Phantom Memories

And now…the epilogue of this fic…with the case solved, Kindaichi is going to bid goodbye to the main star of Detective School Q and Bloody Monday…yet it opens a door to another "adventure" for our hero as he gets an opportunity to head to another "continuation"…


A few days after the incident, the mayor of Hiroshima thanked Kindaichi, Kyuu and Third-I for their help in stopping the culprit and assured to them that they are not held liable for the damage on Hiroshima High as the governor will shoulder the repair expenses to get the school ready though the students there are already displaced and that other high schools are ready to "adopt" the displaced students.

"Hajime Kindaichi…Kyuu Renjou of Dan Detective School…Kanou and Minami of Third-I…I personally thanked you for saving the students of Hiroshima High…we are grateful for what you have done…thank you…let me know if you need anything…all you need is ask me…"

"It's fine…you need to concentrate on rebuilding the school…"

"Yes…we happened to be passing by…and heard about the case, so we decided to help out…it's too bad we were unable to save Otome…she was such a nice girl…I wondered why she went like this and chose to harm her classmates over a theatre play…"

"I instructed our police to look into this matter while the Board of Education is going to talk to every parent in this prefecture to know if there are rifts between them ands their children…so that we can learn if there are problems with the youth…"

"Good to hear…"

After that, Kindaichi, Kyuu and the two Third-I members left the Mayor's Office and went to a park where Fujimaru and Otoya are waiting. As they meet up, they discussed about the aftermath of the case yet Fujimaru opened up his opinion about the incident as he had a feeling that it was no accident that Otome got her hands on the Mask Memory, believing that someone gave it to her.

"I believe that there is someone who has access to the Gaia Memory and is selling them to those who are interested and can afford them…since it originated in Futo…someone may have gone all over Tokyo and secretly distributed them…"

"And it even reached Hiroshima…"

"Say, Kindaichi…any bad guys you know?"

"Well, Kyuu…I do know someone…but I doubt he would be interested in Gaia Memory…"


Somewhere in Tokyo, at an abandoned warehouse, two persons met and are having a serious, yet friendly conversation which they are aware of what happened at Hiroshima and now they are making their next move. One is a woman and the other is a man, who is at the same age as Kindaichi. The woman, who is a voluptuous, sexy, yet vicious, is Maya Orihara. She is willing to do any business transactions as long she gets paid beautifully as money is her goal.

The guy is Yoichi Takato, who is Kindaichi's arch-nemesis. He is known to be extremely intelligent, considers himself to be the evil twin of Kindaichi, and describes their relationship as parallel lines. He is the only son of Reiko Chikamiya, an internationally known magician, who in turn drove Takato to be a magician himself. What he uncovered about the murder of his mother triggered what he is today. A twisted, cold-hearted magician who considers his devilish setups for the perfect crime as masterpieces, and tolerates no mistakes from the people he uses as his puppets.

A flashback scene slowly reveals that Maya offered Yoichi a Gaia Memory but he wanted to test it out first before making a purchase so he used hypnosis via magic on a passing Otome and had her use the Mask Memory on herself as a test and "programmed" her to use it on a certain situation which coincidentally is the school play. Using a spy he sent, he learned of the events that took place and that Kindaichi is involved, but what he didn't expect is that Kyuu and Fujimaru happened to be there and he now got a glimpse of what W is capable of.

"It appeared that my "puppet" has failed…yet it was a good way to know how well these so-called Gaia Memory devices work…"

"So I guess you're not interested anymore…"

"I do…I can use them to play a little mind game on my arch-nemesis using puppets of my choosing…so I'll choose whatever devices you have available…"


Yoichi then bought about 50 of them and then opened a briefcase that is empty, which Maya was quite irked, but as he closed it, he opened it, which now contained Y 500,000, and she smiled wide as she now has a commission and she readily took the briefcase filled with the cash and is about to leave when she turned around and gave him a belt buckle that resembles a flashdisk driver device, and another Gaia Memory disk.

"Here…as my way of thanking you…a freebie…all you have to do is fasten the belt buckle around your waist and a belt is formed…then insert the Gaia Memory disk, and you can assume an armored form similar to W…and the Gaia Memory disk you have is the Magician Memory…themed right after you…"

"Really…then I'll test it out…"

Placing the device in front of his waist, a belt is formed and there he inserted the Magician Memory and within seconds he is encased in a black armor, while his helmet resembles a white, theatre-like mask with a bowler hat and a cape, complete with an arm-sized baton. Yoichi Takato now stands as the Magician Dopant, and he is pleased with what he is seeing.

