Chapter One: When It Comes

If you asked me right now..

"Spencer Carlin, what do you hate most in this world?"

The answer would not be a what; it would be a who. However, it's not just any "who".

It would be a girl.

A girl who's known for her beauty, for her charm, for her rich and lavish lifestyle. A girl who can make you fall in love with her in an instant and snap your world right in two (not that I've experienced it, or anything of the sort). A girl who notices no one but herself.

A girl named Ashley Davies.

Who is Ashley Davies, you may ask? I'll describe her in three words.

Valedictorian. Cheerleader. Bitch.

Is that descriptive enough for you?

Okay, so maybe my hatred is a little unjustified. But hell, I just don't like her. And it doesn't help that she's dating my best friend. So I HAVE to deal with her.


Oh, and speaking of my best friend. There he goes yelling at me again.

"Yes Princess Aiden?" I say smugly.

"Spence, for reals. Don't call me that anymore. We're not five." Aiden says with a small pout. It's almost semi-adorable. But, hello, ew. Boy parts.

"Aiden, if you ever happen to say the phrase 'for reals' again, I will seriously question your sexuality. But seeing as you're dating the cheerwhore, anything's possible with you." I reply.

He throws a French fry at my head before returning to his "man pout".

This is what most of our relationship consists of. Silly banter about sexuality and our vivid past. But the second Ashley is even mentioned he shuts up and refuses to talk about her.

"Hey big guy?" I ask cautiously.

Aiden looks up with a serious expression on his face. For good reason too. I never call him 'big guy' unless I think there's something wrong.

"Yeah Teddy?" slips out of his partially open mouth. A rush of memories flow back to me with those two words. Taking me back to a place I thought had been long pushed away.

When Aiden and I were five, we were inseparable. We spent our weekends together running around and jumping in the pool and watching PB & J Otter. Our parents went on vacation together, and we even spent all our holidays together. Our parents were convinced that we would eventually end up together.

We even thought that. In sixth grade, we tried to date but it didn't work. At the time I didn't understand why I never liked it when Aiden wrapped his arms around me in a way that wasn't mean to be friendly. I never understood why I couldn't kiss him. I told him all this; and of course he immediately didn't understand and thought that it would "wreck" our friendship if we were to split up.

After that we didn't talk for a while. More like six months. Finally, I confronted him about the whole situation and told him that I still loved him. Even if it's not in the way that he expected or even wanted. He acted like any true gentleman would.

He bought me ice cream and we watched a re-run of S Club 7.

Well maybe not like most gentleman, but still.

I looked over at him and informed him that he would always be the "big guy I run too when everything goes wrong". The next words would forever be engraved in my memory.

"I'll be your big guy, as long as you'll always be my Teddy Bear."

I'm pulled out of my stupor by a silent Aiden, who's still waiting for my question.

"Why won't you talk about Ashley?'

Aiden looks down at his half empty plate, then back up at me with pure sadness in his eyes.

"I think she's cheating on me…"

WHAT? Oh hell no. The cheerwhore is not going to fuck with my best friend. I stand up rapidly, slinging French fries everywhere while I'm at it.

"Oh, the bitch is so going down." I protest loudly whilst heading for the exit.

Aiden stands up quickly and stops me before I can get to my car.

"Stop Spencer! Don't do anything you're going to regret later." He states bluntly.

"Oh I'm not going to regret it one bit."

"Spence, yes you are. Don't do anything to her. Just let it go."

"How can I fucking let it go when you're girlfriend is out screwing another guy?" I spit out.

"Spence, that's why I need you're help. I don't think she's cheating on me with another guy." He replies with a smart look.

"Uh, not following.." I state.

He gives me a blank stare-which I totally don't get by the way. Why in the hell would she not be cheating on him with another guy? Who else would she be-

"Oh my! She's gay?" I blurt out loud.

Aiden hushes me with a swift hand over my mouth.

"Spencer, shut up! I don't want the world to find out. I need you to find out if she is or not." He says the last part quietly.

I push his hand away from my mouth and just stare at him.

"Really Aiden? You're going to use me-your lesbian best friend-to find out if your own girlfriend is hot for other girls?" I reply with a semi-look of disgust.

He looks at me with a pleading look.

"Please Spencer. I need to know."

I'm stuck. Truly stuck. Should I be the good friend and go against all my morals and beliefs, just to befriend the worst person in the world? Or throw away twelve years of friendship, just to keep my sanity?

I look at Aiden with hate/love.

"Fine. But don't expect me to actually like her, or even really be nice to her. I'm there for purely observational purposes."

Oh God. What have I gotten myself into.

Authors Notes: I haven't written a story in so long, and I'm not exactly sure what I'm getting myself into right now. All I know is that I miss me some Spashley action. I'm not happy about the start; but never fear Ashley will be introduced in the next chapter. The Aiden and Spencer relationship is very crucial in this story. Oh yeah, flashbacks are in italics.

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