Taylor and Chad's flashback - Bold Italics

It took me a while to find the perfect song but I did and I know this song puts everything together. The flashbacks are parts from a few of the previous chapters. The wedding song is Forever Starts Today by Destiny's Child.

I'm trying hard not to fall in love so quickly, baby

I'm trying hard just to take my time

But you make it hard not to make any promises

Cause you're solely mine

Just something so divine

From that moment that changed everything…

"Taylor! Taylor, wait!"

"No, Chad! This was not supposed to happen!"

"But it did! You can't change it!"

"Just leave me alone!"

"We need to talk about this."

"No we don't! Just forget it ever happened! It didn't mean anything anyway. It was just a stupid mistake!"

Then years later, coming together to make things right…

"Hey, Mckessie," Chad grinned.

"It's Taylor. I'm not surprised you are still acting so childish."

"Taylor, don't start this now. After all this time, you're still mad for no reason."

"I'm not...I just don't want to talk to you."

"But I need to talk to you."

"I'm already running late. You have nothing to say to me," she said walking away from him.

"Wait, Tay." Chad ran in front of her.

"Chad, I have to go."

"You have to talk to me."

"No! Leave me alone!"

"Just hear me out, please."

I know they say that young love just isn't steady

I know they say it's not time

But in my heart I know I'm more than ready

I know that true love is mine

Now and Forever

Taking the first step to start over…

"I'm sorry, Chad. I'm glad that you came over because I can't stop thinking about that night. I felt incomplete but that was my fault for always pushing you away."

Chad walked back into the living room. "You forgive me?"

Taylor gave him a slight smile. "Yes...do you forgive me?"

"Yeah..." He walked up closer to her. "I just want to start over. Is that ok?" Chad asked in a whisper.

Taylor nodded with more tears running down her cheeks.

The moments she knew he would be there for her…

"Taylor! Taylor!"

"Hey, son you can't come any closer?" a police officer said.

"Where is Taylor? She might still be in there!"


He turned around. "Taylor!" He embraced her.

"I heard something and went downstairs to see what it was. My patio was broken into and there was someone just standing at the door. I don't how he did it, but he started this. Someone tried to kill me."

Chad pulled her into another embrace. "Ok. We will let the police handle this but you don't need to be alone."

Now and Forever, well its all the same(all the same)

As long as we keep all the vows that we made(that we made)

There's no need to search when I hear your heart say

Forever starts today

The moment she knew she had his heart…

Taylor loved this moment. She loved having this moment with Chad. She loves Chad. She loves everything about him.

Chad didn't want things to be awkward. He did not say anything but he made one simple action.

Chad smiled as he touched Taylor's hand and pulled her into an embrace.

"You have my honest," Chad whispered in her ear.

His grip around her waist tightened. They pulled apart and their eyes were locked tight on one another. Taylor wanted to say something, but she couldn't.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him. They pulled back just a little but then Chad pulled Taylor into another kiss.

"I really like that you are here with me." Chad said.

Taylor nodded. "I guess it's a reason for it."

He was going to do any and everything to keep her safe…

"Shh…" Chad whispered soothingly. "I'm right here. I won't let anything hurt you."

Taylor stopped crying; she felt safe in Chad's arms.

"Come on, I have something to show you."

Chad held Taylor by her waist as he guided her to a room that she never paid attention to, mainly because it was locked, actually padlocked.

Chad put in the password and opened the door. It was a security room.

"I had cameras set everywhere outside."

"You did that for me?"

"Yeah, Tay. I want to make sure you are safe and comfortable. Do you feel better now?"

"Yes…" she nodded.

No sense in rushing when you

Got something this special, baby

No need to prove that our love is real

If we just stay true to ourselves and one another

Well then what we feel

Is just what we feel

Tempting this urge and trying to be patient…

Chad kissed her with passion, love, lust, and desire. His strong hands were on her hips. Chad was close to pulling her panties down. Taylor at that point tried to say no, but the words weren't going to come out. Inside, she wanted him. But it was not right for this moment.

