Title: Animalis - Chapter One

Fandoms: Pitch Black/Harry Potter

Pairings: Riddick/Harry, Remus/Sirius

Rating: Light R for this chapter, Eventual NC-17

Wordcount: 2442

Warnings: Explicit M/M sex, D/s themes, mPreg, creature!fic, AU, character bashing, violence, language.

Spoilers: Entire Pitch Black movie. HP books 1-7 to be safe, but canon will be changed to reflect an AU plotline where the final battle happened in sixth year, not the seventh and most references will be fairly vague.

Summary: A desperate Ginny Weasley uses a spell to show Harry she is his mate, but instead Harry with Remus and Sirius are taken to a world with three suns, a convicted murderer and other crash survivors and a planet full of hungry creatures that are eagerly lying in wait for the lights to go out.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Pitch Black, nor do I make any profits from these writings.

What you need to know: The nekomata gene is passed down through each generation of Potters, but there hasn't been one for over five centuries as a witch/wizard needs to have an extremely powerful magical core to becomes one. Nekomata's are divided by two sub-species, dominants and submissives. Dominants, generally males, are large predatory beings with heightened senses such as sight and smell, they are very territorial and protective of their mates and children. Submissives are smaller with more compact frames, they are a mix of both male and female, able to bear the next generation of nekomatas. Submissives also have heightened senses used to protect themselves and their children, but not nearing as substantial as the dominants. Mating usually occurs within months of reaching majority as the mating bond is essential to balancing both mates both physically and mentally. If a mating does not occur within a years time the nekomata's body slowly starts to shut down, preparing for death, as mating is the most basic function of the nekomata and without it they are incomplete.

Author's Note: So, recently I've been reading some really good Riddick/Harry Potter crossovers and my inner muse has been working overtime. I can't stop thinking about the deliciousness that is Riddick/Harry and so this story was born. I don't have a beta so any errors you see are mine and if anyone is willing to beta let me know. Also, I will try and update a new chapter every week, but the new college semester just started and I don't know how much writing time I will have. Okay, so I hope you all enjoy and remember review are like manna from heaven!

Chapter One

A large calloused roughened hand slid slowly over his body, the fingers playing his senses like piano keys, hitting every right note they came across. In the dark around him he couldn't see who touched him, didn't know what the man above him looked like or who he was, but he wasn't afraid. Silvery eyes shined down on him in the dark, easing every fear or worry he might have had, comforting him and reassuring Harry that he could find safety in the arms that held him, in the large muscular body that pinned him to the bed.

His body moved of its own accord as his mate maneuvered into the cradle between his thighs, slipping his legs wordlessly around the waist above him and his split tail around each of his mate's strong thighs, crying out in pleasure as their bodies fit perfectly together. Every curve, every dip, every crevice, was countered by his mates, molding to him as if a lock to a key. Their bodies were made for each other, made to balance out the other, two halves making a whole.

Turning his head, Harry bared the vulnerable flesh of his throat, submissively asking for more. He cried out in pleasure as his mate nuzzled the silken flesh of his neck, Harry whimpering in need, breathing a soundless prayer that his mate would mark him, claim him… A low growling answered his whimper just before teeth grazed the soft flesh at the junction of his neck and shoulder. Then they sunk in, breaking thee flesh, marking him, claiming him as mate for all to see…

Harry woke up with a cry of pleasure as his body reached climax. Waves of pleasure surged over every inch of his skin as the echoes of the dream filtered through his mind… hands gliding over his flesh, a strong muscular body pinning him to a bed, the low growling of his dominant mate, the pleasure as teeth piercing his flesh, marking him… He whimpered as yet again he woke from the dreams of his faceless mate to a pleasurable, but ultimately unsatisfying orgasm. Yeah, the pleasure was good, but he wanted it to be real.

It had been over a year since he turned seventeen and received his magical inheritance, and every night since he had dream of the faceless man who was his mate, waking up each morning a little bit more needy then the last. He, and pretty much everyone around him, had been surprised when he had woken the morning after his birthday to find some… changes to his body. Harry was a nekomata, a half-cat/half-wizard; a rarity in the magical community. The genetic inheritance had come from his father's side of the family, but no one in the family had become one for over five hundred years as a person needed to have a very powerful magical core to even activate the nekomata gene.

