A/N: This is just a bit of fluff. I'm warning you now.




Unsurprisingly he found her at work. She was searching through a file folder, looking for some report or other when he approached.

"Hey," Castle said softly.

Beckett glanced up in slight surprise at the sound of his voice. "Hey," she replied with a grin. "What are you doing here? I thought you'd gone home for the night."

"I see you didn't," he said dryly, glancing around surreptitiously. It was getting late; most of the desks were empty, and they were the only two people in this corner of the bullpen.

Beckett shrugged. "You know me," she said. "Just wanted to get this last bit of paperwork done. I'm leaving after I put this away."

"Sure," Castle replied somewhat doubtfully.

"I am leaving after this," she insisted. "I promise. Aha!" she exclaimed pulling a few sheets of paper out of the file and adding the one she'd set on top of the filing cabinet to them. "And what are you doing here anyway? I thought you left early so you could get some writing done," she reminded him as she flipped through her file, making sure it was now complete.

"I was," he admitted. "I did. Actually, I finished the first draft of Summer Heat, sent it off to my publishers and everything," he added nonchalantly.

Beckett looked up in surprise. "Castle that's great!" she exclaimed. "You must be really happy."

"Yeah," he admitted. "My publishers are already hinting about another three-book deal, and talking about release dates, and publicity stuff."

"You should celebrate," Kate told him.

"I will," he promised her.

"Sorry Castle, can you just give me thirty seconds?" she asked. "I just need to put this back and then I can give your news my full attention."

"Okay," he said easily, watching her closely as she flipped through the files again.

"I'm not leaving you know," he said suddenly.

Beckett tensed before shrugging absently, still fiddling with the files. "I didn't think you were," she admitted. "You're planning on writing more books after all, and I figured you'd give me a bit of warning if you were going."

"Do you want to go out to dinner?" Castle blurted out suddenly as she shut the drawer of the filing cabinet.

"Dinner?" she asked as she turned to him. "Sure. I haven't eaten yet and if you haven't either than we definitely should. Remy's?" Beckett asked. "Or were you more in the mood for..."

Beckett trailed off as Castle shook his head. "No Kate," he said softly. Taking a step closer, he took her hand and met her eyes. "Do you want to go out to dinner?" he asked again. "With me," he added, trying to make her understand.

He knew the second she caught on. "Oh," she gasped. Her eyes widened and he could see her struggling slightly to keep her composure. He couldn't help noticing that she hadn't pulled her hand away. Her eyes were wide with shock, but there was something else there too. Hope maybe? Or was he just projecting?

After a few seconds of silence (during which Castle's patience was tested to its absolute limits), Beckett finally smiled. "Okay," she said softly.

"Okay," he replied with his own grin.

"Did you still mean now?" she asked almost shyly. "Now that my paperwork's put away I'm done for the day."

Like he was going to wait any longer. "Now's perfect," he promised her. "And Remy's sounds perfect too," he added.

He saw her shoulders relax ever so slightly at that. "Just let me grab my stuff," she told him.

"Of course," he said with a grin.

When she met him at the door thirty seconds later he offered her his arm and escorted her towards the elevators. She took it. So far so good. He was even managing to not grin like an idiot, that is until he saw her twirl her hair in her hand.

Yeah, he was definitely grinning like an idiot now.

But then again, so was his lovely Detective.

He paused, considering the idea. Had she... had she been hoping that he'd make a move? For how long? And why on earth hadn't she ever said anything? Obviously he'd hoped that she may have secretly wanted something more as much as he did; he'd even come up with explanations for why she wouldn't have told him if she did. But, but...

He hadn`t thought it was possible, but his smile widened.

Got she was so stubborn it was ridiculous, not to mention guarded in the extreme.

He glanced at her again, winking at her when she caught his eye, pleased when she flushed ever so slightly.

Then again, he didn't really mind her stubbornness.

After all, nobody was perfect.

Not even Kate.

It was one of her better qualities.


The End