Logan's Favorite Smell

Summary: Logan and Marie's offspring arrives.

It was 3am when he felt Marie poke him in the back. He groaned, "Baby...you've already had your ice cream..."

"I don't need ice cream, honey...I need a doctor. I'm in labor."

Logan shot straight up out of bed and began jogging around the room in an unproductive circle, "Ok. Ok. I know what to do. Just calm down. Are you calm? Where are my pants? Have you seen my pants?"

After a few moments of watching Logan panic and run around the room naked, Marie finally helped him locate his pants. Despite the mansion's fully stocked med lab, Marie had to go to a hospital in order to give birth.

The medical lab could treat any adult for virtually any ailment, but it lacked two things Marie insisted on: an epidural and an on-call Neonatologist. Luckily, Hank knew a mutant Obstetrician who practiced in White Plains and he was able to connect them with her during Marie's second trimester.

Logan very carefully led Marie out of the mansion and into the garage. Right before they got to the Range Rover that was now designated as "his", she gasped and grabbed her belly as water began pooling at her feet.

Logan jumped back, "Whoa! What the hell?"

"My water broke!"

"Is it gonna break again? Cause if it does, we're gonna need to take Scott's car."

She hit him on the arm, "Could you just get me into the damn car?"

He nodded and obeyed. A half hour later, Marie was checking into the birthing center. As they got her comfortable in her room, Logan called Hank and asked him to spread the word that she was in labor.

Jean, the professor and Hank showed up about an hour later, thinking that the baby would be born soon.

Unfortunately, the little one was just as stubborn as its mother.

Ten hours later, Marie was still stuck at four centimeters. The nurse suggested she wait until five centimeters to get her epidural, so she was having to labor through without the help of her long-desired pain medication.

Logan kissed her hand as she sat on her birthing ball and rocked back and forth, breathing in and out deeply. At that moment, he hated his enhanced senses. He could actually hear her uterus contracting before she even felt it.

He clutched her hand to his cheek as the contraction passed and stared into her eyes, "How you doin' babe?"

Her eyes were still closed and she was still breathing in and out, "Wooo...it hurts..."

He smiled and brushed her hair off of her forehead, "You're doin' real good."

She was given a short reprieve until the next contraction hit. She cried out softly and lowered her head as she attempted to concentrate on her movements atop the birthing ball. Logan dutifully wiped her face with a damp cloth and pulled her hair out of her face.

When that contraction passed, he pulled her hair into a pony tail and helped move her back to the bed so that the nurse could check her progress again.

The nurse got a funny look on her face, "Uh oh..."

Marie sat up on an elbow, "Uh oh? What do you mean 'Uh oh'?"

The nurse smiled nervously, "Looks like the moving around helped...you're fully dilated."

Logan's eyes widened, but he remained silent and just rubbed Marie's arm. He had no doubt that she could give birth naturally...it's just that she really...REALLY didn't want to.

Marie shook her head and laughed, "Ha...no...see...I didn't get my epidural. We were supposed to get my epidural at five centimeters...so I can't be fully dilated because I never got my epidural. Press the rewind button, lady!"

The nurse realized that Marie was obviously not going to listen to reason, "I'm going to call the doctor."

"Yeah you do that..." Marie snapped.

Logan watched as she cursed her way through another contraction. He was impressed, however, that she was able to fit a few hilarious jabs at the nurse.

A second later, the doctor entered and immediately began dressing in a smock, gloves and mask.

Marie laughed nervously, "What's goin' on, doc?"

The doctor looked up, "It's time, Marie. I know you wanted your epidural, but it's too late for that now. This happens sometimes. Women can go from zero to sixty in minutes."

Marie's eyes widened as they began setting her bed up for delivery. She looked at Logan and began nearly hyperventilating, "What? What? Logan...no...I can't do this."

Logan leaned down and took her face in her hands as he gently shushed her and stared into her eyes, "Marie...look at me. You've never backed down from a thing in your life. You're strong, ok? You can do anything. You're stronger than the pain, you hear me? You have kicked ass all day and I could not be prouder of you...this is the last step. You can do it."

She cringed and nodded, "Ok...ok...ok..."

Her bed was inclined and the doctor took her place between Marie's legs, "Alright Marie...let's try a couple of test pushes."

Logan held her hand she bore down with all of her might, almost shaking from exertion. The doctor nodded encouragingly as one of the nurses counted up to 10.

"Great! Great job Marie! You're almost crowning. Take a rest..."

Marie relaxed and panted as Logan kissed her temple and stroked her hair, "You're doin' so good baby...so good."

"Alright Marie...time for another push..."

Marie whimpered and began pushing again, gripping onto Logan's hand for dear life as she did. He heard some adamantium covered bones shift and clank against each other, making him realize that if he had the anatomy of a normal man, his hand would have been broken in at least two places by now.

The doctor nodded, "Gooood job, Marie...the baby's head is right here. Dad, do you want to see it?"


He didn't have the chance to answer. Marie cried out and began pushing again. Soon, it was announced that the head was out. After another, powerful push, the doctor lifted up their son, whose lungs were in full working order.

Logan stared wide mouthed as he watched the blood and goo covered baby boy scream and clumsily wave its arms and legs. He turned to Marie, took her face in his hands and kissed her wholly on the lips, "God! You're so amazing..."

Marie sniffled as she weakly returned Logan's kiss and stared at the baby.

The doctor motioned toward him, "Would you like to cut the cord, Logan?"

Logan gingerly moved forward and cut the cord as instructed and watched as they wiped the baby off and laid him on Marie's chest. She gasped as she got her first up close look at him, "I can't believe he's here...he's so beautiful..."

Logan moved forward and gently touched the baby's head. After some assistance from the nurse, Marie managed to pass the baby off to Logan, who had cautiously lowered himself into a nearby chair.

Despite the fact that the room was filled with bustling medical personnel and noisy equipment, the world that encompassed the three of them slowed to a precious halt as they silently stared at each other.

A half hour later, Logan burst through the double doors of the waiting room, "It's a boy...eight pounds even, 19 and a half inches long."

Jean had been replaced by Scott sometime during Marie's hours long labor, but Logan could care less. He gladly shook everyone's hand, including Scott's as he was offered congratulations and flooded with questions concerning Marie's state of health.

When he returned to the hospital room with Hank, Scott and the professor in tow, she had just finished her first attempt at nursing. She smiled wearily at them as they smiled giddily at the tiny bundle within her arms.

They gasped and cooed over the baby, paying compliments concerning his handsomeness, which Logan took full credit for.

Later that night, Marie fell asleep, utterly exhausted (and rightfully so) after the birth. Logan laid the baby down in his bed and laid down in the recliner next to Marie. He hadn't been asleep very long when he suddenly heard the cries of his son.

He smiled wearily and opened his eyes as he watched a tiny hand flail up out of the little baby bed. A nurse had already given the baby his first bath. Logan appreciated the fact that the soap they used was gentle and unscented, allowing him to memorize the baby's natural scent.

He kissed his son's forehead and closed his eyes as he took a deep breath...it was the most perfect thing he'd ever smelled in his life.