The morning after his seventeenth birthday Harry had sat nervously in a chair in Grimmauld Place as Remus and Sirius told him about what he was now. He had overnight developed black furred ears on top of his head, a long black furred split tail, slitted cat-eyes that seemed to be even more of a bright emerald than before and three inch long retractable nails that were as sharp as any blade.

Just those things alone had been unnerving, but the more they spoke, the more Harry cursed his inheritance. It seemed that just by his appearance it was clear that he was the submissive of the species as his body was still as slim and compact as ever. Oh sure, he'd gained some strength, speed and heightened senses, but he hadn't grown any taller than his previous 5'5" height. And even worse he was told that once he mated he would be capable of bearing children… that little bit of information had caused his mind to come to a halt in nervous wonder.

He could get pregnant… thinking it made him both horrified and elated. Since he was a little boy growing up with his horrid relatives he had always wanted a family, people to love and love him in return. Growing older he had entered the magical world and found friends and later on family with Remus and Sirius, but he had always felt a little bit incomplete, as if something else was needed to make his life complete… now he knew why he had felt that way. As a nekomata he was basically one half of a whole, the submissive to his mate's dominant side. Once they had mated Harry would go through periods of mating heat and the drive to have children would come every three months until he was pregnant. After having a child the mating heat would stop for another three years and then at which time it would again come every three months until he was pregnant once more. It would continue that way until he passed his "child bearing years" as Remus called it. Of course there were ways to prevent pregnancy even during mating heat, but the heat couldn't be stopped.

Now that had been nearly fourteen months ago and he still hadn't found his mate. With each passing day his body lost a little more strength, his magic a little less control. Nekomata, like so many other magical creatures, needed mates to balance their magical cores. His body was lead by basic procreation and survival instincts to find a mate and to secure the next generation. If he didn't find his mate soon he didn't have much hope of seeing his nineteenth birthday.

With a sigh Harry got out of bed, his split tail swinging lazily behind him as he stopped to bask in the sunlight streaming in through the window. Stretching little any good feline would in the sunlight he then went to go take a shower, cleaning off another night's worth of empty release.

Jogging down the stairs, Harry made his way to the basement kitchen of Grimmauld Place. Entering the kitchen he came to a silent stop and watched the two occupants of the room.

Sitting at the table leaning back in his chair was Remus with a happy smile on his face as he palmed the curved cheeks of his mate's arse who happened to be straddling his lap. Sirius had an identical look of happiness on his face as his fingers ran through Remus' hair. The two were deliriously happy with each other after years of being separated by so many things. Even after Sirius had escaped Azkaban, the two hadn't been able to get more than a few passing days in each other's company over the years. Sirius as a wanted criminal had been very recognizable by the fearful public and had been avidly pursued by the ministry aurors. Remus, though reluctantly, had been tasked by Dumbledore to infiltrate Fenir Greyback's pack and try to spy on Voldemort's movements during the war.

Just over a year ago the final battle had taken place at Hogwarts where at the end Harry had delivered the killing blow, freeing them all from a life lived in fear and oppression. It was during the battle that Remus had captured Wormtail and forced Minister Fudge to reluctantly exonerate Sirius.

It was a few days after that as Harry recovered in the infirmary that they had come to him and asked him to live with them at Grimmauld Place, be a family finally. Harry had launched himself at the two men in happiness, causing Madam Pomfrey to chastise him for getting out of bed while simultaneously telling him how happy she was for all three of them. From that day on Harry had happily watched them together with a warm fuzzy contentment, though since his magical inheritance that contentment had been slightly tinged with a wistful need to find a mate of his own.

"Morning." Harry said as he came fully into the kitchen, taking a seat at the table and filling his plate with food.

Sirius turned around with a smile, shamelessly resettling himself back in his mate's lap and leaning his back against Remus' chest with a sigh. "Morning pup… sleep alright?"

"Same as usual." Harry said as he took a bite of his fry-up.

Remus frowned and using his wand used several spells to check Harry's health levels. They weren't critical, but they were getting too close for comfort as his eighteenth birthday got farther away. "Harry, I wish you would let me use one of the spells I found to help locate your mate… you're rapidly getting to the point where even a mating might not save you."

