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"Please tell me you know which door they're in," Picaro mumbled.

Pelon scanned the corridors, his mind fixed on finding the gateway to their destination. He perked his ears up, suddenly very cheery. "I think I found it! It's that-mmp!" Pelon was silenced by Picaro, who clamped his muzzle shut with a hand.

"Hush! We don't want them to hear us! Ok, lead the way, buddy."

They slid across the corridor, their backs pressed against the wall. With footsteps as silent as night, they snuck past several other Sweepers that were within range. One, however, caught Picaro's attention. "Crud!" he growled. Pelon stopped to look at him before shrugging. He was held back by Picaro's strong grip on his arm. "Don't you see? It's Phillip and Fredrick!" Picaro whispered furiously. He shoved Pelon into a recession in the wall as the two cats he mentioned turned to their direction. Phillip, the gray-black tom, twitched an ear and turned back to the other yellow tom.

"They're wearing that uniform. Are they gonna guard that door we're heading towards?" Pelon posed the question as he wormed his way out of the recession. He made sure he was still in the shadows.


A childish grin worked its way on Pelon's muzzle as a plan came into his mind. "We'll use the vents."

Picaro stared at him. He was bewildered by his friend's solution to their problem. "Wot? Not too long ago, you disagreed about going into the vent, and now you plan on using it?" he forced himself to tone down on the last few words. The two Sweepers that caught Picaro's attention earlier immediately jerked their heads to their direction. The yellow tom, Fredrick, appeared to have curled his lips in a snarl. The stillness of the room aided in transporting the words from them to Picaro and Pelon.

"Huh, what a day! Ben was screaming this afternoon about hearing a monster in his office. Alvin reported a loose air vent and that someone must have got hit on the noggin'. Now this!" Fredrick barked.

"This what?" Phillip said. Picaro perked his ears at the sound of Phillip's voice. It sounded like he was sleepy. That was it! Their ticket outta here! He nudged Pelon sharply, his body quivering with excitement. "Phillip's half-asleep! They've probably been on guard duty since late night. What do you propose?" he murmured. Pelon's eyes glinted in the gloom. He was obviously deep in thought. Then, he shot a dazed look at Picaro. "I thought you were the one for the plans?" he objected.

"Only when Necoji's here to wallop me," Picaro replied, echoing what Pelon said to him some time back.

Pelon nodded knowingly, before turning in the direction of the door again. The little mind of his was busy working up a fool-proof plan that could save enough time for them. "They're really tired, as you said. I think this calls for a little… 'voice-acting'," he mumbled, almost to himself. He tapped Picaro's shoulder and began explaining his plan. Picaro nodded with each sentence, being careful not to miss any details. His face brightened when Pelon was done. "Great idea! But, who do they normally take orders from, other than their team leader?" he asked quizzically.

Pelon smirked. "Chron."

. . .

Phillip shook himself awake, blinking the sleepiness from his eyes. He swore he heard someone calling him. He angled his ears in one direction after another, wondering if he'll hear the call again. He groaned when he realized it was only Fredrick. "What is it hairball?" he sneered quietly.

Fredrick was incredulous. "Watch who you're calling a hairball, furstock! I said, did you hear Chron calling us?"

Phillip shook his head again, but was instantly in his straightened position. Now he heard the call. "It is Chron. What did he say?"

"Get some shut-eye. Man, do I need some! Look at me; I look like a rag doll!"

"Right~ a rag doll you are," Phillip started to the bedrooms but stopped. "Hang on, are you sure that was Chron?" A small ounce of suspicion had developed in him. He knew it was not very often Chron gave commands to them whenever their leader was busy. This one day was the weirdest.

Fredrick was grumbling to himself. He tugged at Phillip's jacket sleeve, almost roughly. "Oh, forget about whether it really is Chron! I'm dead tired and so are you! Let's get some sleep already!" he whined.

. . .

Picaro watched the two Sweepers leave, containing the laughter that threatened to blow their cover. After ensuring they were gone, he fell backwards, his body convulsing in spurts of outrageous laughter. Pelon on the other hand, was distraught. "Picaro, please. We really gotta focus now. We've wasted enough time trying to get them away from the door – don't laugh at my voice act – and we need to get a move on!" he scolded. Picaro got up from the floor, wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes. He cleared his throat and nodded to Pelon. "You got it, pal."

Both of them crept towards the door, just when they heard voices hissing and growling at each other.


Rev swore he heard a familiar voice cry out not too long ago. He perked his ears, straining to listen for the voice again. But all was silent. Well… almost silent, if he took into account the moving tail of the red tom before him. He sighed, now regretting the deal he and his brother made with this cat.

"Why the long face?" the red tom asked. He had moved from his seat near the table and was now nearing Rev. His bright ocean-blue eyes was wide with pity. "Hmm?"

Rev resisted a biting rebuke. "None that you should know about. I'd never tell a low-life anything!"

He was responded with a pulsing ache in his right ear; the red tom had grabbed Rev's ear and was now holding it tightly with his claws. "Daring of you to speak like that! I have higher authority compared to you, and that makes you the little 'un of this joint!" the red tom sneered. "If you dare use that tone against me, I will make sure your ear is no longer visible!"

