Lelouch: Son of Britannia

By Lord Strife

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- Prologue Start -

The butterfly-effect. Scientists and theorists have occasionally stated that one simple event could affect the outcome of history. What-ifs and what-nots are usually debated for years on end. An example would be if a lizard, eyeing two insects could only choose one to eat as the other would surely escape. The one to escape would then be, for example, be caught by a biologist who in turn would discover a cure for a deadly disease from said insect. If it had been the one eaten, the cure would have been not discovered leading to deaths that would have been prevented. The deaths of individuals, who might have played a huge role in the future, then would not have come to be. But the ironic thing about such theories is that it will never be proven. For we are the product of these happenstance and such we would be unaware and could only speculate the possible outcome.

-Margrave Kiel Asplund's Journal, last entry. Before the start of project "Butterfly", 2nd of March 3048 ATB

Imperial Consort Marianne had always been the target of ire and jealousy of the nobility. And she had only a few friends within the peerage. An example is Rueben, Earl of Ashfordshire and her principal sponsor from when she was still just a pilot. Most nobles scoff at the idea that a commoner had the audacity to claim to be one of them.

Reuben, fearing for the wellbeing of Marianne, urged her to have her own personal knight. Marianne stubbornly refused stating that as an able commander and warrior herself felt she has no need of it. "Lord Reuben, you know I can kick any knight ass from here to Area 10!" was what she said. Reuben however pointed out that even the best generals in history of the empire had knights who they counted upon. Reluctantly she agreed.

It was around the time her youngest child, Nunnaly, was born that Reuben presented a suitable candidate to her. His name was Lenion Raglan.

Lenion came from a minor noble House of Raglan. He was brave, loyal, a skilled pilot, and he did not discriminate an individual be it of nationality or birth. And he was a player. And boy was he player. "Have a wife and 2 lovers." He said grinning. And that got Marianne to raise an eyebrow: he was proud of it. That aside, she trusted Reuben enough that she accepted him as her knight, much to Charles' annoyance.

Interestingly enough, during his knighting ceremony, all of his significant others were present. And the Empress Consort noted that all of his women were…happy. None was jealous of the other, well none she could see at least. And they told her that Lenion tries to keep equal time to them all. Marianne smiled at that. She knows the main reason for the other consorts to hate her was that she was hogging Charles all to herself.

Lenion also happened to be a father of five; and all were sons. With his wife, Varna, he had his eldest son at 5 years old, Leonhardt, and youngest at 2 years old, Rex. His other children in birth order are Ladius at 4 years old, Thoma at 3 years old, Duran, born just a few months after Thoma, also at 3 years old. Ladius and Thoma share the same mother. She noted that Lenion doted on each of his sons, favoring no one.

Interestingly, Lenion was also, once, a candidate for Knights of Round, but got into a fight with a higher ranked noble when he married Varna, who the said noble was also interested in. The enrage noble used every connection he had to discredit Lenion in the military. In the end, Lenion chose to leave the service to avoid causing a scandal. At first he settled near the West Coast to help with the family business, and it was during a business meet of his father that he met Reuben. It was around the time after Marianne became Consort, and Reuben was in need of a new test pilot. He gladly signed up. His skills in the knightmare seemed second only to the likes of Marianne or Bismarck and he greatly aided in the development of the knightmare frame Callisto, successor to the Ganymede.

In the years that followed, Marianne knew she made the right decision in choosing Lenion or Leny as she would later call him. His children played with hers. It still makes her smile whenever she sees the bright smiles of Lelouch being chased by Duran and Nunnaly. Having friends his age really encourage Lelouch to be more…active. She doubted she had the resolve to force her son to take part in physical activities.

From time to time, Clovis would drop by. Occasionally, playing chess with Lelouch although he knows he would never defeat his younger brother but didn't care about it to much. Lelouch was one of the few siblings Clovis had that didn't judge him being wimpy by choosing to be an artist. Rather he and Nunnaly were enthusiastic whenever he brings a new painting or eagerly volunteers to be his models.

