Before You Were Born

The match ended in a bloody fashion with the champion reclaiming their spot in victory, once again, and their opponent slumped on the ground in a dismembered heap.

Well, at least in other words, leaving a poor Kudou Shinichi pinching the bridge of his nose to ease the on-coming headache while he watched Ran storm out furious, yet, triumphant, again, in her winning argument. This was the third time this week and frankly, Shinichi was tired of losing this battle. Honestly, he deep down knew the girl was right, vehemently supporting her case against his counter backs and 'lame' excuses, but he couldn't help and ponder the idea nor be just a teensy little bit stubborn about it.

" No way!"

"It's only an idea, Ran. It's not like it's final yet or anything! Plus, can you believe how incredible this is? Offering this to me, just a recent high school graduate?" Shinichi explained, spreading out his arms out to emphasize his point. "This is huge!"

Ran rolled her eyes at his gesture and crossed her arms on her chest, stamping her foot on the ground roughly. "I. Don't. Care!"

Shinichi gawked at Ran's childish mannerisms, reminding himself what very bad timing it would be if he even let out a squeak of laughter. It could cost him his head.

"You're being just a bit unreasonable here, Ran." Shinichi smiled, watching Ran's face transition from pouting to scowling now. Amazing how she could quickly revert back from eighteen to eight in less than two seconds.

"Oh, am I?" Ran replied, her voice thick with sarcasm. "How about this for a final answer for you: NO. No, you're not going, I'm amazed that you even considered it, even more surprised you would think I would be happy with it, and I just love how you liked to tell me this at last minute expecting me to be all supportive for you!"

Ran then japed her index finger into Shinichi's chest, Shinichi looking down at the indention in his chest from her force then back up at her, his blue eyes expanding and her blue eyes narrowed glaring down at him where he sat behind his desk in his library room. "Don't even talk to me about unreasonable because I dealt with a year's worth of unreasonable worried sick about you, Shinichi!"


Sitting behind his desk, Shinichi removed his pinched fingers from his nose, now down to his last resort or he would watch Ran walk out and probably with harsh consequences to follow. Balling up his fists, Shinichi with a loud thud, banged his fists against his desk.

"Fight me!"

Ran's hand froze mid way motion when turning the knob on the door walking out when Shinichi screamed at her. Burrowing her eyebrows together, Ran could have sworn she had misinterpreted Shinichi saying something to make her stop that somehow sounded like he was challenging her. She must be starting to hear things.

"You heard me correct, Ran. Fight me! "

Quickly, Ran used the back of hand to smear away the tears already brimming her eyes before spinning around on her heels to croak out "What?"

Shinichi stood up from his desk and walked around towards the middle of the room, rolling up his buttoned down shirt sleeves as he did so. Even though he knew he was probably getting himself into a world of trouble, he had a plan for this. A stupid plan that could get him killed, but he was hoping at least his sinewy build would hold him through and let his brains and heart lead him into a victory of his own.

" I said…" Shinichi repeated undoing his tie he wore and throwing it on the ground beside him, smiling, as Ran stood flabbergasted to what was going on and why he was undressing. "Fight me, Ran. If I win, I go to London for a year and work with the police force in the city and if you win….." Shinichi pivoted to his strongest forward, knees bent, elbows locked close to his body and fists guarding his face "….if you win I'll stay, right here with you."

Shinichi grinned at Ran's amusing reaction to this. First, standing there with mouth ajar open, her long eyelashes batting wildly, and then almost to quickly, shifting into a confident smirk.

"Are you serious?" Ran asked, letting go of the door knob and walking back towards the room.

"As serious as it gets."

Ran scoffed at Shinichi who beckoned her forward with a gesture from his hand, grinning madly all the while. She was so ready to obliterate the stupid, cocky, geeky, nerdy, freakish, lame grin of his.

"Give me your best shot!" Shinichi challenged one last time before Ran came hurdling towards him, fists raised high.

"Don't blame when you asked for it!", Ran replied, winding back her arm to swoop down and hook Shinichi right square in the temporal.

Except Ran didn't expect Shinichi to duck on such a timely fashion that it threw her off, and with guard down Shinichi made his move.

Ran yelped as Shinichi threw himself low on the ground to swipe Ran off her balance, his foot kicking the back of her ankles that started sending her backward until Shinichi made a fast grab pulling her forward by her arm and pinning her down on the ground under him

I don't think either of them were even prepared for that but it didn't mean that Shinichi wasn't relishing in his victory.

"Aww, don't make that face." Shinichi laughed, Ran looking absolutely dreadful, uncomfortable, and embarrassed as she struggled under his weight.

"You idiot!" Ran barked out, moving under him more but to no avail.

"Me? The idiot that just beat you?" Shinichi inquired cheekily, his hands still pinning Ran's arms glued to her sides.

"You stupid, stupid, idiot, jerk!" Ran struggled out before letting her body go limp under Shinichi's force. Shinchi looked down seeing Ran's fists slowly uncurl before looking back at her face that turned to the side as tears ran down her face and drip off her nose.

"Ran, no….." Shinichi hushed, using a free hand to wipe away her tears and letting his fingers linger on her face, gently maneuvering her head back up to face his and where their eyes could lock.

Looking at him, his concerned face, Ran's emotions bubbled over and finally let her break down.

"Don't go!" Ran sobbed, her arms wrapping around Shinichi's torso and clinging to the fabric of his shirt. "Don't leave me again, Shinichi! Please!"

Shinichi shook his head, trying quietly to calm Ran down that started crying harder to the point she was unable to talk but only make garbled noise through her cries.

"I'm not! I'm not. Ran, please listen and just be…." Shinichi stopped midway to softly and simply to press his lips against hers to silence the cries and in more ways than one comfort her.

Lifting his head back up from her face, smiling as she finally regained herself from the shock and her cheeks now stained red staring back up at him.

"Look." Shinichi began, digging his hand into his pocket to pull out a silver band with a cluster of diamonds melded on top with a crystal flower sparkling out in the center. Ran went rigid from the sight and Shinichi laughed at her response. "All this time during the week when I tried to tell you about the London thing, you immediately shut yourself up and put up a defensive wall not even letting me to explain myself and tell you…."

Shinichi reached behind his back to peel off Ran's left hand that clung to him to slip on the ring onto her intended finger. Shinichi smiled at how easy the ring slipped on and stayed there and then beamed ever more seeing Ran lay there baffled, her eyes now filled with a different kind of emotion. And he was sure it was that good kind like he was filled with at the moment too.

"…..I never had in mind to leave you again but to take you with me. Ran, marry me. Be with me and please don't leave my side because I don't think I could ever see myself away from yours. I love you, Ran and I'm sorry I made you think the worst."

Three Weeks Later

"So, in three months you and Neechan are going to be married and two weeks after that you guys are off to London?"

Shinichi grinned as he juggled a ball from thigh to thigh and then balanced it on his forehead.

"That's the plan, Hattori."

Heiji scratched the back of his head as he looked back inside his house to see Ran showing off her ring to Kazuah, squeezing one eye shut as piercing squeals began to emit loudly through the air.

"They seem happy…" Heiji muttered, taking a sit on the backporch steps and cradling his face in one hand as he eyed his best friend in high spirits as he continued nonchalantly juggling his ball.

"How did you do it, Kudou?"

Shinichi grinned even more "I fought her. Pinned her down and won. Then asked her to be my wife."

Heiji blinked once-blinked twice- then for a third time before slowly diverting his eyes away from his best friend and back into the house to where Ran and Kazuah were. Focusing really on one person in mind.

"Why have I never thought of that? Brilliant. Absolutely simple, yet brilliant."


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