Harry shook his head. "No Remus… Madam Pomfrey was pretty clear we need to find each other and bond naturally or there could be even more danger than just waiting. You're a dominant you know how it was for you, would you have wanted your search for Sirius to be interfered with?"

Half of the mating process was the search for the mate, scenting out the submissive and allowing them both to settle into the mating bond over the course of weeks if not months. It had been proven that when dominants are faced with a submissive mate basically dropped in front of them they jump into a highly feral state and are very territorial and violent towards anyone it perceives as a threat. Harry didn't want to see his friends and family hurt by his mate, so he really didn't want to consider that an option until he had no other choice.

Remus sighed knowing he was right, but Remus hated seeing his cub in so much turmoil. "Okay cub, but you get too much worse and we wont have any other choice, but to do it."

Harry nodded with a sad smile. "What time are we going over to the Burrow again… I thought I'd get in a bit of a workout before we go."

"Molly said to be over there at noon." Remus answered.

"Fancy a sparring partner, pup?" Sirius asked with a grin.

Since becoming a nekomata Harry had to sort of relearn to use his magic as his power and new abilities changed him. He now spent several hours a day learning to use his magic and control it as well as adapt to his more animalistic fighting style. His body's balance, strength, speed and senses had increased, giving him a decided edge on most wizarding opponents, but with other magical creatures such as Remus it brought him up to their level now. Sirius was one of the few witches or wizards able to make Harry work for the win, this was something that caused Ron to grumble good naturedly about as after every sparring he usually ended up being knocked on his arse.

Though in the last two months that same new advantage had decreased slightly as his magic started to lose control. He really just hoped he met his mate soon, the thought of dying and leaving all of his family and friends behind wasn't something he wanted to contemplate.

In her room on the third level of the Burrow, Ginny Weasley skimmed tome after tome with an obsessed pensively look on her face. She needed to find something and soon. Harry was getting farther and farther away from her with each day and soon he would be too weak to complete any bond with her. She just needed some way of showing him that they were meant for each other, that he was wrong and they really were mates.

Ginny cursed the day Harry had been taken away from her with one simple word… nekomata. Stupid genetics, stupid James Potter for taking his son away from her. Before then Harry been nearly ready to accept that they were meant to be, he had been spending more time with her, smiling and finding any reason to touch her. They had been so close and now it was all gone!

She had tried to make Harry see that they could still be together even after he became a nekomata, but he had said that even though he didn't know who his mate was, he did know his mate was male. Ginny had cried and screamed, trying to get him to see reason, but that hadn't worked. She had given him space and time, but that hadn't worked. She had even tried to make him jealous by seeing someone else and making sure he saw them together, but that hadn't worked either. Now she had no choice, she needed to find a spell or potion to make him see…

The word mate interrupted her train of thought and brought her back to the tome in front of her. "Yes!" Cried Ginny as she read about the spell. It was meant to help a person find their mate if they hadn't found them quickly enough. It was perfect! With a disturbingly crazed grin, she realized she had just enough time to learn the spell before Harry came over for lunch today.

From her hiding place in the bushes near the edge of the Burrow's wards, Ginny waited eagerly for Harry to appear. She knew that most likely Remus and Sirius would be with him, so she needed to do it quick and then quickly cast some memory charms to make sure no one found out what she had done. Even though it was for Harry's benefit, they wouldn't see it that way. Ginny was doing this for both of them, Harry wasn't going to last much longer without mating and Ginny couldn't allow the love of her life to leave her.

Three loud cracks filled the air and then the three men passed through the wards about twenty feet from Ginny's hiding spot. With a her eyes on Harry who was flanked on either side by his godfathers, taking a deep breath Ginny quietly spoke the spell and with a flick of her wrist a bright silver light shot out of her wand and barreled towards Harry.

The three men were in the middle of talking and nearly missed the spell coming towards Harry, but just as it reached him, Remus and Sirius cried out in alarm and dove for Harry trying to protect him from the spell. The silver light hit Harry square in the chest and just as he began to disappear Remus and Sirius connected with him and were slept away as well in a blast of silver light.

Ginny's eyes widened in horror as she realized something must have gone wrong. "NO!"