Crash Together

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Quinn tapped her pencil on her desk irritably.

Rachel Berry glared at her and she stopped with a sigh, returning her concentration to her work, tearing her thoughts from their usual fantasies.

It didn't have to just be a fantasy.

She saw the way he looked at her.

She saw him loosen his collar and take several deep breaths after watching her perform.

She saw the glint in his eye when he talked with her.

She saw him try to pretend none of these things happened.

But he had to be her teacher.

He had to be tied up in the bombproof chains of propriety and law.

He had to be too good to break them.

Him being an angel was one of the things she loved about him.

One of the many things.

She almost tore the paper in her haste to erase the huge doodled heart with their initials in.

His eyes flicked to her and a blush crept onto her cheeks.

When she looked up, he immediately looked away, and her eyebrows knitted together.

It was so frustrating.

She could understand it if it were anybody but him.

Anybody but him might only be attracted to a student purely for fulfilling some sexual wet dream involving knee socks and bending over a wooden desk.

But Will Schuester was different (she couldn't call him Mr Schuester anymore, not since last weeks dream... That would just be wrong).

He would buy her flowers and remember her birthday.

She wanted to know what that was like.

She could pinpoint the exact moment when he feelings of admiration and respect for this man had evolved into slightly more adult feelings.

It had been something so very small but so very significant.

She had been walking along the corridor, heading to English.

She hadn't even noticed he was walking near her.

She had turned to enter the classroom, but her hands were holding her books.

She had moved to set them down or something, and she felt an electric shock shoot through her body, so potent that she jumped.

The source of the force gave her a sheepish grin, his hand still hovering over where he had brushed her back.

Then he opened the door for her, gave a short nod, and was gone before she could thank him, leaving Quinn's heart beating as though she had run a mile to get to English.

And it was then that she began to see Will in a new light.

It was then she began to notice that he had a crush on her.

It was then that she knew she was falling for her Spanish teacher.

The first day of her epiphany she tried to pick out anything she could that could put her off.

She found nothing.

She loved the way he pulled at his earlobe when he was thinking deeply. She loved his reading glasses, they were extremely sexy.

She loved that he had a secret obsession with old computer games.

She loved that he made his own sandwiches and brought them to work in a plastic 'High School Musical' lunchbox ('because it's just the right size!' he had argued when Puck had laughed at him, and she loved that he blushed almost as much as she did).

It was also a vivid memory when he realised that the attraction was mutual.

And it had been a while ago, hence her current frustration.

It had been in glee.

Rachel Berry was performing. Quinn's eyes had wandered to Will, sitting casually on a chair at the front, his right foot on his left knee.

She had thought he was engrossed by watching Rachel's enthusiastic rendition of some Broadway song (that was the only fuzzy part of the memory, all her senses were otherwise occupied).

She had lazily admired every detail of his appearance, drifting her eyes slowly up his body. And when her eyes finally reached his face, his eyes bore into hers. She held his gaze, long enough for her motivation to be clear, the corners of her mouth twitching into a smile.

And his scratchy swallow told her everything she already knew.

But nothing could happen.

And she thought nothing would ever change.
But that was before the crash.

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