Then there was Cornelia and Euphemia. Cornelia practically idolizes Marianne, and was eager to volunteer to be part of her Royal Guard. Her two younger half-siblings practically grew on her as well. She regards them both as much as she regards Euphemia. And Euphemia practically idolizes Lelouch. It was hard to miss, so much so that Lenion stated she would probably marry Lelouch when they reach of age. Although Nunnaly was quite determined that she will be her brother's wife.

Schneizel was the other sibling that was relatively close to Lelouch. He had seen the strategic prowess of his younger brother whenever they played chess and saw that Lelouch would do great things in the future. And he was just 10 years old! He decided he would play a vital role in his upbringing, especially if Lelouch decides to enter politics.

Lenion eldest sons had taken the duty of acting as big brother and bodyguards to Lelouch. And it is seen whenever another member of the imperial family would bully Lelouch, either Leonhardt or Ladius would be there to help him. Not to mention an evil grinning Marianne on board the Ganymede with an equally evil grinning Lenion with his Callisto.

And it all seemed to go well, until the day of the assassination.

"That bastard!" Lelouch was furious! His father, the Emperor, didn't even bat an eye when his mother died. And any and all investigation into the matter was ordered to cease. It made his blood boil, causing him to march towards the throne room and demand that justice be served! Only to be stopped by Leonhardt and Ladius grabbing hold onto him.

"Leo! Ladius! Let me go! They killed my mother and that bastard of a father won't even lift a finger to bring her killers to justice!" Pushed by adrenalin, he nearly threw off the bigger boys, but the delay they caused gave enough time for Cornelia and Schneizel to reach him and stop him themselves. Schneizel directed the onlookers away while Cornelia deals with the emotion-riddled Lelouch.

"They killed her, Sis! And he won't punish the killers!" Lelouch sobbed into his older sister's chest. Cornelia hugged him and rubbed his back tenderly.

"Lelouch…Empress Marianne was not the only one to die that night." Cornelia said this as she stared into Leonhardt and Ladius, who turned their gaze downward. Hiding whatever tears that came to their eyes. "Leny too died that day. He tried shielding your mother, but…."

Calming a little, Lelouch finally noticed his two friends' somber mood. They too lost someone they loved, just as he did. It was a small silver lining to the tragedy that he and his sister Nunnaly were at the gardens, with Lenion's sons that they avoided being killed or maimed. Even though they should feel the grievance as well, they chose to be strong. Strong for him. "Sorry sis…Leo…Ladius…I…"

Cornelia nodded, and slowly escorts Lelouch and the boys away from the doors of the throne room. Casting one look at Schneizel, who nodded and proceeded to the throne room on their younger brother's behalf.

"What happened back then sis?" Lelouch asked while leaning into his sister's shoulder as they ride back to Aries Palace. Leonhardt and Ladius were seated across them.

"I don't know. For starters, if I had known something would happen I would not have followed Lady Marianne's orders."

"Mother's orders?"

"Yes…she asked me, to dismiss the Royal Guard."

Lelouch, young he maybe but his mind was sharper than most, realized the implication of that order. His mother was expecting someone. Someone she trusts enough to warrant the absence of her guard. "Why?"

"I don't know. She did try dismissing Leny for the day as well, but he refused. He said, until the business for the day was done, he would stick with her."

Lelouch nodded at that, and muttered a thank you to Leo and Ladius for their father's dedication to his mother. Upon arrival to the villa, Thoma met them at the door and said that Princess Euphemia was sleeping with Nunnaly in her bedroom. Both royals nodded in reply. That night Lelouch slept fitfully.

Inside the Raglan's room, the elder siblings noted the weary, sleeping faces of their younger brothers. Particularly Rex, he was youngest after all and most affected. He had cried just as much as Nunnaly did for her mother.

Ladius turned to his brother and ask, "Did you think father knew something was amiss that night they were killed?"

Leo, closed his eyes as leaned by the wall. "Perhaps. I am not sure. Judging from what facts we learned. It is possible. However…"


"You heard from the reports that the suspected culprits were terrorists, right?" Ladius gave a nod. "But what kind of terrorist can slip in and out of the capital without alerting the capital guards? Not to mention, avoid notice from the general public."

"So…you think its' an inside job?" Ladius frowned.