"No...No." she shook her head.

Chad pulled away. "What's wrong?"

"Chad, I'm sorry but I just can't right now."

"Ok…" Chad sat up on the side of her.

Taylor sat up as well. Chad got up and got Taylor's bra and robe. Taylor put them back on and sat silent.

"It's hard not to be tempted."

The defining moment they were waiting for …

"Chad, go deeper…" Taylor gasped and bit her lip again.

"Whatever you say, Beautiful."

Chad turned her over on her back. They stared into each other's eyes. As Chad shoved himself back into her, Taylor arched her back father and wrapped her legs around him. Deeper and deeper with gentle steady strokes. He increased the speed and pressure again. Taylor struggled through every orgasm. Time seemed to stand still as waves of pleasure came over her. Taylor moaned in Chad's ear.

Chad knew he was hitting the right spot.

"Yes! Yes! Oh YES!" she kept moaning in ecstasy.

With a shrill, high pitched scream of pleasure, her body instantly went rigid. Chad felt her body begin to relax again. He holds onto her legs, pushing them higher up again. He breathed in heavily.

They had finally reached their ultimate high. Chad thrust hard one last time, releasing himself into her. Taylor arched her back giving in to her orgasm and tried to catch her breath. Chad pulled out and laid on the side of her, both covered in sweat. Chad rolled onto his side, pulling Taylor to lay with her back against his chest.

And if it's true that young love just isn't steady

I guess that we'll take our sweet time

I got something more than just saying that I'm ready

I know that true love is mine

Now and forever

But their past was still haunting them…


You have done so much for me but I feel like I took so much away from you. You deserve better and I am getting in the way. I'm sorry for not giving you the chance you constantly asked for. I'm sorry for being such a burden. I have made the decision to go to New York and I may not be coming back. For now I am staying in a hotel for a couple days because I knew you would have tried to stop me. I feel that this way is better for us. I have become so dependent on you and now I am changing all of that. I do not regret living with you for the past 7 months but time passed by so quickly and I don't have a purpose for staying with you any longer. I will never forget the moments we shared. I can never deny the feelings that I have for you, either. Please, don't be angry with me. I just don't want us to hurt anymore.

Love Always and Forever,


Chad sighed and took out a small black box out of his jacket pocket, sat it on the table, opened it and just stared at the diamond ring inside.

He was too late. He lost her again...

The unbearable pain of being apart…

Chad was lying in the bed, looking up at the ceiling of his hotel room. He could still hear Taylor's beautiful voice. He just couldn't give up. He closed his eyes for just a second but then he heard Taylor calling him. It was like she was right there with him.


He sat up.


He knew that it was all in his head but he this feeling that he had unusual. He was trying to get his answers.

"Chad, I'm scared."

"Where are you, Tay?"

"I can't tell you."

"Taylor, I am not about to lose you, please, tell me."

"I'm sorry."

He could hear her crying and screaming.

"Taylor? Taylor? TAYLOR!"

Taylor sat up breathing heavily. She could've sworn she heard Chad yelling her name. "I'm losing my damn mind!"

Taylor got up and went into the bathroom. She splashed water on her face then stared at herself in the mirror. She imaged Chad walking into the bathroom and wrapping his arms around her. They would look into the mirror and smile at each. It was the perfect picture of perfect love.

Now feeling even more regret for leaving Chad, she tried to block everything out of her mind but she couldn't. She splashed water all over the mirror out of anger, hoping that the image would go away.

Chad wiped that fog off the mirror, after getting out the shower. He imaged Taylor, with her robe on, walking in the bathroom and leaning against the side of the door like she always did.

But fog came back, blocking her image. Chad looked down shaking his head in disbelief. His mind was playing tricks and he was frustrated with all of this.

