The Doctor checked that everything was wired up properly to the Nanomites box and he nodded over to River. He was hoping that it would work, after all it was a new disease and it might have adapted already...

Simultaneously, the Doctor and River reached for the big red button that would release the Nanomites. The Doctor placed his hand on top of River's as they both pressed it. Her hand was warm and soft as his fingers ran on the top.

The TARDIS hummed as the button was pressed downwards. The Nanomites were being sucked through the TARDIS. "... I hope this works... Otherwise it'll be on your head!" River spoke, her tone changed from nervous to serious.

"Trust me..." the Doctor replied with those two simple words that can change someone's life so easily. River smiled at him reassuringly. The Doctor raised River's hand to his lips and he kissed it gently. She stood, shocked at the Doctor's romantic gestures, more so than those of just a friend...

The Nanomites soon reached the top of the TARDIS and within moments... poof! A big cloud of orange dust came out of the top of the TARDIS and the Nanomites started to fall through the Earth's atmosphere and down to the world below.

They began spreading across the whole globe and after a few tense minutes, they had reached the infection that had to be wiped out. As the Doctor and River waited holding their breath, they were interrupted by a call...

The Doctor exhaled heavily. "Hello? What is it?" he questioned. He walked to the monitor that was all snowy and then the picture fixed itself.

"Hello..." Jack greeted. "Doctor, I've found out why the Angel was taking people who were infected... It turns out that the Weeping Angels had developed the spores to make the victims weak and unable to defend themselves so, they could feast on the mass amounts of time energy that the spores produce. That Angel was getting stronger and regaining its strength, and it was storing the excess energy for something else... I just don't know what..." Jack spoke seriously.

"They must be planning something..." the Doctor sighed. "...but, what?" he paced. "Why would they need so much time energy?" he questioned himself.

River rolled her eyes at both men. She stepped forward and sighed. "Doctor, Sweetie you don't need to worry about that for now, we wiped that Angel out of existence and besides, our main concern is all of the people down there..." she comforted him.

The Doctor smiled at her. "Yeah, you're right." He admitted... she was always right.

"But, Doctor..." Jack stuttered.

"Later, Jack..." and with that, the Doctor switched off the monitor before Jack had time to argue. The thought was still irritating him...

He pressed some buttons on the console of the TARDIS and it began to fly back to the hospital. He opened the doors and stepped out with River close behind.

The Doctor walked through the hospital doors and he and River were greeted by cheering and applause all around. Mark, Elizabeth, Sam, Archie and Carter approached them all with smiles on their faces.

"Thank you both so much." Mark grinned. He was shaking the Doctor's hand out of delight. "...I don't know how I can ever repay you for saving my wife; I'd be lost without her." Mark wrapped his arms around Elizabeth and kissed her on her lush lips.

"Aw, Mark!" Elizabeth blushed. "I guess I literally owe you my life, Doctor." She grinned, just like River would.

The Doctor smiled. Sam placed a hand on his shoulder "Thanks for helping... All of us will never forget this day." She smiled. The Doctor patted Sam's arm and looked at her relieved expression.

"You guys are heroes." Carter cheered waving an arm towards them.

"We're all heroes, you all helped fight off the spores all of you had your own part in saving the planet." the Doctor replied. "...You people are very special, you had the courage, brains and the strength to save hundreds of lives... You people matter so much."

"Hey, look outside." Archie said looking through the glass doors. The room fell silent as the curiosity grew.

Everyone rushed to the doors and they slid open. The Doctor stepped out with his hands in his pockets.

"Ah, would you look at that!" the Doctor grinned looking at the sky. Crystal white droplets fell from the sky onto every surface below. The car park was already coated in a thin blanket of white powder, the lights from the hospital made the ground glow a shining white.

"It's... it's snowing!" River smiled with disbelief. She extended her hand and caught some of the droplets; they were cold but didn't melt in her hand.

