The following story is brought to you by Jill's strange and slightly lazy mind, which has just not wanted to get its butt moving and write some darn stories. Thus, this was born, as a way to get Paka (the name of Jill's brain—pronounced like "baka") working and begin writing again. Kishimoto Masashi, who Jill has realized is actually not that bad since, after all, he is the guy who created Jiraiya-sama and Tobi-kun, owns Naruto, but Jill owns these ideas.

I needed a way to get myself to start writing again, and what better way to do that then through the use of free-writing to one main prompt idea—rapist Tobi-chan? This is rated T only because I think Tobi is a stalker. I will never write a lemon, or if I do, I won't tell anyone.

The style of this story is a little odd because I didn't want to write full stories or scenes; basically, how much can I convey in as few words as possible per scene?

Awkward Situations

"Deidara-senpai, want to stuff me?"

"Tobi, why do you ask questions like this, un?"

"I can't get it in, Senpai!"

"Just… shove… harder... un!"

"Oh look, the drawer fits now!"

"I'll raise you, Deidara-senpai. I'll make you so high, you think you're flying," Tobi said flirtatiously.

Deidara stared. "We're just playing poker, Tobi, un."

"Oh, Sen~pai!" Tobi sang.

"What, un?" Deidara yelled back.

"I have a surprise for you," Tobi called, chuckling evilly under his breath. "I know you'll like it."

Deidara's head popped around the corner. "Tobi, un?"

"I bought some new toys."

Deidara said nothing.


"Senpai, why is it so small?" Tobi said, looking rather disappointed. "It's no fun like this. You have to do something to make it bigger! Want me to help? I'm good with my hands."

"I can just use my chakra to make it bigger, baka. Haven't you ever done that, un?"

"Why would I?"

"Oh, well I use mine all the time, so it's important to use my chakra for it, un," Deidara said as he used his chakra to make his clay bird grow.

"Tobi, why do you always play with that? It's disgusting, un."

"What do you mean, Senpai?"

"Well, you're just touching… it."

"Yeah… you wanna try? Move your hand up, and then down, Senpai!"

"That doesn't sound wrong at all," Kisame muttered. "It's just a paddle ball."

"He found it in a dumpster, un!"

"Senpai, you should really taste some of this," Tobi said seductively to Deidara.

"Why, un?"

"Because it's scrumpitlicious!" And it has an aphrodisiac in it! he thought wickedly.

Luckily, Deidara had the ability to read minds. "NO WAY, UN!"

"Senpai, stop getting your white stuff everywhere! It's supposed to stay inside your pouch!" Tobi yelled. "Aaah, now it's drying and sticking to the floor! Yucky!"

"It's just clay, un."

"Oh, my! It's amazing! It's thick, and has a good grip," Tobi gushed, gently squeezing the masterpiece while Deidara smirked.

Deidara looked down. "I know, it's awesome, un."

"We'll win the potato peeling competition for sure with this nice thick peeler on our side!"

Tobi stared in awe at the creation bestowed by the Ramen Kamis upon his Senpai.

"It's huge, I know, un."

Tobi gulped. "I don't think I can handle it, Deidara-senpai…"

"Come on, it's just a little prick, un."

"That's not little!"

Deidara sighed, and jabbed Tobi with the ink tattoo needle anyway. "If you want awesome tattoos like me, deal with it, un."

"Use the knob, obviously. Un."

"But, but, which one? There's so many and they're all so pretty!"

"You just called a knob pretty, un?"

"Yep! I'll just try this one… oops, sorry Senpai!"

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3) Criticism, complaints?

4) Prompts you would like to see my respond to (the general idea is to take a concept and write ten scenarios for it)?

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