Naruto no Kitsune

The air was cold. That was all Naruto registered while looking down at the body of Sasuke Uchiha. A boy in a mask stood in a mirror facing him. He was speaking to him. But Naruto didn't know what he was saying. Naruto wanted revenge. And no kid his own age would stand in his way.

"Is this the first time you have seen a loved one die? He was foolish to protect you. You will die anyways. The only solace he gets is protecting someone close to him. But alas we are all tools in the end,"

Naruto looked at the boy. His Blue eyes swirled into a blood red. His pupils thinned as they turned to slits. His canines grew long as he stewed in his anger. WHY SASUKE? WHY DID YOU GET YOURSELF KILLED? NOW I HAVE TO AVENGE YOU!

Naruto threw a punch a the mirror Haku stood in as claws grew out of his nails. As Naruto shattered the Ice mirror, his claws grew into his palm spewing blood from large gaping holes and then sealed themselves.

Naruto's voice was dark and had a feral scratch to it. "Why don't you kill me now, Huh? Because you can't." Naruto threw another punch and shattered the mirror as Haku jumped from it and landed in a new mirror.

Naruto tracked Haku to the new mirror and instantaneously grabbed Haku's throat thrusting him out the back of the mirror as it shattered into millions of pieces. Red chakra reflected in Haku's eyes as he stared around him. Naruto's grip tightened on his throat.

"Now you know how it feels to DIE!" Naruto raised Haku as he prepared to throw him.

"NO!" Haku yelled as Naruto threw him toward the ground. Unnoticed to all Haku used an explosive tag on himself In an attempt to save Zabuza.

Naruto looked around were he found himself sitting. He was at the mouth of a tunnel facing into it. Behind him was a wall of white light. Being the inquisitive person he is, Naruto walked down the tunnel. As he down the sewer like tunnel, he noticed a presence. The presence itself was an embodiment of evil. As he walked the long tunnel he turned to a hollow in the wall. There were two large eyes staring back at him. The eyes were red and slitted. Behind those Blood red eyes was a Fox. Not just any fox, but the Kyuubi no Kitsune himself.

Laughing filled the room as the Kyuubi mocked Naruto. "You DIE on your first C ranked mission? You must be weaker than I thought!"

Not wanting to sound scared Naruto shouted at the Fox Demon "Shut up KYUUBI! Lend me your Power! I will survive this!" (Notice the word power and not chakra… MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

"You have GUTS kit. Weak though you may be, You still believe in yourself. From this day forward I name you my subordinate! This may hurt a little…" Kyuubi mumbled as he said the last part.

Naruto was confused until he felt his ears receding into his head. Naruto let out an ear splitting scream as two red fox ears came out of his shaggy blonde hair. Even his hair was growing a bit longer (think Yondiame) as the tips of his hair turned red.

The Kyuubi laughed at his torment. "You now have my blood running through your veins. You are no longer human. You are Youkai. A demon. Your only human is your appearance and reproductive system. When you have kids, They will be fully Youkai. They will no be half Demon. This is the price you pay for having my power. When you awake you will have at least two tails to represent your current power. You will continue to grow them as you become more powerful" Kyuubi laughed. "Your friends are trying to wake you up. As soon as you awake you will get everything I mentioned. For now henge will not cover your 'features' people must get used to seeing you like you are" Naruto barely listed everything that was told to him. The pain was unbearable. Naruto faded away from the giant fox.

The Kyuubi laughed sadly to itself. 'I knew someday I would have to pass on my powers to a heir. Now that I have done it, it is almost odd. Never has the world seen a human Bijuu. He will be stronger than even me'

Naruto coughed as he sat up in a bed. His senses of smell and hearing had increased tenfold. He could hear downstairs, his team was talking and laughing with Tsunami, Tazuna, and Inari. He could smell the Bacon frying in a pan. Naruto was so overwhelmed that he didn't notice Kakashi walk in the door.

Kakashi just stared at Naruto. This was something he had not expected. Naruto had 5 red fox tails around him, red fox ears, and slitted eyes. Kakashi quickly recovered. He wasn't an elite ninja for nothing.

He coughed to announce his presence. "Umm Naruto? What happened?"

Naruto froze as he realized Kakashi was in the room. Naruto looked at his sensei and gave a cheesy grin. "Well when Haku used an explosive tag to kill both of us I died. Kyuubi made some of his blood run through my veins so I would live. but I became full Youkai instead. So now I am a Fox demon." Naruto laughed aloud. But inwardly he was crying.

Kakashi had completely unexpected that too. "so what are you going to do?"

Naruto looked down. "Can you get me a hat and some sunglasses?"

"Why don't you use henge?"

Naruto looked down again. "Kyuubi said he wouldn't let me use Henge until people were used to seeing me like this. And plus being in a village full of shinobi who can dispel and see through Henge wouldn't be a good idea."

Kakashi again was caught of guard. "Naruto. You just said something intelligent! At least there is something good coming of this!" Kakashi eye smiled at this

Naruto smiled sadly "Can you bring Sasuke and Sakura-chan up here. I think I should show them."

Kakashi nodded walked out the door. As he walked into the dining room, several faces turned toward him. Even Sasuke turned toward Kakashi with a worried look on his face.

"How is he?" asked Sakura.

Kakashi eye smiled "Well he is awake… He asked to see you guys there is something he needs to tell you." both children nodded and followed Kakashi up the stairs and stopped in front of Naruto's door.

"Sasuke. Cover Sakura's mouth." Sasuke nodded and did so "what Naruto and I are about to tell you doesn't leave this area. Before you see him you have to know that Naruto has the Kyuubi no Kitsune sealed within him."

Sakura tried to scream but found her mouth was still covered. Sasuke just nodded his head. He was surprised but it made sense. Everyone had hated Naruto when they were growing up.

"Why aren't you surprised, Sasuke?"

"It makes sense. He was always beaten and our parents told us to stay away from him."

Kakashi nodded in acceptance. "Please keep your hand over Sakura's mouth." Kakashi opened the door and looked in. with a nod from Naruto, he let them in.

Again Kakashi was glad Sakura's mouth had a hand over it because she had started to scream again. There was a fox/human Naruto.

"As you an see I kinda have a problem.