Alright, as of yet, nobody has adopted this story, which saddens me. I would like to replace it, but until I complete one of my other stories, I won't put out any other new ones. However, instead of this specific story, I actually would like to do a different Naruto story. I have the urge to do villain stories, but I don't know which to do. The current villains I can make Naruto emulate are:

Mesogog-Power Rangers Dino Thunder: Ok, seriously, the best Power Rangers villain hands down. He had this creepy tone to his voice, could telepathically torture people, and actually had some serious fighting skills. Sure, the dialogue could be a bit corny, but seriously, look at all the great villains that were ruined through the years.

Ghostface-Scream series: Alright, admit it, Ghostface is close enough to a ninja as someone can get. Plus, besides his ninja skills, he comes up with the best threats and is just plain creepy. I could have Naruto as a former Anbu, now missing-nin.

Freddy Krugar: A Naruto that enters peoples' dreams and kills them...need I say more?

I have scenarios to make Naruto any of these three. I'll be putting up a poll in a bit so you can choose. Obviously it will be a while until I make the story, as I need to complete one of my own first. So, because of this, I may come up with more. Also, if you have ideas of your own, send me a PM after choosing the "other" option in my poll. It may be a great idea that I have yet to think of.

Thank you for your time

Fan of Fanfics