Opening one piece rap (curtain closes)

(curtains open) (Neko) (looks around) Mina Konnichiwa (covers mouth) Oh are sorry about that I just came back form Japan and come to think of it actually, my name means cat in Japanese. I think I might of caught a little flu,but I 'll be fine anyway, do you all like one piece? I kinda can't hear you do you think you can say it a bit louder I didn't go all the way to japan for nothing, I'll give you three trys, can any one guess why I went japan yes you? 2nd row third seat

(Chopper) ( stands on chair happily) for the animals

(Neko) No (hops down from chair disappointed) though they were cute. yes you? 5th row 6th seat?

(Nami) (Stands up)For the landscape

(Neko) no(sits back down) but the landscape was beautiful. One last time, you 1st row 10th seat?

(Robin) (Stands up) for it's history

(Neko) no (sits down)but just think how much history there is to learn if you did take history at a Japanese school. No I went there to get a group of dear friends of mine. You know the straw hat crew right? Well they are my closes friends and another little thing. Chopper? Nami? Robin? Could you please stand up?(standing up Chopper jumping up and down) Chopper stand on a chair I know your short so just stand up on a chair please. And I am not done. If you could all look back behind you would of notice the Marines that are blocking the entrances well Sanji? Brook? Zoro? Can you please show yourself? (Sanji, Brook and Zoro take of there hats off) Thank you. Now... (looks Around) wait something not right wasn't Franky suppose to be with you lot? (pointing to the three males down back) And where is Monkey D. Luffy? Luf where are you? Franky? (turns to Nami) Nami have you seen them?

(Nami) No, (thinks a bit) I thought they were with Sanji?

(Neko) (turns to Sanji) Sanji? Do know were there are?

(Sanji) (turns to Neko)No I thought they were with you.

(Neko) Mina (headslap) everyone tell us if you see Luffy or Franky ok we really need …(thinks again) wait Luffy and Franky are missing, Nami, Zoro, Brook, chopper, Robin,Sanji are here. Oh no has anyone seen Usopp?

(Usopp) (standing out at the left wing with an "Usopp" flag in hand) I guess that makes me captain then huh Neko?

(Neko) (Turns to Usopp) No Usopp. (turns to the audiences then turns back to Usopp)And get rid of that flag besides it the first mate that is new captain got it. Anyway I don't think Luffy would leave

(Nami) (Taps Neko on the shoulder) Neko we still have a show to put on.

(Neko) (turns to Nami) I know (turns to the audiences) ok everyone you mind doing us all a favor? if you see a person with a straw hat or a person with stars on his arms let us know please ok? (curtains closes)

(curtain opens)

(Luffy) I told you to go left but nooo you had us go right god We just had to stay with the group but since Neko had woken us up early but we had to overslept

(Franky) If Nami was here she will tell us where to go right, Luffy. Oh here's a good spot

(Nami) Neko found them

(Neko) oh good grief the good news is we found them but the bad news is Zoro and Sanji are fighting again. Nami can you and Robin go sort out Sanji and Zoro while I deal with these two Please?

(Nami) ok Neko

(Neko) Thanks alright you two explain to me why you were late?

(Luffy) We overslept

(Neko) you overslept? Ok alright pair of you backstage NOW! We'll be right back.