"Ha-ha-ha…impressive…I am grateful to you, Ms. Orihara…now I can commit a series of crimes which even Kindaichi couldn't cope…ha-ha-ha-ha!"

Maya smirked as she bowed and left the warehouse as the Magician Dopant began to scout for "unwilling volunteers" so he can force them to use the various Gaia Memory disks he has in his possession in preparation to make Kindaichi's life a living hell.


At the train station, Kyuu is the first to board the Shinkansen as he and Fujimaru, and the Third-I agents are going to Tokyo first due to the train being full and they bid Kindaichi goodbye. As the train left, Kindaichi and Miyuki waited for about 30 minutes before the next train arrives, not noticing that Shinichi Kudo is beside them, bothered by what he saw about the Mask Dopant and wondered if such things exist or not even after learning the information about the Gaia Memory disks.

As Kindaichi and Miyuki boarded, so is Shinichi and the trio shared the same bench though neither of the two detectives noticed each other as the Shinkansen began to move, heading for Tokyo.


The scene then shifts to the Kougami Foundation as its president and CEO, Kousei Kougami, is being told by his secretary, Erika Satonaka that she has sent diggers to dig what she believed to be a chest full of artifacts which Kougami believes that it contained treasures that dated back about 800 years ago, and now that it is 800 years in the present, he is excited to see what would happen once he gets his hands on those artifacts.

"After 800 years…my life-long dream is about to come true…once that day comes…a new birth will commence! And when that day comes…happy birthday!"

"President Kougami…here is an amateur video about the incident at Hiroshima High…"

As an informant reviewed the tape, he is pleased to see W in action, and then saw Kindaichi doing detective work, and then a spying Shinichi Kudo. He smiled as he asked Erika about the two elder teens for information which she answered correctly.

"Hajime Kindaichi and Shinichi Kudo…both are in their late teens…and possessed remarkable detective abilities…"

"Ahh…two teen detectives…if a situation happens…then the two detectives would join forces…imagine…doing detective works and intuition making…decision making…yes…a birth of a new team-up of detectives…what a wonderful birthday!"

However, they are unaware that someone else is aware of the digging of the chest full of artifacts, as the scene shifts outside the Kougami Foundation building where a tinted van is parked, and inside the van shows the driver and passengers inside. They are Vermouth, Gin, and Chianti. They are members of the Black Organization and they are interested in acquiring the artifacts as they are sure they would value about a million US dollars when sold to a potential buyer within the black market.

"Sorry, bub…we'll be the first to get those artifacts…and our organization will benefit from it…"

All they have to do now is know when the digging would take and which route the diggers would take so they can plan an ambush and take the chest by force.

The End…

Hope you like the epilogue as several villains make a cameo appearance here from their respective series.

Maya Orihara is among the chief antagonists from the manga "Bloody Monday" and she is a money-loving villainess who would do anything to get rich…even at the cost of innocent lives…

It turns out she is behind the distribution of the Gaia Memory disks which she got from a mysterious organization that created them. For more info, see my fanfic, "W".

Yoichi Takato is the main antagonist of Kindaichi Case Files and I apologize if I used him just now as I just started to read the manga and watched some of the anime episodes. In this fic he is responsible for turning Otome into a psychopath in taking the Gaia Memory disk, and now he has a Gaia Memory of his own and has assumed an alter ego of his own – the Magician Dopant.

The Black Organization, the chief antagonists from the manga and anime, Detective Conan, also appears as they are interested in the artifacts that the Kougami Foundation found. Although they have little impact in this fic, they soon will be in the follow-up fic (see below).


Since this is the last chapter, there is no more previews for this category, but the story will be carried onto another story.

See Search for the Mysterious, Missing Medals as Kindaichi will be teaming up with Detective Conan as they will cross over for the first time as the two "detective teens" get embroiled over the stolen artifacts which would out Kindaichi's life in danger, while Shinichi Kudo will be put at risk as he can't let the Black Organization know that he is still alive.

"Search for The Mysterious, Missing Medals" can be found on the "Kindaichi crossover" category or simply click my pen name so you can find it.

Many thanks to those who tuned in to this fic. I appreciated it, and I'll see if I could come up with a new Kindaichi fic…