Taylor and Chad was at a near breaking point…

She thought she lost him…

Taylor started to cry. Her mind was racing. "I didn't stop him. I watched him drive away. I didn't say anything. I should've stopped him." Taylor turned to face Aunt V.

"You didn't know."

"I knew he was here but I stayed away, thinking that I was doing the right thing but now he is gone!" she cried.

"You can't blame yourself for this."

"It is my fault, Auntie." Taylor started crying harder "He's dead. She kept saying. "He's dead."


"That bastard took Chad away from me!"

Aunt V embraced Taylor. "Hush, child. It's ok."

Taylor shook her head. They sat on the couch and Taylor laid her head on Aunt V's lap.

"I'm sorry, Chad! I'm so sorry!" she cried none stop.

Now and Forever, well its all the same (oohh…oohh...oohh)

As long as we keep all the vows that we made (ohhh...oohh...oohh)

There's no need to search when I hear your heart say (oohh...ohh...oohh)

Forever starts today, now and forever

A sign of a new beginning…

"I'm dying…" Farah said in a low tone.

Taylor's smile faded as she looked up at Farah.

"I did what I was supposed to do."

"But this baby needs his mother."

"He will have his mother."

Taylor looked down then back up at Farah. "Me? No! I…I'm not fit to be a mother."

"He's an innocent baby who deserves so much. You can take care of him. He needs you."

"Why? Why me?"

"It's already done. I made sure that your name will be on the birth certificate instead of mine."

"How is that possible? How do you know so much about me? I don't understand."

"You aren't trying to understand and some things are better left unexplained."

All hell breaks loose and the possibility of giving up…

"You think I'm stupid, little girl? You think you are a step ahead of me?" he chuckled. "I could really teach that little boy of yours how to succeed in life…"

Taylor gave him a shocking look. She got even angrier. "You leave Shaheen out of this!"

"Once you are dead, he will need my guidance."

"No, I'm not going anywhere!"

"Are you sure about that?"

"Cold hearted asshole!" Taylor yelled and tears streamed down.

"Go ahead. Say what you want. Do whatever you want. All the more reason I have to end your pathetic life."

Taylor screamed in frustration.

"So we still have an agreement, don't we?"

Taylor said nothing.

"Don't we?"

Taylor just glared at him.

He smiled. "Good."

Jeremy walked out and slammed the door and locked it.

She sat back down on the couch. "Damn it! I can't do this anymore! I can't!"

Taylor let her tears of sadness fall onto the floor. How did Jeremy find out about Shaheen? That was not supposed to happen. She was supposed to protect him but she was already failing. Taylor had to face the fact that maybe Aunt V was right in the first place. She took on the responsibility to take care of an innocent child; he was now in danger. She should have gone to the police like Aunt V said.

Should've, could've, would've…Taylor didn't so that was it. She had no choice.

"Chad, please, come back to me…"

Forever I'll always…be in your arms

For that's a place that I know I belong

I feel in my heart

Baby, I'll be around

Baby, don't you worry

Now and forever

Now back in the arms of the man she loves so much…

"Taylor, don't!" Chad yelled running through the doors.

Everybody gasped and turned around to look at Chad.

"Chad!" Taylor gasped.

They ran to each other meeting half way in the middle of the aisle. Taylor grabbed his face with both hands, kissing him. Chad wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her slightly off the ground. They broke their kiss as Chad slowly set her back down. Taylor stared into his eyes with tears running down uncontrollably and smiled. Chad wiped her tears away gently.

"I've missed you so much," Taylor whispered. "I thought you were gone…"

"I know, baby. I've missed you, too." Chad pulled her into another embrace. "I love you, Taylor."

Chad had finally said those 3 words that Taylor has been waiting for. Through all of this of course it shows how much Chad truly cares and loves Taylor, but to hear him say those words brought such a powerful feeling to her.

"I love you, too," Taylor kissed him again.

