Crash together

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The Conversation

The underground headquarters was huge.

Quinn followed Will quietly, as he seemed to know his way around the catacomb of passageways, until he reached the room he was looking for.
It was a simply furnished room inside, very clean and white, with a large double bed and en suite, with a white leather couch in front of a flat screen TV on the wall.
"Wow! This almost makes up for our awful choice in motels".
"Almost", Will agreed.
Quinn dumped the bags by the door.
Will locked it quietly.

"So... Let's have this conversation then."
She surveyed his expression carefully, but it was unreadable.
He gestured towards the couch.
She sat down slowly.
"Okay, but no arguing".
"No arguing", he echoed, nodding in agreement.
He sat beside her, folding his hands in his lap.
"You go first".
She huffed. "Will, a couple of hours ago your blood was soaking through my t shirt, we've shared a bed for the last 3 nights- stop acting like you don't know me".
He relaxed slightly, his thigh pressing against hers.

She took a deep breath.
"I want you to remember everything", he said, "because I want you to tell me... If..."
She nodded.
"Do you trust me if I say close your eyes?"
She nodded again.
"Close your eyes".
His warm breath tickled her cheek.
She screwed her eyes shut, as his forefinger gently pulled down her left eyelid.
She felt him shift closer on the couch.
Then his fingertips were feather light on her ribs, his thumbs brushing the underwire of her bra.
A small gasp escaped her lips.
His nose rubbed against hers.
His lips sought hers, trailing across her jaw.
He found them, pressing his gently over hers. He pulled away, only about an inch, his voice gruff as he spoke.

"You can open your eyes now".
She bit her lip, and opened her eyes, memorising the look in his eyes, which was unlike any emotion she had ever seen in them before.
"Don't worry about me forgetting you", he murmured, "I think about you every second of every minute of every day".

He swallowed thickly.
"There's no drug powerful enough", he added, grinning slightly.
"This isn't an argument", Quinn began, twisting her fingers in his hair, the other hand resting on his non injured shoulder, "but... I thought you were fighting this?"
He tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear.
"My priorities have changed somewhat... And I will do whatever it takes to make up for the fact that it took you having a gun held to your neck for me to change them..."
She pressed her head to his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around her comfortably.

"Does this mean I'm no longer just 'the quiet blonde one?"
He laughed.

"Well I've always referred to you as 'my eternal soulmate', but if..."
"Sorry. I was supposed to be making this straightforward."
"Keep talking". She pulled her legs around to sit crossways on his lap, looping her hands around his neck.

There was a knock at the door.
"That will be Edwards", he sighed.

Then, raising his voice, "come in".
"Wait- they can get in from the outside?" her eyes widened slightly.
He laughed briefly.

"No. I just pressed the door release button... There's one on the side of the couch".
Edwards entered, and coughed politely. When neither of the guests moved, he began speaking anyway.
"Hartley, erm... Ma'am. You are both invited to attend the ball tonight. There are some clothes in this room's closet. Er... The ball starts at 8. Food will be served."

"That'll be so they can keep an eye on us", Will grinned, when he had left.
"No not like that! I mean, in case we try to escape or something".
"Will they erase my memory?" she asked suddenly.
He slid his hands to her hips to stand them both up.
"I don't know".
She nodded.

"We better make it a good night then".
"A night we can't forget", he agreed, and he was still smiling, but there was a serious edge to his voice.

It took them a while to find the switch that opened the walk in wardrobe.
"I have never seen so many clothes!" Will laughed, coming up behind
Quinn, placing a hand on the small of her back.
She smiled round at him.

"Yeah well you haven't been around Mercedes house!"
"True. Though I don't make a habit of..."
"Don't finish that sentence", she said coldly.
She stepped into the closet, running her hand along the rail of dresses.
She glanced back at him, his face contorted in pain.

"Come on Will, you need to chose a suit so I can select a dress that complements your choice."
"I don't deserve you Quinn. I failed at being a secret agent; I failed at keeping a marriage..."
"You saved my life Will. And anyway you will epically fail if you try and fight the fact that we belong together."
"So you only love me because I saved your life?" he grinned.
"How do you know..?"
She blushed.

He studied the dozen or so jackets hanging to his left.
"I like this one".
"Ah yeah. Okay... I'll tell you when you can turn round".
She found the dress that caught her eye before, and changed swiftly.
They turned simultaneously.
"You look gorgeous Quinn". He stuttered, nervous now about talking openly about his feelings when he had fought so long and hard to keep them inside.
"You're just saying that! I haven't even sorted my hair yet!"
"Quinn, you always look gorgeous".
"You're not too bad yourself".

"Would you mind tying my tie? My arm kinda hurts if I lift it up like that".
She could feel his eyes burning into her as she tied it.

Now, everything was in the air.

Before, they had been in there own places, familiar places, where they were sure of themselves.

