(brook) Yohohohoho! My name is Brook, it's nice to meet you. I am 88 years old, pretty old huh. I was born on the 3rd April. I am with the Straw hat crew as they musician and the devil fruit I had was the Yomi Yomi no Mi Fruit.

(Neko)Brook I thought I told you off my PC now get.

(Brook) Sorry about that can I just...

(Neko) Get NOW don't make me go cat on you scat. Sorry about that the crew always gets on here now like brook was saying he is an 88year old bag of no good bones that...

(brook) Hey watch your mouth you little...

(Neko) You want me to call Nami

(Brook) no no keep on going

(Neko) thank you now beat it before you get one right in the kisser.

So sorry about that Zoro is suppose to keep a eye on him but failed. Don't worry about Brook right now ok oh can you do me a little favor please? thanks you'll tell me that brook is near right? Thank you if you see him yell out NEKO! OK thanks. Now like I was saying brook is a 88year old bag of no good bones that is a pain in the butt but I guess beggars can't be chooses Why Oh why did Luffy chose him. Headaches alright let's keep on moving on shall we. What you see him. Ha Thank you so much "NAMI" your in trouble now you bag of bones

(Nami) let me guess, brook is annoying you like there is no tomorrow again

(Neko) Yep

(Brook) so sorry Neko bye bye now

(Neko) oh dear it looks like were out of time folks sorry. But don't forget that there is always a adventure in our hearts and dreams that could come true if you try goodbye