Myka sipped at the warm coffee she'd just bought. She was just making a quick stop before heading off to get back to work. She was on an assignment. Something about a possible artifact in a nursing home. As far as they knew at the moment, people were disappearing from said home and Artie suspected there might be something there that needed locked away. She slid behind the wheel of the black SUV she'd been driving. She was going to take a quick look around the nursing home to see what she could find under a quick once over, then head to the hotel she'd been booked to settle in before really getting down to business.

She glanced to the strangely empty passenger seat. Pete wasn't with her. He'd gone off on a weekend getaway with his girlfriend. When the disappearances got Artie all fussy he'd offered to join her, but she'd assured him that she could handle it on her own. So far the drive had been nice and, well, quiet without him with her. Part of her kind of missed his usual annoying self, since she'd grown so used to having him around. Then the other part was glad for a bit of peace, even if just for a little while.

She got her mind focused more on what she knew of the case as she pulled out of the parking lot, sticking her coffee into one of the cup holders between the drivers and passengers seat. So far as she knew, there were up to four disappearances within the last two months. The police had done a search of the city and had contacted what family the missing persons had left. Nothing had turned up though. The security cameras in the home hadn't even caught anything. Just four older people that went to bed… and then vanished.

She started searching her mind for something that it could be. Scenarios played out in her head, keeping her busy the duration of her drive to Shady Oaks Nursing Home.

City turned to sparse forest, trees spreading out on both sides of the road she traveled. She spotted her turn off and took it, gravel crunching under the wheels of the vehicle as she headed down a long drive, pulling up in front of a long peaceful looking cream colored building. She sighed, putting the car into park and sitting there a moment before pushing the door open and swinging her legs out.

As soon as she got inside of the home, the scent of old person and disinfectant hit her. She held her head high as she headed to the front desk, leaning over it slightly to speak to the young woman behind it. "I'm here to ask some questions about the disappearances that have been going on."

The woman looked up and blinked, a look of confusion passing over her face. "Excuse me?"

Myka repeated herself, making the woman before her frown. "You're with the other woman that was here before you, or are you guys investigating separately? " The woman asked.

"What other woman?"

"She looked about your age. Black hair about to here," The receptionist motioned. "Agent Wells."

Agent… Wells. Myka frowned. Obviously H.G. was sticking with the title she'd been dubbed with that energy drink-ladle incident. That was supposed to be temporary, Wells. She tried not to roll her eyes at the thought. She'd been expecting this to be a quick an easy case. With H.G. here… must be something good to catch her interest. Well… guess she'd be here longer then she wanted.

"Yea. Kind of." She forced a smile.