After everything was explained to Sakura and Sasuke, the trio decided to go for a walk in town. Naruto's hair had in fact grown long enough to cover his ears when spiked just right. But if you looked close enough you cold see his ears twitch through his hair. As the three friends walked through the town, Sakura found a clothing store to look in, dragging the two unfortunate boys with her. After an hour of shopping, the trio stopped outside of

"Hey Dobe… Your shorter!" Sasuke smirked. Naruto looked in the mirror he was standing by. Sure enough, He was 2 inches shorter.

"DAMMIT! I AM SO GOING TO KILL THAT BASTARD FOX!" Naruto fumed. Sakura, who had already realized Naruto was not the fox, covered her moth as she giggled at Naruto's behavior. As he fumed his ears perked up and tails swished around in a manner that had all the girls in the stores attention.

All the women in the store stopped and stared. The lack of background noise caught the attention of the three genin. Naruto froze and gave a deer in headlights look. All the sudden there was a collective shout of "KAWAI!" and he was under a pile of the most dreaded beings none to shinobi… FANGIRLS!

Sasuke and Sakura edged out of the building slowly. Sasuke because he already had a not-so-quite-phobia of Fangirls (his fear was COMPLETELY RATIONAL, ergo not a phobia) and Sakura because she knew if they where disturbed , they would attack.


One hour later, a ragged Naruto walked into the Bridge builders house covered in lipstick marks and scratches. The fur on his tails where missing in spots due to over active cuddling.

Naruto approached Sasuke. "I am sorry for ever calling you Gay. Now I know why you run from Fangirls… They are SCARY!"

Sasuke agreed, but after a moment looked at Naruto curiously, "You never called me gay…"

Naruto looked down and Grumbled, "Not to your Face…"

Sasuke looked at gaped at Naruto "I'm NOT gay!"

Naruto put on a thoughtful face "Well… You have a bunch of women throwing themselves at you, and you ignore them…"

Sasuke glared back at him, "Says the guy who just got away from them."

"H-HEY! That doesn't count! They tried to rip my tails off! Do you know how much that hurts?"

Sasuke put his fingers to his bottom lip in a thinking pose. "You know? I can't say I do."



"RRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHH" Naruto tore at his hair.

"Hn" Sasuke looked at Naruto impassively.

Kakashi stared at this scene with thinly veiled amusement. Contrary to popular belief, Sasuke and Naruto where fairly good friends. Although there rivalry made it hard for people to realize it, It was all in good fun.

Kakashi closed his orange book with a loud "Snap" catching the present shinobi's attention.

"It is we start putting our equipment together. We leave in the morning. Got it?" They all nodded. "Good. I will see you all in the morning." Kakashi then strolled up the stairs into his room.