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Summary : Post Journey, Quinn as to deal with the aftermath of her pregnancy. It's hard. Way harder than she thoughts. So she starts running, trying to lose herself in her race. Until she runs into Mike Chang. Can he help her cope ? Quinn centric and a lot of song-fic moment (it's glee !) and Eminem references (sorry).

NB : Sorry if there's errors, I think I checked everything but english isn't my first language. I'm french and currently looking for a Beta-reader (if there's any volonteer please contact me).

It's all over - Broken family band

It's the end.

Everything is over.

Her belly, so round and full less than a week ago is now empty.

She's empty.

Alone, nothing else than the void.

She's gone. Her little baby girl is gone.

And the worst part is, she's the one who gave her away.

Now it's over.

Her mom tries to smile when she wakes up in her hospital room, and it doesn't make her feel all warm and comfy like it use to. It doesn't make her feel anything.

It's even worst when she drives her home. Home. Even this word feels strange now. But when she gets there, and passes the door of the house she grew up in, she feels nothing at all.

And she knows she's supposed to feel something, anything. Joy, relief, sadness, anything.

But it seems the only thing she's able to feel right now is this fucking emptiness.

She avoids her mom concerned/guilty looks and walk right through her room. She opens the door to find it in the same state that she is.


- Your Dad gave most of your stuffs to the church after you left. There's still your mattress so, you knew that you can't give an used mattress ? said her mom nervously, in a sharp voice.

The surreality of the moment makes Quinn wants to laugh, but she doesn't even manage to let out a sarcastic smile. She can't. She's too tired, too empty.

- I'm sorry Quinn, we're gonna go buy you new furnitures as soon as possible okay ? It might even be fun. I'm sorry Quinnie, please just say something...

- I'm tired and I really want to be alone right now.

Her voice sounds broken, it kinds of surprises her. Her mother seems close to tears and there's still this sorry looks tattooed all over her face. But right now she doesn't care. She just can't deal with her right now. So she heartlessly steps into the room and shut the door on the blond woman.

There's nothing left except the mattress and a cross on the wall.

It's supposed to be over.

She almost fall on the mattress and just lay across it for a while. It's over now, right ?

- Um, Quinn ? asks her mom voice hesitantly. Dinner's ready. I mean, if you want to.

How much time has passed ? Her eyes instinctively lift to watch the clock, but even this isn't here anymore. Checking on her cell phone she sees it's almost eight. It's time to do normal everyday things, as trivial as eating. Cause yay, apparently there's still normal everyday things without Beth.

The name of her little girl brings her out of her numbness, and quickly she can taste the salty tears running down her face.

It was supposed to be over.

I could hold, your beautiful hands
And kiss, your beautiful eyelids
Throw open, your beautiful doors
And phone, your beautiful friends

But it's all over
It's all over
It's all over
It's all over

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