And Things They Will Get Better (Epilogue)

Edward tossed the little girl with the thick auburn ringlets into the air. She was the most beautiful child ever, and apart from his Bella, although he would never admit this, he loved her more than anyone else in the world. He had always been proud of his sons and he loved them dearly but fathering a delicate little blossom like this girl was even more amazing.

Her brown eyes flashed with joy as he caught her and lowered her to the sand.

Bella, the love of his life, was running along the beach, Baby Jake in her arms, chuckling as he bounced with her every step.

She was truly happy now, Edward knew that. She had everything she had ever wanted as he did , too.

To be honest, just having Bella had always been enough for him but their children enhanced them and made them better people. And they brought incredible joy into their lives.

Paul was out on his surfboard, teaching Matt how to stand as the surf rolled them closer to shore, and both Edward and Bella thought of Jacob and the lessons he had given her in her teenage years.

Jacob was still there, all around them, but now he was real and touchable in the little black eyed black haired toddler who laughed in glee when his mother lowered him by his hands so his toes hit the cold water at the edge of the shore.

Edward had learned that he was indeed Bethany's biological father while Bella and the babies were still in the hospital. Billy Black had laid a hand gently on the sleeping baby girl and told him the child was not of his tribe, therefore she was Edward's.

It meant more to him than any blood/DNA test, Billy was the Chief and he knew these things.

Time had proved him correct, the brown hair had thinned as she grew into a plump, pretty baby and it was replaced by his own coppery sheen amongst the new locks.

She was a mixture of both his beloved and himself.

Edward liked to think it would not have mattered if the child had been Jake's, but he was grateful he had never been put to the test.

The dilemma about Baby Jake being next in line as Chief had been resolved by the council. The Chief had always been a full blood Quileute and as Baby Jake had been born to Bella, he did not qualify. That did not make him any less important to his grandfather, who agreed with the council's ruling, and Sam Uley's son, also named Jacob, was officially next in line.

Bella and Edward may not always live here, close to the Rez, so it was better this way, all concerned agreed.

Edward handed Bethany over to her mother and scooped Baby Jake onto his shoulders and ran along in the shallow water, making the child whoop in delight. Edward took his promise to Jacob very seriously and he loved the child his wife had needed to complete their lives.

He had no regrets, other than the one obvious, glaring one, but she was his, had always been his and he had lived long enough to get her back, so that was all that mattered.

Matt ran from the water and flexed his muscles as he carried his board past a group of giggling girls from the Rez. One in particular seemed to be here, at the beach, every Saturday when the family came to enjoy the warmer weather.


he thought not.

Matt was always sending someone a text and Edward had a pretty good idea it was this slim, pretty russett skinned girl who was watching every move his oldest son made. Sure enough, as Matt sat down in the sand at the rocky area of shoreline, she just happened to walk by and caught his eye and Edward grinned as she sat beside him, and they started talking and soon after, laughing.

Oh yeah, the boy had the Cullen charm.

Josh and Luke were chasing the small breakers in and out and squealing at the coldness of the water. Both green eyed and copper haired, they were Edward's mini-me's and he adored them both, as much as he adored the twins.

Well, maybe Bethany was a little extra special, being the girl he craved for so long. Bella was holding their daughter as she drifted off to sleep, walking slowly along the water's edge.

"Mama" shrieked Jacob as they ran up close to the girls, and he held his father's hair tightly to keep upright.

"Hey Baby Jake," she smiled at him. he smiled and his white teeth were as blinding as his namesake's.

He was the boy with two fathers. He may have never known Jake, but Edward was always there, always parenting him as he did the others so she never worried he would feel out of place or different.

One day, he would ask and she would explain. She was making him a book , full of photos of herself and his biological father and also of Edward, as both men were of equal importance in the story.

The photos chronicled the three of them growing up, there were photos of the three together, at Renee's, at parties as they got older, at the beach, then just Jake and Bella, or Edward and Bella.

Alice had taken one photo shortly before the wedding, of the three sitting having one of those civilized coffee get together's that both broke Edward's heart more but also fed him enough to keep him going.

Both men were gazing at Bella, with open faced love, and fortunately she had just spied Alice and was facing the camera so no secrets were revealed.

The wedding photos, the last she had of Jacob, showed his father as he was, happy, kind, beautiful, full of love and joy and life.

The newspaper cuttings of his death were in an envelope on the next page, not on obvious display, the boy would be sad enough just knowing they were there and knowing how his father had been so cruelly taken.

She and Edward had talked a lot about what they would say to the boy in the future, and they had decided on one small lie.

Bella would tell Baby Jake she loved both men equally.

It seemed like the right thing to do, to never let him know she had always loved Edward more, and that way he would think her life had moved on naturally, and the romance between herself and her ex had revived, not never died.

It was a small thing but Bella wanted him to know how important Jake had been to her, always.

Edward placed the boy down on the beach and took the sleeping baby girl into his arms and walked up to lay her on the towel under the umbrella.

Baby Jake ran towards his mother and she opened her arms and scooped him up.

"You don't know how long I waited for you," she said, kissing his little face tenderly.

The End

A/N I know some of you didn't want Bella to have Baby Jake but this was always the crux of the story for me. Cheers, thanks for reading, sorry it took so long to finish, Lynz

"Two eggs had been fertilised by two different sperm in an occurrence called heteropaternal superfecundation.

The medical marvel can happen when a woman releases multiple eggs during ovulation and has more than one sexual partner within the same time period.

Ms W later admitted she had an affair that resulted in two babies, born at the same time, fathered by two different men.

The infidelity would have occurred within two days.

"Most people don't believe it can happen, but it can," Clear Diagnostics president Genny Thibodeaux said.

"I'm trying to let everybody else know," Ms W was quoted as saying.

"Don't put yourself in my shoes, because it can hurt and it does hurt, but you still have to go on with life," she said.

Ms W said she will tell the boys the whole story when they are old enough to understand."

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