Title: Logan's Favorite Holiday

Rating: T (for sexual themes, bad language, etc)

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Author's Note: Marie's 17 in this and she wear a suppression bracelet to keep her powers "off".

Logan didn't know how she convinced him to take her costume shopping in the first place. It was probably in the sexy way she drawled out his name...or maybe it was her big brown eyes...or maybe it was those full, pouty lips.

Definitely had to be the lips.

If any other person had asked him what she had, he would have told them to fuck off and continued to happily suck on his cigar.

But this was his Marie. So he snuffed out his cigar, abandoned his half full beer and retrieved his leather jacket so that he could meet her and the two knuckleheads she called "friends" downstairs.

She had arrived in his room with her arms folded and her bottom lip poking out just enough to make her look like she was a naughty school girl about to drop to her knees and "earn" her good grade.

"Please Logan? Pleeeeaase?"

She took a step closer and tugged on the sleeve of his shirt.

Fucking jailbait. Fucking delicious looking, completely gorgeous, jailbait.

He rolled his eyes and grumbled, but on the inside, he was smiling. He loved it when she begged. It made her look even hotter.

He crossed his arms and looked down at her as she swayed a little from side to side, doing her best to look sweet and innocent, "Why can't you go without me?"

"Because I don't have my license yet and after Jubilee's lil wreck in one of Scott's cars...the professor's kinda wary about us takin' a car without a teacher. Come on Logan...please? I'll owe ya one."

Yeah. You owe me you. Naked.

"Fine. Meet me downstairs in ten. Whoever's not there gets left."

The truth was, he couldn't resist her. He was in love with her, but he respected the fact that she was too young. If he dated her any time before her 18th birthday, heads would really turn, so he resigned himself to wait.

She was the reason she was still at the mansion. He watched over her.

Logan really appreciated the fact that, even though she had made friends in the mansion and they seemed to be overly wrapped up in teenage girl crap, he always seemed to be her top social priority.

On more than one occasion, she had abandoned Jubilee and Kitty in favor of his company. His favorite instance was during a pool party at the mansion.

He'd been in the kitchen, avoiding all of the commotion surrounding the party when she bounded in with Jubilee and Kitty for popsicles. All three were wearing bikinis, but the only one he saw was Marie.

His mouth immediately dropped open.

She had shorts on, but the skimpy bikini top seemed to be held together by string. Her perfect, pillowy breasts seemed as though they would break out of their inadequate restraints at any moment.

He heard the siamese idiots say something to him and he grunted in their general direction while keeping his eyes on Marie, who smiled at him warmly and winked in greeting. She had seen that he was about to finish his beer, so she plucked one out of the fridge, opened the cap and sat it in front of him without interrupting her conversation with Jubilee and Kitty.

That simple action made him fall harder for her. He took a sip of his newly opened beer and cleared his throat, "Hey kid...it's almost the end of summer. I need to take you to go get some fall clothes. I wanted to get it over with today."

Marie's eyes brightened as Jubilee and Kitty looked on with admiration and jealousy. Everyone in the mansion knew that Logan "kept" Marie. He bought her new clothes and gave her spending money for going out to the movies or shopping excursions with the girls. If and when he ever did disappear on weekends, it was probably because he was cage fighting to earn money to keep up with her. There were even rumors that he was saving up to buy her her own car.

"Really? New clothes! Thank you so much! I'll go get changed."

"Rogue! You barely stayed at the pool party for an hour! We were supposed to get tanned", said a flustered Kitty as Jubilee nodded in agreement.

Marie was walking out of the kitchen and down the hallway as she spoke, "I'll lay out tomorrow. You guys go ahead."

Now, Logan was groaning as he pulled up to the mall. He'd been forced to listen to some god awful pop music in the car, and now he was trailing behind three chattering teenaged girls...well, two chattering teenage girls and his Marie.

The girls made a bee line for the costume shop, which was chocked full of random Halloween decorations and stupid looking outfits.

The girls split up and began wandering through the shop, so of course, Logan followed Marie. He damn near unsheathed his claws when she jumped and shrieked as a life sized, vampire, robot-thing activated upon her walking by it. It laughed and reached for her, prompting Logan to yank it from its place and march up to the front counter.

Marie rushed after him, "Logan! It's ok! I'm fine."

He threw the dummy onto the counter in front of a pimply faced, teenage boy who had been reading comic books, "What the fuck are you people thinkin'? You scared the shit outta her with this dumb thing!"

The pimply cashier trembled a little, apologized and promptly pulled the dummy behind the counter.

Marie rubbed her forehead and looked at the boy, "Sorry...he's just a bit over protective."

Moments later, Logan sat in front of Marie's dressing room, trying his best not to fall asleep. She yelled for Jubilee and Kitty, but they were on the other side of the store, still picking out costumes they planned on trying out.

