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Similar Chapter 15: Something Good Can Work

One Year Later:

"All my life I've dreamt of this day; a day for remembering and for forgiveness. For four years we've grown, fought, become friends and fell in love. For four years we've experienced happiness, stress, and pain. Now that I look back on everything I've truly realized why they call high school the best time of your life. So as we move away from King High, I want you all to remember the great things that happened in these halls, and look back on them with gratitude and grace. So live on class of 2011, we've finally made it."

Looking on with appreciation at my girlfriend I never truly realized that I would end up where I am today. Ashley changed my life and as I look up at the beautiful brunette I can't seem to get over the fact that a little over a year ago I despised her with all my heart. It's funny how life works.

She looks over at me and we share a small smile. It's extremely intimate and unnoticeable by the naked eye. Aiden calls it the "Spashley" smile.

I call him an idiot.

As we do the whole graduation song and dance, the basic flip the tassel and scream thing, I race over to where Ashley is standing and give her a huge hug.

"You were great babe."

"Thanks," She replied shyly while grabbing my hand.

"Yeah Davies, nice one." Aiden says from behind her in the same forest green robe that we all are wearing.

Ashley looks at him and smiles brightly. "Where's my sister, douche?"

"I have no clue. The last that I saw her she was running up to Kayla and giving her a huge hug." Aiden says while shrugging.

Ashley and I share a knowing look about her eccentric sister and my crazy best friend. Who for the past three months have been getting closer and closer.

"Oh I'm sure that they're just celebrating." Aiden says caustically.

"Yeah celebrating with their clothes off." I giggle out.

Aiden huffs and lightly kicks the ground with his black shoe. "A man can only hope."

Our celebration was cut short by a loud shriek coming from a voice that can only be my mother.

"SPENCER! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU." She shouts as she grasps me in a bear hug.

"Mom…can't breathe." I struggle in between shallow breaths.

She gladly releases me. More than likely not wanting to kill her only daughter on the day of her graduation.

"And seriously woman, chill with the caps lock." I smile at her.

"I'm just so excited to see you grow up and turn into such a beautiful young woman."

"Yeah. Yeah. Love you too." I groan out.

I look to the left side of me and see Ashley staring at the exchanged with amused eyes. That is, until my mother turns to her and envelops her in the same type of hug.

"Oh Ashley darling that was such a beautiful speech. I absolutely adored it."

See Ashley is deathly afraid of my mother. Ever since we officially became a thing all she thinks is that my mother is going to kill her for breaking Aiden's little heart. But the humorous thing with this whole situation is that my mother loves the fact that Ashley and I are together.

"Thanks Mrs. Carlin." Ashley squeaks out.

"Oh dear how many times have I told you to call me Paula!" She keeps her at arm's length while talking.

"Mom, let my poor girlfriend go. Please." I tell her with a bored look on my face while grabbing Ashley's hand and pulling her into my side. Trying to keep in contact with her subtly.

"What's up bitches?" Kyla yells as she runs to see us; completely unaware of my mother's disapproving glare.

"Oh…I meant what a beautiful day my friends. How are you doing?" She quickly back peddles as she slows down to a light jog.

"Kyla, it's a little too late honey." Ashley reprimands her lightly while pulling her into a giant hug. "How's Kayla?"

Kyla blushes lightly giving away way too much information about her current situation concerning my friend.

"She's good."

Aiden, feeling slightly uncomfortable with the scene, clears his throat loudly before saying, "Party at casa Davies tonight?"

"You know it." Kyla perks up.

My mother beckons us all in for a group picture before we head over the mansion that Ashley and Kyla call home. A group picture that will forever live in the awkward family photo album. With Ashley and I making goofy faces, Kyla pretending to pick Aiden's nose and Kayla creeping in the background.

Wait? When did Kayla get here.

"Kayla!" I shout while pulling her into a giant hug. "You coming to the party later?"

"Of course." She exclaims while sharing an intimate look with Kyla.

Ashley, always the person on the move, beckons us all to go home to our respective houses to get ready for the party of the year.

Leaving the huge arena that held our massive graduating class I finally feel the closure that high school is over. That there's this whole new chapter waiting for us. A giant, scary, and completely unknown chapter. We're all leaving and going our separate ways; something that some of us are not completely comfortable with. Mostly just me; but in essence that's completely natural.

The house is packed, the music is at full blast and bodies are gyrating to the latest radio hit. Yet through all the noise and insanity that is downstairs I find myself sitting with Ashley upstairs on the couch that was our becoming. The couch that started a beautiful and extremely confusing relationship for the both of us. Her head is resting in my lap as I stroke her hair lovingly.

"Did you ever believe that we would be in this situation?" She asks quietly.

Pondering her question quietly I mull over the events that brought us to the place that we are now. Never in a million years did I believe that I would be sitting here in such an intoxicating love with the one girl that I used to hate.

"No." I respond just as quietly while pausing mid stroke.

