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I don't mind where you come from
As long as you come to me
I don't like illusions I can't see
Them clearly

I don't care no I wouldn't dare
To fix the twist in you
You've shown me eventually
What you'll do

" Babe do you wanna stay here this weekend. My mom is going on a spa trip and my dad is gonna be out of town because he has to coach my brothers basketball game, Cody and Ted are both starters this year. So I'll be home alone, all weekend." Randy mumbled into my hair. I pulled away from him and roll on to my side.

" Yeah, I would love that…Dad won't miss me cause Matt's home from collage with Amy…So it will be all Matt, Matt, Matt for the next few weeks." I said admiring Randy half-naked body. He looked like a Greek God, six Feet four inches of hard tanned muscles. I could spend all day looking aat him.

" What are you looking at." He asked with a chuckle, his fingers kept running through my hair.

" You, your tight abs, big arms, that little waist and that amazing bubble butt." I growled playfully as I kissed his chest.

" I love your body too." Randy said as a chuckle came deep from his chest, it caused my head to move.

"Why?" I asked as I moved to look up at him. I was nothing special, skinny, pale and awkward.

" I just love everything about you. Your cute face, your ever changing hair colour and how you always smell like peppermint and smoke." My boyfriend said with a lazy smile on his face.

I looked back down at his chest as my hand slid down to his cock which was only covered by a thin pair of black boxers. " you forgot that you love my hands so very much." I grinned as I reached into his pants and grabbed his cock. He growled and started to mumble a string of curses

" Having fun." I asked with a giggle as I started moving my hand.

" Fuck you." He teased as his fingers ran through my hair.

" You wish."

" Oh yeah shorty." Randy growled as his hand tightened in my hair.

" Don't call me short." My hand stopped moving and I glared up at him

"Come on Jeffrey." He said with a half lidded look as he tried to ruffle my hair. But I bit down on his hand. " Jeff let go...Jesus." He groaned as I sucked on his index finger. He swore even more when he looked up at the clock. " Jeff shit my mom will be home in half an hour." He took my hand out of his boxer and pulled me close.

I wiggled out of his grip and pulled on my jeans and tight hoodie. I grabbed my cigarettes and pulled one out I leaned down and gave Randy a kiss "Okay...I love you. See you tomorrow." I smiled back at him before leaving his room. Once I got outside I lit my cigarette and started walking. I never got Randy to drive me home. He had a fancy fucking car and people would wonder. I lived in a shitty neighborhood. I loved my dad and my brother but things were so much different with Randy.