Chapter Four

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"Well?" The President said once everything had settled down after Mogami-san apologized for making the President miss his drama and something about ordering desserts. He opened the door. "Get in, Setsuka-chan. It's time to go home. Considering how long the two of you were gone means that you've already said your good-byes."

"Yes, sir," Mogami-san nodded, and was about to take a step forward when Ren raised his arm to stop her.

She looked up at him quizzically. "Nii-san?"

"Boss," he said. "I don't think Setsu wants to go home."


Cain bent down until the two of them were face-to-face and spoke in a tone that only the two of them could hear. "Hey, Setsu. Didn't I promise that I'd take you out sightseeing and that you'd go on a major shopping spree when we came here?"

"Oh?" President Takarada raised an eyebrow. "Is that so, Setsuka-chan?"

"C'mon, Setsu," he smiled. "You still have a whole closet full of clothes you haven't worn yet, right?"

Mogami-san looked flustered and surprised at the sudden invitation. "Well..." she was at a loss as to what to say.

Cain stood up and turned to the President. "Of course, Boss," he answered for Setsu. "She clung to my leg like she had no intentions of letting go and whined about not wanting to go back because I still owe her a tour and a shopping spree." He feigned shame when Mogami-san gave him a wide-eyed, open-mouthed look of shock. "How could I let my irreplaceable little sister go when she looked that cute?"

After what Setsu had told him, there was no way he'd ever think about giving up on her.

The President was right. She really was the strongest protective charm. She'd grown on him to the point that he'd listen to whatever she said. Even an idiot like Fuwa realized it. And after encountering what could have been the very thing that could make him lose his cool when it came to her, he was now more confident that he'd be able to act out Cain and BJ without much problem. As long as she was there, he thought...

And, when his ulterior motive came to mind, a tiny smile flashed across his face. He'd get to spoil her some more - a privilege he could never get as Tsuruga Ren.

"B-Baka aniki!" Setsu cried out, her face red with embarrassment. "Why would you say something like that to the boss?" She crossed her arms over her chest and huffed. "I changed my mind! I'm going home."

"Are you sure, Setsuka-chan?" the President asked. "You know that when you go home, you're not going to be able to come back."

Setsu stopped her tantrum because of the President's ultimatum. He was dead serious about asking her. She should know that her tantrums and fits only work with nii-san.

"Well..." she said, twiddling her fingers. "If I can stay... If it's alright, there's something I need to ask the Boss..."

THAT IDIOT SHOTARO~! Kyoko got herself all riled up later that evening in the bathroom as she finally let loose with her demons flying around crazily - full of indignation for their mama.

One night stand, he said! Not irreplaceable, he said! Even if she was pretty, it still wasn't worth it, he said!

That... really PISSED HER OFF!

She knew that she wasn't pretty and that it took a whole lot of effort on Ten-san's part to make her qualify for the word 'pretty'. But, that didn't mean that he could just call her a one-night stand like she was even that cheap. It's not like she even had the sex appeal! She couldn't believe that she even let herself become affected by what he said! She almost thought about giving up. It was unforgivable!

All those horrible things that happened tonight...

Kyoko straightened her back, lowered her clasped hands, and smiled as her demons ended their ranting and disappeared.

...were gone.

She smiled softly and ran her fingertips over the smooth surface of The Corn Stone. She raised it up to the light and smiled when color changed.

She was so glad that the President let her bring along a personal item. She didn't want to get Tsuruga-san in trouble by telling him that he had brought something of his to this project so she just used the reasoning - "I know I'm supposed to play the role of one, but even Setsu needs her own protective charm..."

Kyoko placed the gemstone back into the little coin purse that served as its home.

Oh well, now that all that was over, she'd tackle the new challenge head-on!



Just what kind of girl was Setsu?

When she was shopping, she carefully chose each article with Setsu's mindframe. The set she brought with her in the bathroom was held together by flimsy strings that she knew would fall off if she moved too much while she slept!

What the hell was she going to do? She couldn't run outside to the closet to get another set without rousing Tsuruga-san's attention. She could always resort to the pants like she did last night, but Tsuruga-san already gave her a second chance to act as Setsuka so she couldn't disappoint him by not owning the role!
She had to think of something, she thought as she desperately rummaged through the hamper and looked around the room.

Her shirt! she lifted the button-down, long-sleeved gray number Cain-nii-san bought her yesterday at Jeanne d'Arc. She'd only worn it that morning before she'd resumed being Mogami Kyoko for her Box "R" shoot and just now after she and Tsuruga-san had come back from work. And it covered her down to the upper thigh, so she could easily say that she wore it because the air conditioner was cold! It was perfect!

But what if nii-san adjusted the thermostat?