She chuckles lightly before sitting up and looking at me with a sparkle in her eyes that I know only shows up when she looks at me.

"I want you to be happy Spencer," Ashley starts before looking down. "So I've decided that I'm ready."

"Ready for what?" I ask with a confused tone.

"You. All of you." She replies while grabbing my hand and leading me to the bed. But I refuse to give into her.

"I don't want you to do this if it's only because you want me to be happy Ashley. I want this to be for you and me. We're a couple and I would never force you into doing something just because you think that it's going to make me happy. Have I been more sexually frustrated within the past year than I ever have been in my entire life? Yes. But I want you to not regret the decision. I want you to be ready and when you are then it will happen. Until then, I'm perfectly content with second base." I smile while letting out the last part.

She sighs lightly before responding,"I feel like I'm going to lose you if I don't give this to you right now. You're going off to college three-thousand miles away and who knows what beautiful Florida girl you're going to fall in love with while you're out there."

"Baby, that would never happen and you know that. My heart belongs to this smart and extremely talented brunette. Plus, she's a real looker too." I nudge her lightly eliciting a chuckle from her.

"She sounds pretty awesome. You have fun with her." She says while grabbing my hand.

"I love you, Ashley Davies." I say before kissing her with more passion than I could even believe possible. "I always will."

"I love you too, Spencer Carlin." She says with a nose-crinkling grin before taking my hand and leading me towards the door.

"Ready to go back out there and dance our hearts out?" She asks.

"I'm ready for anything as long as you're there." I responded while letting her lead me back downstairs.

The airport was buzzing with activity. Men in suits talking on cell phones while carrying expensive leather briefcases. Women trying to chase after their small children who seemed extremely enamored with the moving sidewalk.

Although while all this was happening all I could see was the sad eyes of one Ashley Davies. She was about to watch me walk away and get on a plane destined for a completely new life that was quickly approaching despite the fact that I wanted nothing more than to just forgo my future and spend the rest of my days with the girl of my dreams.

She wouldn't let me. I tried. However that didn't make it any easier to walk away.

"You'll call every night right?" She asks hopefully.

"Every night and more." I reply trying to maintain my composure. For her, for my family that I've already said my goodbyes to, and for myself in particular.

"Don't forget about me, alright?" She chokes out as tears threaten to spill from her eyes.

"Never. I love you." I choke out just as quietly before lightly kissing her one last time.

"I love you too." She tells me while finally letting me go.

And with those words I'm turning around and walking onto the bright blue aircraft and as I take my seat I lose all control and let the tears flow freely from my eyes.

"Flight 763. One way from Los Angeles to Miami. Please fasten your seat belts and prepare for takeoff."

"Wait." I say loudly while running towards the front of the plane to where the stewardess is. "Let me off this plane."

"Ma'am, I cant do that. The door has already been closed." The stewardess says sharply.

"Well open the damn door. I need to get off this plane and salvage the one good thing that has ever happened to me." I plead.

As the stewardess looks at me I see a look of pain flash across her eyes. She reaches to a phone and dials three numbers.

"We have a situation, Gary. Open the hatch." She says cryptically into the receiver and within three seconds the door to the left of me opens wide.

The stewardess just smiles at me and motions me to exit and before I leave I give her a huge hug and start running down the platform only slowing down to smile as she shouts a distant "Go get your girl."

As I enter the crowded terminal I see the back of Ashley's head walking slowly away with my family and I do the only thing that I know can get her attention.

I yell.


The entire terminal stops and stares at me as I await my girlfriend to turn around and get a good look at me. And when our eyes meet I run to her as quickly as humanely possible. People moving out of the way faster than I could run.

As I skid to a stop next to her I grab her hands and take a deep breath.

"Spencer, what are you doing?" She asks awestruck.

I take a deep breath and gather my thoughts before pouring my heart out to her.

"I'm not going anywhere Ashley. Sitting in that plane and losing all control made me realize that I never want to walk away from you again. I don't care if I never become an architect. I don't care if I end up homeless and everyone hates me. I don't care about any of that because if I can say that I love you that's the only reassurance that I need in my life to let me know that I truly lived. Without you I'm just a shell. Without you I'm just another blur. Without you I don't think I could ever survive. I love you Ashley Davies and I'd give up everything I've ever known to be able to spend forever with you."

She's crying soft tears that I brush away with my calloused thumb.

"Marry me?" She asks softly never taking her eyes off mine.

Without skipping a beat. Without hesitation I answer her question with the only plausible answer in my head.

"Of course."


Author's Note: *Still dodging those rocks* Alright, I'm sorry guys! I left you hanging for over a year and I don't have an excuse big enough to actually explain my absence. Life happens and I don't think any amount of groveling will subdue the angry masses. But it's done. And I want to thank the one person who got me back into writing this. You know who you are and this last chapter is dedicated to you. Thank to all who reviewed and kept reading despite the inconsistencies with updates.

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