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"Guy where are we going?" Connie moaned, trying to pry the hands off her eyes.

"Not yet." He laughed steering her forward.

"Guy it's cold." She tried to worm out of his grasp but he managed to catch her before she slipped away.

"I know." He teased. "Careful now."

Her foot landing on the slippery ice. "Guy?"

"Shh." He hushed her. Silently she allowed him to move her forward into the middle of the frozen ice.

"Ok." He whispered. He sounded almost nervous. "You can see now." His hand dropped from her face settling around her waist.

Connie stood in the middle of the lake they played on as kids. This is the place the ducks became one. Long before coach Bombay pulled up on the lake in his limo, this was theirs. It was the spot where Connie first meet Guy, back when they were five and going out on the ice was a big adventure.

Around the edge of the lake candles were wedged in the snow. Some had flickered out but most burned brightly against the night sky. It was beautiful.

"Guy?" Connie spun around grinning up at him. "What is this?"

She was excited, there was a glow in her eyes that gave Guy the courage to make the final move.

"Connie." He grinned stealing a quick kiss from his childhood sweetheart.

She giggled. "Guy." His finger brushed the side of her face as he gazed into her eyes.

"I am quackers for you." He dropped down onto his knee pulling the ring from his coat. "Connie will you marry me?"

She grinned." Should I quack for you? Or will you settle for a yes?"

He laughed sliding the ring onto her finger. With a tug he pulled her down onto the ice with him. Kissing her playful. "Quack."

She grinned ignoring the damp sinking into their clothes kissing him passionately.

"Quack." She murmured between kisses.

They laughed together, enjoy their moment.