The special moment they will never forget…

"Baby, I messed up letting you go twice and I'm not going to do that again. I am committed to you." Chad walked over to the nightstand drawer opened it and took a small box out. He walked back over to Taylor. "Sit down, Tay."

Taylor sat down on the bed and Chad kneeled down in front of her. Taylor gasped figuring out what he was about to do. Taylor tried not to cry, her heart pounding.

"I told you that you give me joy, that you are beautiful and you will always be my beautiful baby girl. You mean the world to me…"

Tears ran down Taylor's cheeks.

"Taylor, will you marry me?"

Taylor nodded and started to cry harder. "Yes, Chad! Yes!"

Now and forever, well it's all the same (it's all the same)

As long as we keep all the vows that we made(long as we keep the vows)

There's no need to search when I hear your heart say(Now and forever)

Forever starts today, Now and Forever

Everyone was staring at her in amazement as Taylor walked down the aisle. She was absolutely beautiful with held her head high. She couldn't stop smiling. It just felt so surreal.

Chad stood proud, smiling. He couldn't take his eyes off of her.

When she was finally in front of him, Taylor gave her bouquet to her maid of honor, Gabriella. Chad took Taylor's hands in his as the minister began the ceremony and they stared into each other's eyes as the minister spoke.

Now and forever, well it's all the same (it's all the same, baby)

As long as we keep all the vows that we made (all the vows that we made)

There's no need to search when I hear your heart say

Forever starts today, now and forever

"Do you, Chad, take Taylor to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward until death do you part?"

"I do." Chad slipped the ring onto her finger.

"Do you, Taylor, take Chad to be your lawfully wedded Husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward until death do you part?"

"I do." Taylor slipped a ring on his finger.

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Chad caressed Taylor's check and gazed into her eyes for a moment. Chad leaned down and kissed her passionately as everyone else clapped and smiled.

"I love you, Taylor."

"I love you, too, Chad!"

Now and forever, well it's all the same

As long as we keep all the vows that we made

There's no need to search when I hear (your heart…your heart say…your heart say)

Forever starts today

Now and Forever!

It's been another overwhelming year and half for Chad and Taylor, celebrating holidays, birthdays, and their first wedding anniversary. It is very different for them, now married and building a family together at age 25.

A month after their first anniversary, Chad had the grand opening of his club. Of course Taylor was going to keep her promise she made.

I love me some him
I'll never love this way again
I love me some you
Another man will never do

I love me some him
I'll never love this way again
I love me some you
Another man will never do

All those days and lonely nights
Have all gone away
I never thought the day would come
When we'd more than friends
You made me smile when I was down
You turn my world around
The way you give me love feel so right

Taylor was performing her newest song. She smiled and blew a kiss to Chad. Chad smiled as he watched his wife sing and dance on stage. He couldn't believe they had to go through hell to get to this point, but it was all worth it.

You took the ease off my mind
And put it behind
You were there for all my needs
So baby please stay

I love me some him
I'll never love this way again
I love me some you
Another man will never do

I love me some him
I'll never love this way again
I love me some you
Another man will never do

In the past, Taylor was lonely, longing for someone to share her love with. She never knew she would actually find true love. Now she has true love and this unquestionable feel of security. With Chad, she felt that she had a connection with him. They had this special connection. No matter how many miles apart they are from each other, they will always find their way back to one another.

Just like a dream come true
I wished for you
I have never been so happy 'bout love so new
You opened my heart to a brand new start
My love's there wherever you are
I won't let no one take you away

You took the ease off my mind
And put it behind
You where there, yes indeed, for all my needs (yes, you were, babe)

I love me some him
I'll never love this way again
I love me some you
Another man will never do

I love me some him
I'll never love this way again
I love me some you
Another man will never do

Taylor signaled Chad to come on stage with her. She smiled as Chad came closer to her. He stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. With her back against his chest, they swayed to the music and Taylor continued singing.

