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'Dean- will you just get the hell up!' John Winchester's strong deep voice penetrated the veil of dreams from Dean's mind.

'Nah dad...good dream...' he muttered, grabbing onto his pillow and tucking his knees to his chest. The two waterman sisters were just about to show him what the chocolate sauce and whipped cream was for- he couldn't miss this...

'Now!' snapped john, wrenching the pillow from his eldest son's tight grasp and hitting him with it. Dean sighed and sat up, rubbing his bleary eyes.

He looked across at Sam's bed, and was not at all surprised to see it empty and perfectly made, right down to the slightly folded corner flap.

He moved off his bed, grabbed his clothes and padded to the bathroom, splashing his face at the sink.

Another day, another hunt. He thought, getting his toothbrush down to clean his teeth.

After he had dressed he walked over to the 'living' area of the small motel room, plonking himself next to Sam who was busily slurping up the milk from his cereal.

'Enjoying that, are we?' he muttered sarcastically, nodding his head at the bowl.

Sam nodded and continued to drink up the milk, finally setting his bowl down and moving away to put it in the sink.

Dean sighed and got his own breakfast. After a couple of mouthfuls he put his spoon down in distaste.

'How the hell did you eat this Sammy?' he frowned. 'It tastes like cardboard!'

Sam chuckled and turned away from packing his bag. 'Well, I just close my eyes and think it's a bowl of the best muesli in town- It normally works for me!' he said, before turning back to his packing.

'Oh great' Dean muttered to himself, 'that won't work...I hate muesli too'.

He resigned himself to eating the cardboard, though, and a few minutes later, he had finished his bowl too.

After putting in next to Sam's in the sink, he crossed over to his bed and started to pack his own junk away.

'Hey! You were snoring last night!' he said to Sam, who raised his eyebrows.

'I never snore! I do not snore!' he protested.

'Geez it was like a freakin' foghorn was in the room, I was just waiting for a big steamship to come round-'

'Dean, I don't snore! I never have!'

'Yeah, well, tell that to my poor ears!'



John Winchester strode into the room, glaring at his two –supposed to be grown up- sons.

Both boys lowered their heads and fell into silence, before turning back to their bags and packing them in silence.

'Thank you boys...now come on I wanna talk to you en route to the next gig!' John motioned for his son's to follow him out the door.

They duly did, Sam in front, Dean behind.

Just as John exited the room, Dean smacked Sam on the back of the head, sending his younger brother juddering forwards.

'Ow! Oh I am so getting you back Dean...'

'Bring it on dude!'

'You are so childish...'

'Oh yeah and your an angel who-'


'COMING DAD!' the boys replied in unison.

As Dean left the room, he cast one last look at the motel room, shuddered, and then closed the door.

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