Sam was just waking up from yet another pain filled sleep when he heard the door open, and saw Dean and John both enter the room.

He stiffened slightly at the sight of his father, some irrational part of his brain still believing that John still thinks that he is the shifter, and would try to kill him again.

Dean put a comforting hand on Sam's leg, sitting down on the chair beside him, smiling encouragingly at his little brother.

John looked around for a chair, but he couldn't find one, so he had to go outside to try and find one, which left Sam and Dean alone to talk for a few minutes.

'Listen Sammy, I just wanna tell you before dad comes back- he is so sorry for what he did. The guy was crying the in car park outside. You know he didn't mean to-'

'To what? Shoot me?' asked Sam, raising an eyebrow at his brother.

Dean sighed and gave Sam a wry smile.

'Come on dude, don't honestly think that dad would have really shot you if he didn't think he had a bone fide reason? Well, do you?' asked Dean, frowning slightly at his brother's reaction, even though he could totally understand it.

'I guess...' Sam muttered, fiddling with his blankets, avoiding eye contact with is brother.

The boys were interrupted by a cough coming from the door.

John was in the doorway, smiling nervously, holding up a large, red plastic chair.

'Found one! Had to go to the cardiac wards to get it, but I'm sure it won't be missed!' he joked, eyeing his youngest son, trying to gauge his reaction, and thinking of how to best speak to him.

He sat down heavily on the chair, scraping it forward with his feet to sit closer to Sam.

'Sammy...' he began, but then stopped. He really didn't know what to say.

'Sam, I know I can't say anything that will make the hurt go away, but I just want you to know, I'm so sorry!' John could feel emotion rising in his throat, and had to swallow hard to beat it back down.

Sam looked at his father.

'I just want to know why you didn't trust me or Dean' he asked, looking accusingly at John.

'Why didn't you trust us dad?'

John grappled for an answer, 'Sam, I don't know, I can give you all the excuses under the sun, but in the end, I screwed up. I should've at least trusted Dean; I don't know why I didn't. I guess it was the situation, and the damn shifter made me believe that he was you...' John trailed off, finally letting the tears fall down his cheeks.

Dean looked at his father, could see how wrecked he was, and even he had to pretend to be scratching his nose to wipe away a tear of his own.

'Sammy...I'm so sorry...I really can't say more than that' finished John, his voice cracking and deepening at the emotion took him.

Sam looked at his father, eyes shining with tears, and he put a hand on top of his fathers.

John flinched and made to bring his hand away, but Sam held on tight, despite a dull pain in his wrist where he had tried to fend off his father's ferocious attacks.

'Dad, I forgive you. I still don't really understand why you couldn't even trust Dean, but...I guess I might've done the same, if I was in your shoes' he said.

John tilted his head at his son, 'you would?'

Sam hesitated, and then gave his father a small smile. 'I don't really know, but I do understand dad- really I do. 'I'm sorry too dad' he said, his facade slipping, and he let some tears flow.

'Sammy...why are you sorry?' asked a shocked John, clasping his son's hand and holding it tightly.

Dean leaned forwards in his chair, tapping Sam on the side of his cheek.

'Hey, Sasquatch, what are you sorry for?' he asked, resting his hand on Sam's shoulder.

'I don't know...for the shifter I guess. He killed in my form- I kinda feel responsible' Sam cried, wiping his face, sighing when fresh tears worked their way down his cheek.

Dean sighed and stood up, enveloping his brother in a hug, warm, strong arms vowing never to let go, never to stop looking after the recipient of the hug.

Sam snuffled into Dean's chest, before he leaned backwards, Dean got the message and sat back down, smiling at his brother, keeping a hand on his stomach for comfort.

Sam nodded his thanks, and then turned to his father, who was smiling at his boys, marvelling on how close they were.

'When can I get out of here?' he asked, John gave a small chuckle.

'Not anytime soon Sammy- you've still got to heal up!'

Sam pouted slightly, and then gave his father some first class puppy dog eyes.

'Can you see if you can get me out early?' he asked.

John looked at his son's 'innocent' face, and then smiled, 'ok, I'll see what I can do'.

And with that he stood up, and stood there awkwardly, before patting Sam's shoulder, and then he walked out the door.

Sam watched his father go.

He had truly forgiven him, but it was going to be a long time before the trust was rebuilt again.

Dean smiled at his brother, 'you ok?' he asked, sitting back down and relaxing- that talk with dad had been tense.

Sam nodded. 'You think he's going to be ok?' he asked, nodding his head at the door, indicating their father.

Dean shrugged and sighed. 'I think so, but...i don't know, I think he's going to be extra nice to you from now on!' he chuckled.

Sam sighed. 'I don't want him to be nice to me- I want him to forgive himself' he said, frowning at the door.

'Hmm' Dean sighed, and then he stood up. 'I'm gonna go get some coffee-you want one?' he asked.

'No...Just some water please?' replied Sam.

'Water? What are you, a princess?' Dean teased.

'No, I'm recovering from a gunshot wound' Sam threw back.

Dean gave his brother a shocked look, as if to say 'no, really?' then he laughed, and made his way out the door.

'Bitch!' he called over his shoulder, earning a choice glare from the old lady who passed him in the corridor.

'Jerk!' yelled back Sam, who winced as another shot of pain lanced through his stomach.

He settled back down in his bed to rest, confident in the knowledge that no matter what happened, be it Shape shifters, Vampires, the damn yellow eyed demon, nothing would break up the Winchester clan.

And Sam was proud of that.

The end.

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