Naruto and Inari were openly crying as Team 7 walked away from the bridge. Ithey were finally leaving the Land of Waves, and Kakashi was having a hard time thinking of a way to explain to the bastar what in the world happened to Naruto. Should I tell him that he is actually the bastard son of Kyuubi? No. Too unbelievable. OOOOHHH! He released the fox, but was able to restrain it again before anyone knew. Oh, HELL no. Puts Naruto in a bad light... Wait. Do I even know what really took place? All I know is that the Kyuubi did something... Damn. This sucks.

Naruto was having similar thoughts. Hey fox? He mentally thought to his Tenant.

Yes, oh, scared shitless one? An amused voice answered.

Can you not call me that? Naruto inquired.

Does Inferior one sound better?

No... He replied.

The Fox Kit of stupidity?

Definitely not.


What the hell is that? Naruto mentally screamed, annoyed at the Immortal being in his stomach.

I picked it up in this other dimension. Don't really know what it means... Naruto could see an image of Kyuubi shaking its head behind

Sigh... Can you at least tell me what the hell you did to make my body like this? Since I can't use the freaking henge, Villagers are going to think you're trying to take over.

Actually, All I did was flood your system with my Youki, or Demonic Chakra if you will. You're body did the rest. Your Uzumaki blood felt the Youki and changed to compensate for it. Almost like a bloodline. Not quite one, but similar.

Really? Naruto asked.

Hell no. Do you know how boring it is in this cell? I was tampering with your DNA for months to get this to happen. I'm bored and want something to do. Immortal beings live differently then you mortals. We perceive time differently. Before I was sealed, I lived on another plane of existence. I could see your time like it was an object I could hold in my hand. Of course this was only for about ten minutes, because I had just gotten out of my previous container.

There was another before me?

Have you seen me wandering around in History? I mean I'm the only Tailed Beast who WASN'T Free for an extended period! You Uzumaki are annoyances... First that human, Mito Uzumaki sealed me in herself, than I had to deal with your MOTHER for Twenty years, now I am sealed in you. By far, you are the most entertaining. You have no Idea how many times I had to answer questions like, "Does this dress look okay?"

Wait... You were sealed in my mother?

Duh... Were you not listening to my rant?

So I had a family?

Yes, Scared Shitless One. You had a family. Your mother was Kushina Uzumaki. She ate a shit load of Ramen everyday, wore tons of red, Had flaming red hair, and inspired fear in every man who came across her. For all the stupid questions she asked me, and the times she chained me to the wall of her mind, I kinda admired her... Like a philosopher admires an ant of course...

What about my Dad?

How the hell should I know? I only know your mother because you share the same DNA. The other half is a complete mystery to me. Why am I being so forthcoming with information anyways? Wake me up when we get into a fight or something... It's boring watching you fawn over that Pink Headed Wench.

What does forthcoming mean... and did you insult Sakura-chan?

Kyuubi remained silent. Naruto thought for a minute before turning to Sasuke beside him.

"What does forthcoming mean?" he asked.

"Hnn." Sasuke answered

"Thought so..." replied Naruto.

The rest of the trip home was rather boring. After they had gotten a good distance away from the Village of Wave, Kakashi introduced the way of traveling known as "tree jumping". It consisted of using the tree walking exercise while jumping on branches. Naruto was amazed how something so simple could take Kakashi an hour to explain. He was pretty sure Kakashi was distracted.

Kakashi was hopping through the trees with his book in his face. He dodged trees with surprising agility and grace. But his mind wasn't on his book, in fact it was still on the Fox-Tailed Genin matching his pace.

This is getting to be a hassle... Maybe, His father was a Kitsune?Wait... Half the council knows who his father was... His mother is out of the question... Bastard son of Kyuubi is still open... Damn. Beings made of chakra can't produce children with humans...

Kakashi was quite annoyed.

Naruto ran beside Kakashi, while both Sakura and Sasuke lagged behind, out of breath. They had made it to the front gate of Konoha.

"State your business." A chunin stated. His nose was strangly wrapped in cloth.

"Damn it, Kotetsu. I've told you not too stop Konoha Ninjas!" Kakashi all but yelled.

"B-but Kakashi... It gets boring here! I'm not allowed to stop civillians and no Foreign Ninja's arrive... Like EVER!" He cried. "Please! Just let me do my JOB!" Kakashi sighed before relenting.

"Team Kakashi, arriving from successful Mistakenly ranked A-Rank mission." He said resignedly.

"W-what?" Izuma poked his head from the inside of the small hut. "Misranked? What the hell is going on these days? That's the second one this week!" Izuma said. Kotetsu looked back at Izuma with a critical eye.

"Were you cleaning again?" he asked. Izuma chuckled nervously.

"Umm... yes." He answered.

"I thought you were the responsible one..."

They argued as Kakashi ushered his genins away.

"Let's not get involved in this lover's dispute..." He whispered to the amused Genins. Sakura was full on Giggling. Both Izuma and Kotetsu turned towards the Jonin.

"WE AREN'T LOVERS!" they yelled simultaneously.

"Right..." Kakashi said as he walked away.

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