'Cause you came along
And changed my life
Told me things would be all right
And they were thanks to you
And now I have the strength to carry on
In my heart you have a home
And I never want to be alone
'Cause I love me some...

I love me some him
I'll never love this way again
I love me some you
Another man will never do

I love me some him
I'll never love this way again
I love me some you
Another man will never do

As everyone applauded and cheered, Taylor turned around embracing Chad and kissed him.

After the grand opening party, Chad and Taylor couldn't wait to get home to Shaheen.

Chad opened the door and they came in quietly. Aunt V babysat for them so after a small conversation about the party, they said their goodbyes…well Chad did. He went to upstairs to check up on Shaheen and took a shower. Taylor had to talk to Aunt V alone.

"You know how your mother is, Taylor. She couldn't keep a secret."

"I know!" Taylor laughed. "I'm surprised when she called earlier today and Chad answered the phone she didn't say anything."

"I am so excited for you!"

"Thank you, Auntie! I know Chad will be, too when I tell him tonight."

Aunt V smiled and hugged Taylor. She then left and Taylor watched as she drove away then closed and locked the door.

Taylor went upstairs to go take her shower. She heard Chad in Shaheen's room talking so she knew Shaheen had awakened.

While in the shower, Taylor smiled to herself and put her hands over her stomach, then sighed lovingly. She got out the shower; dried off, putting on her bra, boy shorts, and robe. She went into Shaheen's room and stood at the door, watching Chad smile and stare at Shaheen in his crib. Even though, Shaheen was not their biological son, he was starting to look like both of them.

Chad looked up at Taylor. She walked over to him and looked at Shaheen. She reached down and caressed his little cheek.

"Chad?" she whispered.

"Yeah, babe?" he whispered back.

Taylor couldn't find the right words to explain how she was feeling.

Chad smiled, taking her hand and they left out of Shaheen's room. Walking into their bedroom, Taylor took off her robe and put it on the edge of the bed. She lay next to Chad as he wrapped his arms around her and she rested her head on his chest.

Taylor sighed. "I'm sorry for not taking your feelings into consideration, years ago."

"Tay, stop apologizing. All that matters is us being together and raising Shaheen."

"Shaheen is growing up so fast. In a couple of months he is going to be 2.

Taylor looked up at him and kissed him passionately. Chad moved on top of Taylor kissing her neck, down the middle of her breast and her stomach.

Taylor closed her eyes and ran her fingers through his short curly hair. "Baby, I have to tell you something."

"What is it?" Chad looked up at her.

"Well, yesterday when I went to the studio, I also went to the doctor."

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, but you know I suppose to be going on tour next month…but I might have to postpone it again or make it short."

"What did the doctor say?" Chad had a worried look on his face.

Taylor smiled and sat up. "I can still do a couple of performances but I can't overwork myself and I have to get a lot of rest for the baby."

Chad moved to the side of her and sat up as well. "You do need more rest and you need to…" he stopped in mid-sentence, shocked realizing what she said. "You're pregnant?" He put his hand on her stomach.

Taylor smiled and nodded. Chad gently rubbed her stomach. Taylor wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. Breaking their kiss, they looked into each other's eyes and Chad stroked her face.

"You are so beautiful. I will do all that I can to keep our family protected."

Taylor nodded. "I am so grateful and blessed to have as my husband. I wouldn't want this any other way."

"I'll always love you."

"And I'll always love you."

Every day the love that they share grow stronger and stronger.

This is all we ever wanted, all we ever needed

I could never feel like I'm alone when I am with you

The love we share is so powerful, so pure

Wrapped in your arms I feel safe and secure

I have this undying love for you; I know will never go away

I can't be without you; I am yours, always and forever.

You are the one for me, my one and only.

It had taken them so long to get where they are now. But this is exactly where they belonged. They would always only be for each other, soul mates, and their hearts are complete. Forever they will have love and all…