"But, its summer... isn't it? How can it snow in summer?" Archie questioned.

"Well, not exactly... it's the Nanomites; they have eliminated all of the spores and now they have no purpose so they die." The Doctor explained.

"...figured it would be something complicated like that..." Sam joked.

"Well, it still looks like snow... and it's cold like snow." River sighed in acceptance. The Doctor ruined the magical and romantic moment.

The Doctor looked over at all of his allies, friends, heroes... they were all so happy and enjoying themselves. He smiled at them then noticed Mark and Elizabeth kissing in the middle of the car park. Mark had said something that made Elizabeth laugh. The Doctor wanted that happiness, to share his love with someone.

Archie had wondered over to Carter and Sam who were looking up at the sky. "I still don't believe everything that happened today..." he shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, sometimes you just got to believe the impossible..." Sam smiled.

"And the impossible today is the following weather forecast: Nanomite blizzard spanning over the whole world!" Carter laughed as he scuffed his foot over the powder on the concrete.

They approached Mark and Elizabeth and Archie had presumably said a joke that made the others smile. Carter casually brushed the white off his shoulder and it drifted to the ground.

The Doctor began to wonder off, leaving the others happy while he just faded away. He felt a pain in his chest again, almost like guilt, it was unexplainable. River walked over next to him, he was standing at the front of the car park. She smiled at him. "It's amazing, isn't it?" she asked looking up.


"Everything... we just saved the world from a new disease outbreak, stopped the media from getting involved and we just created a miracle of snow in the middle of summer!" she giggled.

The Doctor chuckled at her comment, and her laughter. "Well, it is pretty much what I do a lot of the time. But, what makes this so special is that... I'm with... you, River." He looked deeply into her eyes, droplets of crystal white fell onto her eyelashes and made her eyes twinkle. He exhaled heavily. "...I... love... you." He finally said it to her. His hearts were racing as he spoke and confessed his locked up feelings for her.

River placed a hand on the Doctor's arm and stroked it gently with her thumb. "...I know... and I love you too." She whispered. Her heart skipped a beat after finally hearing him actually say those three words. He noticed that River was cold and had goose bumps on her arms; he took off his tweed jacket and wrapped it around her it hung loosely on her shoulders.

"It's summer and it's snowing!" the Doctor grinned again, he had never made it snow in summer before. "...Only the truly amazing miracles happen with a truly amazing person there to experience them." he looked into her eyes again.

"Is this why you've been acting so strangely recently?" River wondered.

"...Yes, I just didn't know how to say it to you, River. I've never fallen in love before, I'm not supposed to but I did anyway, with the most amazing woman." His eyes were watering as he spoke and he blinked the tears away. "Mark and Elizabeth made me realise that there is a special someone for everyone, no matter how close or far away they are."

The pair stood still for a moment, their eyes never leaving each other's gaze. The Doctor leaned his head closer and closer to River's, his arms wrapped tightly around her pulling her into his body. She embraced the Doctor's hold.

The Doctor's lips met River's in a passionate and loving kiss. His lips gently caressing against hers as he tasted her lipstick, this kiss he loved it and it was the best he'd ever had. He placed one hand on the side of River's face and stroked it gently and lovingly as he kissed her more.

They stood, still kissing in the front of the car park on the white covered floor, all eyes were on them. The snow fell all around them as it floated around in the sky. River began to embrace the kissing and wrapped her arms around the Doctor's neck and she tried to take control. She was completely lost in the Doctor's love, as he was too...

Neither of them noticed a faint ringing coming from the TARDIS- the phone. Jack had something important to tell them.

He left a message which said "They are resurrecting the largest and most powerful Lonely Assassin of them all..."

A/N: That's all for now, folks! I shall be writing a new story at some point as the continuation of this. I'll give a hint to see of you can figure out what the largest and most powerful Lonely Assassin is: It's well known by a lot of people, especially Americans...