It wasn't fair! How come Tsuruga-san could run around outside in a pair of ripped and distressed jeans and a faded black shirt? Totally out of place for Tsuruga Ren's fashionable style, but appropriate for Cain Heel.

And her shirt smelled of the smoke from the tonkatsu she had prepared after she and nii-san went back to the room.

It wasn't like she couldn't adjust, she thought, trying to justify wearing it.

She'd sleep in the shirt, wake up tomorrow, get dressed, go to the Dark Moon set, then have a meeting with the Box "R" cast called for by the director and act as Setsuka Heel. She was going to spend the day as a member of the entertainment industry smelling like fried breaded pork.

No! she shrieked in her head. What kind of ojou-sama would Mio end up being if she smelled like that? She'd smell like a total commoner! What would happen with Natsu? How would she incite the admiration and fear of people if she smelled like that? It definitely wouldn't work!

After finishing off drying the dishes, Ren walked over to the sleeping area of the room and fell on his back - diagonal to the bed with his left arm outstretched.

He'd had a nice dinner with Setsu. It was ready by the time he'd gotten out of the shower and they ate together as their brother-sister relationship called for. Unlike last night where they ate separately when he didn't wait for her because she told him to finish his meal before she came back.

He raised his head at the sound of the bathroom door opening and his eyes widened at the sight of what Setsu was wearing.

He opened his mouth and said, "That's my shirt."

It was too big for her. It was slightly bigger than his size too. The sleeves were folded up and it covered a good deal of her thighs. And it totally covered her slim, trim body. But, it was still the sexiest thing he'd ever seen her in.

"Yeah," she smiled uneasily as she stuffed the day's laundry (minus his shirt) into the washer/dryer. "I got cold last night so I needed something to wear over my camisole."

"You could have used a fresher shirt," he said matter-of-factly.

"Eh?" She looked at it. "But it still smelled nice since you were in costume for a role earlier. You didn't even smoke today."

Then she walked over to the thermostat and fiddled with the control. Ren didn't feel any change in the room temperature. "Alright then..." She turned to the laundry. "I'll just leave them there and hang them when I get up tomorrow."

Then she walked over to her bed and turned the covers. Ren closed his eyes and suppressed a groan.

Yashiro-san was right. He was going to die from lack of sleep.

Then something hit his outstretched arm. He was so taken by surprise that he reflexively pulled it away. He opened his eyes as a loud thump hit the floor.

Kyoko fell on her behind. Hard.

"That's so mean, nii-san!" she cried out in shock. He'd pushed her off the bed! She clutched her pillow to her chest. "Didn't you say that I could use your arm as a pillow?"

He just stared at her for a moment. Kyoko wondered nervously if she was taking things too far. But wasn't he the one who made mentioned that the Heel siblings had the inclination to share a bed?

"Are you sure, Setsu?" Cain-nii-san raised his eyebrow at her.

He was daring her... she thought in agony. This was torture! Why was it so hard to please an actor like Tsuruga-san? She nodded and hoped to God no one found out about this or she'd never get married. Not that it was even a possibility anyway.

"Alright then," Cain-nii-san moved to make room for her on the bed.

"Nii-san," she said in a scolding tone. "Go under the blanket or you'll catch a cold."

Cain-nii-san moved to put half of the comforter over him, leaving the thin blanket underneath and the other half of the comforter for her use. It was something odd for Cain Heel to do, but Kyoko didn't question it and was just thankful for the consideration.

Kyoko lied down - flat on her back and as stiff as a corpse.

The bed was big enough for the two of them. However, with his size and how he must be used to such a ginormous bed in Tsuruga-san's apartment, the bed seemed small and cramped in comparison. Kyoko started edging towards the side to make sure that Tsuruga-san would have more space and be more comfortable.

Jeez... she thought as she continued to inch away. All this trouble just to get some sleep. She stopped when her side had reached the edge of the bed and her head was lying on his wrist. Any more and she'd fall.

Cain-nii-san let out a chuckle and pulled her back to the center of the bed by bending his arm and drawing her closer. Kyoko felt herself move to the side.
"It's so hard to make my little sister happy nowadays," he commented.


"When we were kids..."

Ah, Tsuruga-san had established something about Cain and Setsuka Heel's childhood. She never thought he would be that thorough, but she guessed it was because something about the scene they were having called for it.

"...when you'd get sad because an 88 you got wasn't enough to impress your important person-"

Kyoko felt her mood drop. She did get 88's as a child, which wasn't enough to impress her mother.

"-all I'd need to do was do flips and you'd be happy again."

She buried her face in the pillow to hide her smile. It was nice to remember the exhilaration she felt the first time she saw C-

She froze. That was... too detailed. So much so that she'd imagined the wrong thing. The wrong person.

