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She was having a dream, a beautiful dream. She was standing in the middle of a absolutely gorgeous field of blooming flowers and the greenest grass she has ever seen. And she's seen quite a lot, mind you.

Everything out here felt real to Yuuki.

She started walking, absentmindedly noting that she was barefoot. The earth felt good to her exposed feet. It was a support, a pillar that supports everything else that exists on it, firm and unmoving. And yet, it moulds beautifully against her bare soles.

The luscious green grass, that caresses her as she walks by, just swings in the wind, like it's listening to its own serenade. Its fleeting touch is just like the gentle fingers of a devoted lover. She enjoyed the sensations it gave her.

The luminescent blue sky overhead beamed at her, her silent protector who would watch over her for the eternity she is to endure. It too, like herself, will forever be unchanging, a constant in this forever changing world. The silent watcher of everything on this blue planet that life had chosen as its home.

A warm afternoon breeze floated against her skin. It felt like the warm breath of a loved person, of the person you loved. The only difference was that the breath of the one you longed for would heat you up inside, start a fire in you that's almost impossible to extinguish.

It's calm here though. There's no sign of any disturbances.

Everything felt so real because she had experienced something like this before, had seen it before. So it would have been easy to pass of as reality in this world, that, in fact, dulled your sense of reality.

And she would have, had it not been for the brightly glowing orb that was currently situated in the middle of the sky. Even in the lull of her dreams she saw what was wrong with the picture.

Vampires cannot stand under bright sunlight like she is right now. In the real world her eyes would be giving her 'Mission abort! Mission abort!' signals. You can bet on it.

Nothing even close to that is happening now. And she is happy to, once again, be able to see the sun and feel its gentle rays on her skin.

It's so lovely here. She doesn't want to leave, doesn't want to go to the dangerous reality and leave the security of this sanctuary.

But she feels something pulling her back, something she doesn't want to separate from, something that is not here.

A wonderful smell drifts slowly, almost lazily, to her. It captures her attention immediately. It's familiar and feels so essential that she feels depraved for not recognizing what it is, or why she feels such a strong craving for whatever it's coming from. So she follows it, hoping that it will lead her to its source, and recognition.

She passes the entirety of the vast field and stops at the edge of the forest.

There it hits her; what the smell is, where (or who) it's coming from and why she craves it.

And she sees him,sees him, the one whose blood she smelt. The one whose blood she craves.

'' Kaname'' her lips utter, and her legs automatically start moving towards him.

He turns when he hears her voice. A soft, small smile appears on his beautiful face, and he raises his hand to her. But then he disappears, leaving her alone in her dreams.

He was the thing that was pulling her back, the deep attachment that she'll forever cherish.

And then, as if the mere thoughts of him have summoned it, she feels a strong and burning hunger engulf her. Its sheer force almost brought her to her knees, effectively crippling all cells in her body.

Kaname, they seem to call. Kaname, they scream.

'' Kaname'' she whimpers and loses her footing.

She wants him, she wants him near her. She wants to cling to him and never let go. She wants his warm, rich blood. She craves it above all else, she craves him above everybody else.

The sheer memory of his beautiful pale neck calls out to her, makes her hunger more and more.

Her hunger had grown until she can no longer contain it, until it's almost violent.

The dream she's in can no longer contain her, can no longer hold her in it's peacefulness. It shatters.

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