When doctor who meets doctor who.

Arrrr here we are said the doctor happily

Were is exactly is here doc

Amy was confused the doctor did not say where they were going suddenly!

the door burst open with a man's head popping around the door hello he said,

the man was wearing a nave pin striped outfit with a red striped tie and red shoes and his hair all messy and he was wearing black glasses and a sonic in his lest top pocket Amy looked at him and said hi back

The doctor looked at him and said hi to but said don't I know u sir

The man looked up at him and said most likely then turned his head to the tardis door and said

Who put an st johns ambulance sticker on my tardis looking at the doctor and Amy in confusion

Erm I did and its my tardis not yours said the doctor with even more confusion

No its mine I am doctor who and who are u said the man

I am doctor who I am the 12th doctor which must mean u must be the 11th doctor jugging to how young you are and how handsome you are said the 12th doc

Well yes I am and thank you said the 11th doc in a sexy way wile rubbing his tong on this bottom lip at he always has done OMG what have u done to her my tardis u have put buttons on her she is a very sensitive machine aid the 11th doc

Yes I know that said the 12th doc trying not to listen

Oh and look you have a big yellow and red button that dose nothing at all said the 11th doc been stress

but it makes it more interesting to drive doesn't it Amy 12th doc said realising that Amy was not getting any of it

Hummmm oh yh I guess so let me get this clear you our both doctor who but different ageing on something said Amy

Yes said the doctor's

Ok great two doctor yay Amy said faking it all

Hay what's wrong with two doctors said the 12th doctor

Humm oh nothing so how did u get here then 11th doc?

Well I am kinder dead but this doc must have pressed something and I got blasted into a suck hole to a alrcpaol time space and here I am said the 11th doc really fast Amy look like she was in a spend up film and did not get a single word of what the doc just said

Ok then to make it easer to understand I went into this wibbley wobbly timey whamey…..stuff wile he was saying that he was moving right hand side to side

Ok I understand now said Amy even if she did not understand

Hang on what's happened to the 12th doc they both shrugged there shoulders

Then suddenly the 12th one came out of a smoked filed room with a bowl of fish fingers and custard

Oh sorry I got hungry do won't some

no doc Amy said

Ohhhh yes please I do love some fish and custard said the 11th doctor

Oh great two doc that eat funny Amy her eyes so what do we do now Amy said looking very bored

Yum now they were nice well Alonzay I better be off said the 11th doc

Yes u must said Amy and the 12th doc sadly

Hang on then I will just press this then this then say good bye to u said the 12th doctor still eating fish and custard

Oh right well good bye then me and u Amy pound said the 11th doc with a tear falling down his check

Yes goodbye doc it was nice to meet you said Amy hugging the 11th doc

And with that the 11th doc vanished and was to never been seen again

The end