"Now, it's all trips and shopping sprees," Cain-nii-san continued. "It's good that I keep getting work. How could I keep you happy otherwise?"

He was teasing her. Cain-nii-san was, Kyoko thought. The Setsu-appropriate reply would be... "You do your work because you love to act," she scolded, repeating what he told her when they were standing outside of Jeanne d'Arc on her first shopping spree. "The shopping trips are just a bonus. And I don't go along with you because of that. I go along with you because I don't like being away from you very much." Then without much thought, she added, "I'm just as happy going shopping with you now as much as I liked the time when we were children when we would play with rocks and pretend they were-"

"Hamburgers," he finished.

She was going to say that, but having him say it made it even more unbearable.

That was another Mogami Kyoko and Corn memory killed, Kyoko thought in agony. Since that fairy remark from that afternoon, when she thought about it, she always imagined Tsuruga-san as a fairy prince - which was totally wrong because her fairy prince had blond hair! Not dark brown like the doppelganger in her fantasies, Tsuruga Ren, and most definitely not a huge mass of darkness like Cain Heel.

Kyoko decided to end this talk before Corn totally disappeared from her memories. So she took a deep breath and said, "Alright, we'll have hamburgers tomorrow."


"What is it, nii-san?" she asked, looking up at him. Why was he so talkative? Cain-nii-san was never the talkative type and neither was Tsuruga-san. They said that they needed to say and moved on. It was like he was agitated and restless about something. It could be her and how she invaded the bed, but he would have NG-ed her already if it was that.

"Thank you for not going back home."

And why was he thanking her? He was the one who tried to send her back and changed his mind last minute. She wanted to point that out, but didn't because she was just grateful for the second chance.

"Well," she lifted her head and gave him a light kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for not sending me back." Then, with the pillow still held tight against her chest, she turned around to face away from him. "Now go to sleep, nii-san. You need to get up by six-thirty." She closed her eyes and tried to beckon sleep to quiet her restless mind.

She didn't feel him move or shift for a while. Kyoko started to worry that he got annoyed by the kiss. Was it wrong? she thought worriedly. Growing up in a foreign country like the Heel siblings, a kiss on the cheek shouldn't be a big deal, right? It should be a normal way to show affection.

And it wasn't like she was going to habitually shower him with kisses every time. It was perfectly within Tsuruga-san's Actor's Rule Of The Heart guidelines! They were doing a scene and it called for it.

Maybe it grossed him out. But they were in character, right? They were both drifting off to sleep and he kept continuing the scene.

Then she felt the bed shift as Cain-nii-san snuggled closer to her.

Yes, Kyoko thought as she wiggled to gasp for air. He was disgusted and he wanted to kill her by cutting off her air passage.


Kyoko was looking through the water and turned to the voice that called her. She smiled and cried out, "Corn!"

Corn was standing by the trees with his face hidden by the shadows. "Do you," he asked, "want to go with me to the land of the fairies?"

She let out a cry of delight. "I do! I do!"

He held out his hand and said, "Then let's go..."

Kyoko started walking towards him and stretched out her hand. She looked up to see her cherished fairy prince's face and saw.

"Mogami-san..." Tsuruga Ren smiled down at her.

Kyoko woke up with a jolt.

What a nightmare! she thought.

Well, Tsuruga-san wasn't exactly a nightmare. Had it been the Demon Lord or The Emperor or Cain-nii-san, it would have been. But the riverbank in Kyoto was definitely not where he belonged in her dreams!

She shifted and her eyes widened in surprise to find out that she wasn't alone on the bed. The only thing that kept her from shrieking out loud was when everything that happened just before she fell asleep came back to her.

She must have moved while she was sleeping because she was once again facing Tsuruga-san. The pillow was still pressed tight against her chest. She looked up and studied his face. At least after she thought he was going to kill her, he quieted down and fell right to sleep.

Through the dim lighting that filtered through the windows, he looked really peaceful and boyish. No signs of the stress he showed when he was often in Cain Heel's character.

She looked closer and knew that she had that part perfected on the latest version of the Ren doll. It was the middle part she was having problems with and had to go with estimates. A chance she'd never get again because even with her current version of Setsu, she was never going to jump into the shower with him. Ever.
She sighed at the lost opportunity that would never come again.

She shifted again and realized that her hand was on his chest. She already had that part of the doll done too.

Through the blanket and the shirt that he was wearing, his chest felt hard but still warm as it rose and fell as he breathed. She faintly felt his heart beat too.
She moved her hand lower to his stomach. He shifted and made a little sound but didn't wake up. They were also hard and she could feel muscles right down to his abs. She wondered if Shotaro hurt his hand when he punched him or if Tsuruga-san even felt it. At least she knew that he'd had a full meal tonight, she smiled warmly.

Now if she were to move her hand lower, she-

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