting Alcatraz."

I agreed, thinking that could be rather interesting. We shot ideas back and forth and decided we also wanted to go to the San Francisco Zoo, Golden Gate Park, and I decided we should go to the Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley Wine Region and do a few wineries.

"Hmmm," he murmured. "I'll agree to that if you promise not to over-do it," he teased.

I gave him an elbow in the ribs, making him snicker.

He took my hand as we walked back along the short stretch to the B&B. The streets were busy, everything was colorful, and I was thrilled that we were able to get away again – and somewhere new – for our honeymoon.

In our room at the B&B, I stood by the window, gazing out at the panoramic view of the city and the Pacific Ocean. Jake came up behind me and slid his arms around my waist.

"It's really beautiful here," I said. "I'm so glad we were able to get away."

"Oh, hell yeah! A blissful week and a half away with you? That's heaven," Jake said. I laughed at the fervor in his voice.

"And this B&B is beautiful," I added. "It was a good choice."

The room was wide and spacious with a big, beautiful bed and the bank of windows overlooking the city and the ocean. It was connected to a sitting room as well, which was nice, because we had more space to move around and didn't have to spend it in just one room. We had our own bathroom, too, with a nice big walk-in shower.

"Plenty of room for the both of us," Jake had declared upon arrival, making me flush deeply and making the owner of the B&B laugh.

"You two enjoy your honeymoon," she said, winking at me.

"I found a restaurant," Jake declared as I finished unpacking our clothes and toiletries. "I'm going to make a dinner reservation for six thirty, if that's okay?"

"Sure," I agreed. "What restaurant?"

"It's an Italian restaurant called Bella Trattoria."

I snickered as he gave me an innocent grin. "Hey, it got good ratings!"

He made the reservations as I pulled out a fresh change of clothes. When he hung up, I glanced up at him. "I'm going to take a quick shower. What do you want to do first?"

"First?" he murmured. With a wolfish grin, he stalked me across the room. "I think first, I'm going to follow you into the shower…"

I gave a small squeal of laughter as he chased me into the bathroom.

"You know we have to start practicing plenty for all those kids we're going to have," he murmured.

I grinned and warmed at the thought.

"Anyway… once I make love to you in the shower… I'm going to bring you back out here and make love to you on that big bed… and just keep going until it's time to eat."

Laughing, I let him undress me, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Now that sounds like the perfect start to our honeymoon…"

AN: Ok, sorry it took me ages to get this outtake done. November came too fast and I had begun NaNoWriMo (50,000 words in a month) and if you can believe it… I actually have a novel almost finished. Then with Christmas coming, and then the news that I will be laid off after this month, kind of took its toll. So, I finally just started working on stuff again. I'll be updating soon hopefully with a new multi, a couple OS's, and then I'm back to my original novel. So there you have it.

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