But now, they were in a new place, together, and everything was new.
She finished, her hands resting flat on his chest, and looked up through her eyelashes into his smiling face.

"You know our conversation..?"
"I think we should reach some conclusion with that... After the dance".
"I think we should".
His face was inches from hers now, their noses just barely brushing.

He kissed her with an open mouth. She sighed with appreciation, pulling his head down to deepen the kiss.
He gave a rumbling moan, turning them deftly to back her against the floor length mirror, his hands behind her back to take the force of the collision.

He pulled away.
She smiled almost smugly, and crushed their lips together again.

He was momentarily taken aback, but quickly took control of the kiss, experimentally running his tongue over her top lip.
She moaned into his mouth, inviting his tongue into her mouth and welcoming it with her own tongue.
"Fuck", he was breathless, his eyes dancing.
"Hmmm. You're a really good kisser".
"You... You are amazing! I can't... I..."
He kissed her again, as though he was making certain he hadn't imagined that flying feeling.
He kissed once more at her neck before taking a small step back, his eyes closed and eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

"Let's go show these losers just how well we can dance together", he said, holding out his hand for her.
She took it, curtseying gracefully. "I thought you didn't like dancing with me- you never dance with me, everyone else but me is chosen for demonstrations!".
"Quinn... I had to avoid dancing with you for fear of spontaneously combusting on contact!"
She grinned broadly.

"Finally, the fine damsel is alone without her bodyguard!"
The young agent was joking, but she frowned.
"Would the young lady care to dance?"
Quinn shook her head, a little haughtily.

"I already have a partner. Thank you".
"For every dance? On your record it says you're single!"
"My record? And yes every dance. Every single dance."
Will returned at that moment, and handed Quinn her drink.
"Leave us alone, Jenkins".

Quinn set her drink down on the edge of the table.
"Shall we dance?"
"Can we? But can we go somewhere a little less crowded?"
"Like a private dance?"
"Just you and me."
He gulped.
"I have to warn you that the meeting... The one that was supposed to be tomorrow morning?"
"It had to be bought forward to this evening. Some important... Thing."
"How long have we got?"

He rested his hands on her hips, gazing right into her eyes.
"All the time in the world."

Their bodies crashed together, their sweet kisses morphing into desperate lip mashing, tongues battling and hands reaching to explore each others bodies.
But when they fell onto the bed, sinking into the soft duvet, Will paused in his tongues hot path at the base of her throat.
"Black and lacy?" his voice was laced with unadulterated desire, sending warmth directly between her legs.
"Why don't you find out?"
She almost sighed with relief; she'd had a horrible feeling that he was going to stop. But a hundred bulldozers couldn't have stopped them.
She wouldn't even have noticed if a hundred bulldozers had come into that room.

He was standing beside the bed, in his boxers, his shirt undone, just smiling down at her as she lay there still glowing.
"Happy?" she grinned.
"So happy I think my hearts going to burst", he replied honestly.

"So, Hartley. You must have had some lucky charm or something, because JK is under lock and key- and you are still alive- both of you!"
Will squeezed Quinn's hand under the table.
"In light of this, we have made the decision to allow you to rejoin the training force, with the condition that you don't break into headquarters and always wear a tracking system."
He nodded fervently.
"Where it is not our place to influence your personal life, there is an aspect that is hanging in the balance."
The chief shuffled the papers on his desk, aware that he was just increasing the tension further.
"Miss Fabray here, knows now too much".
Quinn's grip tightened on Will's hand.

"Now, there are two options here, and Will, you must chose the option that is best".
He nodded gravely, his thumb rubbing the back of her hand soothingly.
She was focusing on running through every scorching touch, every adoring kiss. She had to embed it deep into her memory.
"Option number 1: Quinn's memory is erased. Option number 2: Quinn's memory is not erased. Wait! Option number 2 is not quite that simple. Now, as you look like you have already chosen option number 2, Will; you need to come with me."
"What's going on?" Quinn hissed, loathe to let go of his hand.

Will pressed a lingering kiss to her forehead.

"They need to analyse the electrical signals in my brain, I assume", he turned to the chief who nodded briefly in confirmation.
"How does that make the decision?"
He pursed his lips together.

Perhaps he didn't want to get her hopes up.

A few minutes later, Quinn was summoned into the room, nervously standing before Will, who smiled reassuringly, sitting in a large chair and many different probes attached to his head.
"You are free to leave", the chief said shortly, "Look after her, Will".
"I will sir".
"Ah-one last thing..." he paused in unattaching the probes. "A new identity".
"I thought..."
"Yes we got any traces of your other identity, and the cops have been dealt with, but it is much safer just to assume a new one."
"Oh okay".

There was a long silence, all eyes on Will expectantly, as he tried to find the courage to reveal his choice for his new identity

Then his eyes flicked questioningly to Quinn.

"Agent Fabray?"
She smiled.

The End.

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