All cats are gray in the dark

by ladymaja

Summary: Kitty (22 yo) is spending her summer vacation in Canada at Logan's cottage when suddenly she gets attacked and captured. In order to escape she's gonna need to take a helping hand from a killer.

Chapter Twenty-one: The End

It's been 5 years since Kitty left the X-mansion with Victor, and there hasn't gone a day without Logan calling to check on them. (Except when they were on a mission of course, but Logan always had to be informed where they were going.)

Victor grunts as he hears the phone ringing. He and Kitty are lying in bed. Kitty tries to get up but Victor pulls her back. He holds her tight and cuddles up to her back.
"Victor, you know he won't stop calling, and if you don't let me answer it he'll just come here to check on us."

Victor grunts but lets her pick up the damn ringing thing.

"Creed residence!. . . Oh, hi Logan.! Would've never guessed it's you!" - she winks at Victor. He rolls his eyes and smirks.

"No, we just got back last night. . . . Yeah, SHIELD mission. Nothing special. . . . No, I can't tell you, 'the details are classified'." - she mimics Nick Fury's neverchangeing speech. It's always the same, before every single mission and he's driving them crazy with it. But 'protocol is obligatory, not optional' - yes, this one's also a SHIELD quote.
"But I can tell you that it went smooth. . . . Sure! When?" - Victor jumps up.

"What 'when'? What did he say? He's not coming here again, is he?" - Kitty holds up her index finger to silent him. He grunts and lies back.

"Sure. . . . Yeah. . . Okay, you can count on us! . . . Me too. Bye!" - she puts down the phone.

"What is it this time, Kitten?"

"The X-men need us. It's nothing special; we just need to check up on some abandoned building. According to Logan, it might be the base of anti-mutant terrorists."


"In an island of Hawaii. He'll send the exact coordinates by e-mail."

"So when do we go?"

"Tomorrow, at about 4 pm. We'll be there at about 6:45. Logan will pick us up along with the other X-men. We're going with the Blackbird."

The next afternoon Kitty and Victor are preparing for the mission. Kitty's pulling on her black combat boots (the feminine type). She's wearing a light blue tank top and black cargo pants. Her now waist long hair's halfway up, with no bangs. Her hair's the only think that has changed about her, since she's aging slowly. She's excited because she hasn't seen the X-men for more than a year now. Not Logan, of course, he visits her every fourth month.

Victor's wearing an army green tank top, black cargo pants and combat boots and a black coat.

"Don't forget the coat!" - he says.

"Alright, alright! God, you talk like my mom."

"You don't want me to tell her you went out on a mission without a coat, do you Kitten?"

"Hey, no need to threat me, Vic! I'm taking it, see?" - she says as she pulls on her black coat. Hers has fur on the edge of its hood.

She hates it when Victor mocks her with her mom. At first, her parents - how do I put this nicely - weren't very pleased that their only daughter moved in together an internationally wanted criminal, after only knowing him for a couple of days. Even after the Professor and Fury handled the bounty that was on Victor's head in exchange for him working for SHIELD occasionally.

The other 'problem' that bugged her parents (and Kitty had the feeling this irritated them more than the warrant of caption) was that Victor wasn't jewish.

Victor couldn't believe that that was a bigger problem to them than his feral fangs and claws, but Kitty told him to get used to it, cause her parents have their own 'unique' value system.

But after they found out that Victor's been fighting in WW two, he was more than welcome in the family. They got along pretty well.

They heard a buzzing noise from outside.

"They're here." - says Victor, then he grabs the two backpacks. Kitty runs to the door with Victor right behind her. He glares back just to check on the house one last time while he automatically follows her. She phases through the door and hears a loud bump behind her.

"Oops!" - she says and opens the door. Victor's standing there rubbing his nose.

"Damn it, Kitten! I told you a million times to warn me before you do that. Ouch, straight against the door."

"Sorry, Sweetie." - she says with an apologizing smile.

"YOU should watch where you go, 'Sweetie'!" - says Logan sarcastically as he approaches them. He hugs Kitty and shakes hands with Victor.

Their relationship, well. . . they don't wanna kill each other anymore! That's something. They didn't turn into loving brothers either, but they get along. . . well, not so bad. Kitty thinks they get along better than they let anyone know.

Kitty notices Rogue, Jean and Storm at the Blackbird. She runs up to them.
"Hey, guys! Long time no see!" - she says smiling and hugs Rogue. "I missed you!"

"Same here, Kitty." - says Rogue. She then quickly hugs Jean and Ororo too. They see her in on the plane to meet the others. She quickly glances back to see Victor and Logan talking at the door.
"Any time soon, guys!" - she yells back to them. "I'm not getting any younger!"