"Yes. And I am quite certain, Prince Lelouch, has come up with that same conclusion as well."

"So what should we do?"

Leo thought for a moment before answering. "Join the military." It was a start. That way, they'll be able to acquire some level of power, and if they rise high enough, they might be able to wield enough influence to bring light to the matter. Besides, it could also help their friend, Prince Lelouch at the same time. "And someday, we will be able to bring father's murderers to justice."

Schneizel came to the villa the next day bearing news. Apparently most nobles at court yesterday were demanding that Lelouch and Nunnaly be stripped of their titles, and it was only through the intercession of the Chancellor and their eldest brother Odysseus, that the motion was dropped…for now.

Cornelia nearly stormed out to challenge those said nobles had not Schneizel placated her. "Now is not the time." He said. "Right now, Lelouch and Nunnaly would need all the help they can get." He mentioned that the Ashfords, long time supporters of Lady Marianne, were all exiled and that Reuben lost his noble title. "If you act hastily, you, Lelouch, Euphie, and Nunnaly…may end up like them."

Grudgingly she backed down. If only for the sake of her younger siblings.

"And who might you be?" Lelouch inquired of the young officer standing before him.

He fidgeted slightly, "My name is Lt. Jeremiah Gottwald, sire. I was a member of your mother's guard. And…" He falls on one knee, "I…I wish to serve you your highness…so that, I can make up for the failure in protecting your mother." Jeremiah was a proud and dedicated warrior and he always did his duties to his utmost. Thus, he blamed the murder of his lady to his failure of protecting her. Even if he was nowhere near the area she was killed. But that was beside the point. The point was he failed, pure and simple and, unlike Lenion who died in the line of duty, he on the other hand was nowhere in sight, thus to redeem himself in his eyes, he was asking his lady's son, for a second change.

Lelouch already knew that information. He had gone about checking the records of all the guards and employees serving at the time. He knew that to get to his mother, there had to be traitors inside. But this man kneeling before him was one of those fiercely devoted to his mother. Much like Cornelia or Lenion was. "Thank you, Jeremiah Gottwald. In times such as this, as my sister had said, we will be needing all the help we can get." Jeremiah looked up, and Lelouch could see the man's emotion in his eyes: relief at being given a second chance and…most of all, determination. To ensure that the son of his lady shall not and will not come to harm. "Although I could not promised you anything in return…"

Jeremiah stood proudly, "I have no need of rewards my lord. All that I ask is that I may be able to serve you in any way I can."

"Thank you, Jeremiah…my knight."

The funeral for Lady Marianne was a somber one. The only royals able or willing to attend were Schneizel, Clovis, Odysseus, Cornelia and Euphemia. Lelouch and Nunnaly were standing beside the plot in which their mother was lowered into. Behind them stood Jeremiah, Lelouch's first knight, and the only member of the royal guard to remain true to the memory of Marianne. No other persons were present.

Leonhardt and his siblings went back to Lucrellia to bury their father in their hometown. Leo has told Lelouch that he will be entering the military, as is his siblings, so that someday they would be able to help him in finding their parents' killers. It was a promise. A promise Lelouch would do his all to make true. Looking around, he noted that while they were few, he knew he and his sister were not alone. "Mother, someday, somehow we will avenge you and Lenion. That we swear!"

To be continued…


Well that's for the prologue anyways…not much talking or characterization as of now, but I hope to develop Leo and his siblings more in future chapters. The girls of Agarest War will be making an appearance, and paired accordingly….well almost. It would be too much if most the women end up being paired with Rex so I will be dividing them according to the generation they appear.

Update note: Change the father from Leonis to Lenion. Why? Because I've decided to include the characters of AG0 and Ag2 here

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Age of Characters at this point in SOB (yeah the acronym was intentional):

Base age will be Lelouch – 10

Leonhardt – 12

Ladius – 11 (his look will be the Leo/Fyuria soul breed)

Thoma – 10 (his look will be the Ladius/Sherufanir soul breed)

Duran – 10 (his look will be the Thoma/Faina soul breed; modified from the previous Thoma/Noah)

Rex – 9 (his look will be…the hell, all Duran/girl soul breeds will lead to the same look!)