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Part 1 – the confession:
She came up to him by his truck after Glee practice, asking if she could trouble him for a ride home as her fathers weren't able to pick her up due to work issues.
He shrugged and offered her a hand in getting into the truck, tossing her big freaking bag (how many goddamn books does she carry with her anyway? Like half the fucking library, judging from the weight! He couldn't help but admire her a little. The chick's fucking tiny, but she's dragging around like 20 pounds of books? Stronger than she looks, for fucking sure!)

She stayed uncharacteristically quiet during the entire drive. As he pulled his truck into her driveway, she finally opened her mouth.

"Noah… Please, do not take this the wrong way, but… You are known to be rather promiscuous…"
"Yeah, how could I possibly take THAT the wrong way, Berry?..." he quipped.
"I… uh… I am sorry, I didn't mean to insult you. I thought you regarded your unchaste conduct as a cornerstone in your so called "badassness". I am terribly sorry if I have misinterpreted your signals, and unwillingly offended you…"
"Chill! The fuck. Yeah, so I've been around the block. Your point?"
"Well… Would you consent to being seen with me in public after sleeping with me?"
He tried desperately to keep a straight face, but had serious problems not bursting out laughing.

"Are you offering…?" He graced her with his trademark smirk and lewdly wagged his eyebrows, but the expression in her face and the way her shoulders slumped forwards, sort of curling into themselves as if to protect her heart, silenced him.
"No, I am not. Not as such."
"Well… You see, Noah, the issue at hand is of a rather awkward and delicate nature so…"
"In English, Berry! Drop the thesaurus for a while, okay?"
"I apologize. Oh, alright, the thing is that… Finn and I have been dating for quite some time now, as you might be aware…?"
He cocked an eyebrow at her, because while he knew of their history, he hadn't been privy to the information that there was still something going on between the tiny diva and his quarterback friend.
"Yeah, kay... Go on."
"…and since a few months, we have been engaged in… that is… we've been having sex."
"The fuck?"

She actually let out a small giggle and winked at him as she replied "Some call it that, yes…"
which made him laugh, but as she continued, her seriousness was back.
"It's just that Finn is very different when there are people around. He claims that he despises overtly loving gestures, or as he tends to call them, PDA or Public…"
"I know, Berry. The point?"
"I think he's ashamed of me."

They sat in silence for a little while.

He was still sort of thrown off by the fact that Rachel and Finn were doing the nasty. For one, he couldn't imagine her and Finn together… He had to be lying alone for like a foot, considering how freakishly tall that dude was, and how tiny Berry was! On the other hand, he had no problem, what so ever, imagining her with himself. (Damn his vivid dreams and their recurring cast, making her his star of the nights.)
But what the fuck was up with this shit?
Finn had never said a word about banging Berry and he sure as fuck never showed anything in school… He hardly even spoke to her.
What a jerk!

The way Puck saw it, you either just fuck and move on or you fuck on a regular basis (and that's pretty much as serious as he, himself, was willing to get) or you were in a relationship where you were like mutually exclusive and shit like that, and in that case you sure as fuck showed it. Hello, walking arm in arm with Berry for a whole week, getting slushied in the process?
Yeah, badass. Anyhow, whatever you chose it had to be a mutual deal… You couldn't just lead someone on in private and then fuck them over in public. That's not fucking kosher.

Finally, he let out three disbelieving words.

"Saint Finn? Seriously?"
She actually sneered as she spat out the words.
"Well… I am officially revoking his halo-wearing rights as of right now!"
He laughed.
"Well, Berry. I think we need to teach him a lesson. You game?"
Her eyes narrowed and her back went rigid and straight. He pretty much expected her to chew him out, but instead she lifted her chin high and stared him right in the eye, simply answering
"You bet."

Part 2 – scouting the terrain:
The following day, Puck walked up to Finn in the corridor, leaned against the lockers and casually struck up a conversation with the tall quarterback. After chatting a while, he nodded towards Rachel and made sure the surrounding guys heard him as he asked
"So. Berry. Anything going on with you two now?"