"They're across the store, kid. Whaddya want?"

"I need their opinion, but yours'll do."

"Gee, thanks."

When she snatched back the curtain, Logan expected porn music to start and a pole to spontaneously appear in front of her so she could start spinning around on it.

She was dressed as a police officer. A half naked, midriff baring police officer whose two deadliest weapons were located on her chest. The skirt...if it could be called that...stopped right below heaven.

"Now I'll need to get some fishnets or thigh highs or somethin'...but other than that, do you think it works?" Silence. "Logan..." Silence. "Logan!"

He jumped and shook his head. He realized that his mouth was hanging open when he wiped the drool off of his chin and coughed in an attempt to cover his expression.

What the fuck kinda costume store is this? Strippers R' Us?

She raised her hands, "What do you think?"


She didn't seem to notice the look of sheer sexual desire etched across his face as she shrugged, "Yeah...this isn't gonna work."

With that, she disappeared behind the curtain again. Logan fought to catch his breath and lowered his head as he wondered if it was possible for a mutant with a healing factor to die of a heart attack because he felt damn close.

As he heard rustling behind her curtain, he stood and began looking for the siamese idiots. He wasn't sure if he could take another costume change.

Marie called his name through the curtain, stopping his search for Kitty and Jubilee.

"Are Kitty and Jubes back yet?"

Logan closed his eyes and lowered his head, "No..."

He heard the curtain open and attempted to keep his head down, but it was no use. His eyes turned upwards and he wished, for the first time in his life, that he could be sick enough to be admitted to the hospital that the dirty nurse who now stood before him worked at.

She wore a white nurses dress that was open at the top to reveal a red corset underneath. She wore white thigh highs and an adorably sexy little nurses hat to complete the look.

Marie playfully twirled the fake stethoscope and smirked, "My my Mr. Logan...you look a bit ill. Would you like me to make you more comfortable?"

Oh fuck me...hard...sideways...and slowly.

His frozen expression caused her to straighten and frown in uncertainty, "Too much?"

"It's just uh..."


He cleared his throat, "Uh..yeah."

Logan was not at all comfortable with a bunch of hormonally charged teenage boys staring at her while she was wearing so little.

"Could you pick me out a costume? I need something outside of nurse, doctor or cop..."

Logan groaned, "Marie..."

She popped her head out of the curtain and gave him "the pout" as she spoke, "Come on, Logan...Kit and Jubes aren't anywhere to be found and I trust your judgement."

She pouted again, making him roll his eyes and begin roaming through the store. He ran across Jubilee and Kitty, who were chatting up a couple of guys near the entrance.

Some friends they were. Abandoning Marie in favor of a couple of prepubescent knuckleheads.

He returned to her fitting room with a Greek goddess costume. He thought about bringing an angel costume, but figured she would read way too much into it, so he left it at the one.

He handed it to her over the top of the curtain and sat back down.

Moments later, she emerged wearing "the" outfit. It was a floor length, white gown with a deep v neck and a few pieces of fabric on the sleeves to give a regal, Grecian affect. There was gold threading wrapped around her waist and two slits up the side of the gown, allowing just enough thigh to peek out.

She smiled brightly at him and gave a little twirl, "So...what do you think?"

Although he was still awe struck by her beauty and oozing sex appeal, he was finally able to speak and tear his eyes away from her various revealed body parts long enough to nod and utter, "Yeah...that'll work."

She smoothed her hands over the costume and looked back at the mirror, "I love it! I should have you pick out all my clothes, Logan."

Not a good idea...your wardobe would consist of skirts, tight button down blouses and noooo underwear whatsoever.

Marie returned to her dressing room, took off the costume and gave it to Logan, who dutifully took it up to the cashier and paid for it. Marie favored him with a hug and kiss on the cheek, "Thanks so much! I really appreciate it."

He smiled sheepishly and rubbed the spot on his hair covered cheek where she had laid the gentle kiss.

When they were finally making their way out of the mall, Logan was thankful he had survived that little Halloween costume shopping excursion without rushing into Marie's dressing room and throwing her up against the wall. Although it was difficult watching her try on all of those outfits without being able to act on it, it did give him great masturbation material for later...it also cemented Halloween as his favorite holiday.

Now, he was just reveling in the fact that he had made it without losing control. He didn't have to watch her try on anymore tiny little stripper-esque outfits. He could just get back to the mansion, jack off and take the remainder of his sexual frustrations out in the Danger Room.

Suddenly, he heard the girls gasp and squeal as they began rushing away. He called after them, "Hey! We gotta go!"

Marie turned around and waved him over as she continued scampering behind Jubilee and Kitty, "Victoria's Secret is having a sale!"


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