"You're not getting any older either, Kit!"

"Bobby!" - she hugs him too. Next are Scott and Kurt.

"You haven't changed a day, Kitty!" - says Scott.

"Good to finally see you!" - adds Kurt.

"Thanks, you guys! It's good to see you too!"

"Ready, Half-pint?" - asks Logan. He and Victor finally arrived. She nods.

"Let's go then!" - says Victor.

They get on board. Victor and Kitty are sitting on the backmost seats, next to each other of course. She wraps her arms around his and leans against him. He kisses the top of her head.

"What have you and Logan been talking about?" - she asks silently so that the others can't hear her.

"Nothing special. Just. . . stuff."

"Oh." - she says and cozies up to him.

"We're here!" - says Logan about two hours later (he's the pilot btw). They land a little farer from the house. The plan is: Kitty and Victor go ahead, check out the place and report back if it's really the base.

Victor and Kitty silently approach. The house is huge and beautiful. Greek style with columns and all.
"We could sneak in through the attic. What do you think, Vic?" - asks Kitty.

"I have a better idea!" - says Victor. He grabs her hand and starts to pull her towards the main entrance.

"What are you doing?" - she asks nervously. He doesn't answer. She's so surprised she doesn't even think of phasing her hand out of his.

When they reach the door he pulls her before him so she's facing the door.
"I hope you'll like it." - he says and opens the door. Kitty's mouth drops.

The house is furnished with simple but elegant furniture. Mostly white and cream colored. The walls are light blue (Kitty's favorite color). But that's not it. The room's filled with blue and white flowers. And across the spacious living room is the balcony. Overlooking the sea. Through its glass doors orange and golden lights of the setting sun illuminate the whole room.

"Do you like it?" - asks Victor.

"It's. . . it's. . . beautiful!" - she says amazed.

It takes her a couple of moments till she's able to pull her attention back from the incredible sight to Victor. She opens her mouth to ask him what is going on, but she can't say a word.

He leads her to the balcony.
"This is my house. . . I mean ours. Vacation house." - he explains. "It was pretty run down but I've decided to restore it for this occasion." - he explains and takes her hands in his. She blushes. They've been together for five years and he still can make her blush.

"This occasion?" - she asks.

"Kitty, I. . . I've changed so much since you're with me. You mean more to me than life itself. I've never been a romantic guy, but you don't deserve less than the best. . . I wanna do this right." - he pulls her hand up to his lips like it's a fragile, little bird, closes his eyes and kisses it in the most gentle way. Kitty gasps as he pulls a little box out of his pocket.

"I love you, Kitten. . . Will you marry me?"

Kitty forgets to breathe for a brief moment.
"Yes. . . " - she whispers. "God, Victor yes!" - she jumps into his arms and kisses him. When the kiss ends, they pull away. He pulls the ring on her finger. It fits perfectly. Huge diamond ring. What she deserves. The best.

They kiss again. Long passionate kiss.

"Hold on a second!" - Kitty pulls away to look at him. "What about the X-men?"

"I invited them to celebrate. Well. . . I mean I was hoping you'd say yes."

"You mean they knew?"

"Of course. They did the decoration. They're waiting for my call."

"You know what?. . . " - she says as she wraps her arms around his neck and looks him in the eyes with a sly smile. "They can wait a little longer." - she tells him seductively and with that she pulls him back inside.

They land on the couch with Kitty on top. She's kissing him wildly. She got turned on the minute the ring got on her finger (It's a girl thing).

She breaks the kiss to sit up (still on top of him) and pulls her top above her head. Then off comes the bra. She can feel he's ready underneath her. She phases his shirt and pants off to speed up the process. She soon gets rid of the leftover clothes she's wearing too.

He sits up to kiss her again. They're pushing their mouths together fiercely.

Kitty pushes him back down and sits on her place. Victor growls in pleasure. She's moving her hips up and down in a wild rhythm until they both reach their thresholds.

She's lying on top of him. They're both breathing heavy. She's starring at the ring on her finger.

"I love you, Vic."

"I love you too, Kitten."


It's done! I finished it! My first fanfic is officially completed! Yay! :D

So it was about engagement, not babies. I've tried that too, but it just wasn't working so well. Sorry if it's not what you expected.

I'm not very romantic (to be honest not romantic at all), so I'm not good at emotional stuff like this, but I've tried. That should count for something, right?
I mean there had to be some romance at the final chapter since this is a 'Romance/Adventure' story.

Thanks, you guys for all the comments, and. . . well, for readying my story at all! Maybe I'll write another Kitty/Victor story sometime. But first I have another story to finish.

Thanks again!

Bye! :)