"Y-You wouldn't!" Rev gulped. The threats that were thrown at him were too terrifying for a young tom like Rev to imagine. He never wished to imagine what torture awaited him, especially if it was from a cat like his captor. He shuddered, flinching away from his captor. "Not when he still has time!"

"Yes, I would, now that there's only a precious period of 3 minutes left for your brother to claim you. Either you stop squirming, or you yourself will inflict the pain," the red tom hissed. Silence entered the room, suddenly making life stop. The ticking noise from the room clock seemed to echo in Rev's ears, making fear build up inside him. It was as if it was counting down the seconds to his demise. Rev went into full panic mode. He yanked his ear out of the tom's grasp and quickly snatched up his sweeper, aiming it directly at the red tom. His hands were still shaking from the fear instilled in him by the tom. "I-I-I will hit you if y-y-you d-dare do anything b-before the time is up!" he growled.

The tom's eyes turned hostile as the calming blue tone became hard and cold as ice.

"And I will go against that deal if you dare hit me before the limit," the red tom hissed, his lips curled to show his teeth. Rev cringed at the sight of the gleaming white teeth, suddenly very afraid of making a move. What if he made the wrong move? His freedom depended on it! But if his brother never made it time, then… what's gonna happen? Rev tightened his grip on the sweeper handle, fully aware of the dire situation he was in. He needed to stand his ground as long as he can. His plan: Keep up the rebellious act until his brother arrived while defending his position by means of verbal attack.

Detecting no flaws in his plan, Rev put it into action. "Either way, you wouldn't want my brother to score a mark on your eye!"

The red tom's eyes flashed anger and he was quickly in his fighting stance. "I warned you about using that tone! You will watch the next round!"

Back to the duo…

Picaro growled as he threw himself against the door again. This had to be the door. He just knew it! He banged on it, trying as hard as he can to break it down. "This blithering door won't budge! I heard 'im, Pelon! He's right behind this door!"

"Alright, pal. Time for a few test runs," Pelon cautioned as he placed a small satchel near the door. He tapped it with his foot and dived behind a wall, dragging Picaro along with him. The purple-clad Sweeper could only growl at what he regarded as an unprovoked assault. "Really, Pelon, was that even necessary? You could have just – YIKE!" he shrieked on the last word as a loud BOOM erupted. They peeked out from the wall they hid behind, to see the door still standing.

"Dammit! My prototype bomb doesn't work!" Pelon snarled, and then he noticed the boots he was wearing. More specifically, he noticed the shiny metal at the front of them. "Hey, Picaro?"


"Ever wondered what these boot metals are for?"

"Hmm… now that you've mentioned it, no, I haven't."


"I think it's time we find out, eh?"


The red tom held Rev's shoulders tightly, his eyes boring down into Rev's. "You stubby mouse-stump!" he snarled.

Rev tried to swing his sweeper at him, but his attempts were in vain. "Gerroff of me!"

The red tom glanced at the room clock, a wicked grin suddenly plastered on his face. He turned to the young tom before him, a little laugh escaping from him "Ho, just ten seconds, boy."

"9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1-"

Rev's eyes widened in shock as the door flew open, smashing the red tom into the wall. Then, he heard a familiar voice.

"Alright, buddy! Hand over the cat and you won't get hurt!" it barked. A wave of relief washed over Rev as he recognized the voice. He looked on as two figures emerged from the doorway. One familiar figure arrested Rev's attention.

"Picaro!" Rev exclaimed, rushing forward to hug his brother. "You made it in the nick of time too!"

Picaro stroked his little's brother's head, smiling as if he'd won the lottery. "'Course I did, you little varmint. Now, where's that captor of yours?"

Rev laughed nervously, a smile of embarrassment coming to his lips. "Um, remember you said 'you won't get hurt'? Yeah… uh… you did hurt him," he answered rather sheepishly.

Picaro blinked, suddenly aware that the red tom was not in sight. "Pelon?" he called out.

"Got 'im," Pelon's voice rang out. "You sort of crumpled him."

Pelon was helping the red tom to his feet, supporting him by his shoulder. The red tom glared at Picaro and snorted. "I'd rather be the one crumpling you, Santerino!"

Picaro could only afford to laugh. Why was he laughing at a time like this? "Ah, that wasn't the deal anyway. I made it on time, so no punishments whatsoever, am I right Ace?"

The red tom snickered for a moment before he could stand on his own. "Whatever. Any old way is fine actually, just that you're always a minute or two late. By the way, I managed to scare your brother… a lot," he chortled.

Rev shot a glare. "You were the one acting like you're a big mafia boss of sort. How was I supposed to be brave for that?" he retorted.

Ace flicked an ear and turned to Picaro and Pelon. "Well, seeing that we're gathered here, I think we should move on to our surprise?"

Pelon was the first to answer. "OH! He's gonna love it! I think Necoji's back with the stuff! C'mon, he's waiting at the entrance!"

All four Sweepers bolted out the door, eager to begin the next phase of their big plan.

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