They had a secret. No one could nor would ever find out.

They wanted to forget. It is just a mistake to them, but they were just trying to convince themselves.

Why did it happen? Was it meant to be? Never talking about it, it is still that question of "why?"

Years passed, they had their own successful lives, but when one is in need, the other is there.

Slowly the feeling that was buried comes to surface.

Gradually, they become close again. But of course, there would be something getting in their way.

Will they fight for each other? Would this be it?

Knowing their past would never let them drift apart; it is so hard for them to confess their love.

Unexplained feelings they have for each other.

At moments they are confused, the mind trying so hard to control the heart.

It is just a matter of time, then it will all become clear...