Finn quickly shook his head and spun around to search for something inside his locker. Puck wasn't fooled by the move, because he could see the taller boy's face flushing as he answered
"Nah, nothing – why?"
"You sure? Thought I felt a vibe there, dude!" Puck replied casually, even if he was boiling on the inside. Dumb jerk sure as fuck didn't deserve Berry. She might be high-strung, ambitious as hell and sorta abrasive at times, but to be the secret lay of the Golden Boy? She was way better than that.
Finn laughed nervously, his voice hitching slightly as he said
"That's like… so over, man. I'm not getting back into that again, you know?"
"Cool. So then you don't mind if I take her for a spin?" Puck spat out, trying to get his voice to sound disinterested, not betraying how pissed off he felt.
As Finn told him to go for it, he stretched out the arms he'd folded in front of his chest and nodded quickly at the guys at Finn's locker (and Finn, even if he felt more like punching him in the nose) before he pushed himself off the locker and strode over to where Rachel was standing.

"You hear?"
"Unfortunately, yes."
Her eyes were a mixture of tears and blistering anger, so he placed himself between the tiny brunette and the audience staring at them from the spot he'd just left, bracing himself against the lockers with his arm, he leaned in towards her slightly, played with a lock of her hair and made his voice a seductive mumble, making sure Finn and his goons couldn't hear the words, but only the low timbre of his voice. They'd heard it before, and they knew what it meant, so they really didn't need to know that the supposedly panty-dropping line he offered her was a simple order.
"You're calling your dads and telling them you're riding with me today."
She stared up at him, her brown eyes wide and her pink tongue wetting her lips nervously. Perfectly in character. (Only Rachel knew that it wasn't something she'd rehearsed, but rather her natural reaction to his hazel eyes that grazed her face, his fingers in her hair and the low, slightly rough voice that sent vibrations through her body, making her feel a little bit dizzy in a very pleasant way…)
She nodded silently, still looking at him like he was something out of a teenage-magazine (this part, she was proud to admit to herself, no matter how real-looking WAS actually something she'd rehearsed) and he smirked and winked at her, tugged one last time at the lock of her hair that he still held between his fingers, and left.
She stood still, watching him leave for a little while, before gathering her stuff. She could practically FEEL the gossip mongers starting to run their mouths behind her back as she smiled a secretive little smile to herself on her way to class.

He was standing by her locker as she got out of her last class, flirting with some random Cheerio that seemed intent on having his tongue stuck down her throat in a not too distant future, and who got quite bitchy when he dissed her as soon as Rachel approached.

"Hey babe. Lookin' good! Want a lift?"
She was rather taken aback for a second (since they had already decided on this, and she'd called her dads to tell them that she would get a ride home with a friend from school. She could hear their joy when they heard that she had a friend.), before she saw Finn moving over at his locker, and understood the ruse, so she offered Puck her most radiant smile, allowed a slight blush to colour her cheeks (well, she WAS a brilliant actress! Of course she could blush on command! Besides, it was really not that hard, when his golden eyes looked at her like that and he licked those annoyingly perfect full lips… Not hard at all, actually.) and answered
"Why, Noah, how chivalresque of you! I'd be delighted to ride with you, since you are kind enough to offer!"

He laughed and shook his head at her, winking when he leaned in to her ear, placed his hand on the small of her back in an intimate gesture of ownership and softly, in a low voice, told her to
"Tone down the Jane Austen, Berry… And you look HOT when you blush…"

As if on command, another blush swept over her cheeks and she bit her lower lip, tilted her head and sent him a smile so seductive that he had to remind himself that it was just acting, before his instincts took over and he pressed her up against the locker, making her blush for entirely other (and way more enjoyable) reasons.
At least he told himself that it was just his instincts…

Gathering up her books, Rachel tried to ignore the strange feeling of a pull in the pit of her stomach. That feeling that made her knees go weak and her mind go blank, the one that often made her feel like she was on the verge of doing something very stupid. Something like jumping off a bridge, stick her hand into a revolving mixer or… stand up on her tippy toes and desperately kiss the gorgeous boy in front of her.

As they reached his truck, he opened the passenger door and lifted her up easily, letting his fingers trace the outside of the thigh as soon as she was seated and he released the grip.
Lingering for a second, he whispered "They're watching".
She smiled at him and stroked the muscular arms he lovingly referred to as "guns" with her fingers and straightened herself out while letting her eyes glide over the parking lot as he closed her door, but she couldn't see anyone watching. Maybe he just had better eyes than her.

Arriving at Rachel's house, he didn't bother with helping her down. Not that she really needed the help, but it had felt rather good. As she turned towards him and opened her mouth to thank him for the ride, he smirked at her in that trademark way that had snuck its way into her dreams at nights.
"Look, Berry. I'm picking you up at nine. We're going to Britt's party. Wear something… Normal?"
"I have you know that my ensembles are perfectly normal, Noah!" she huffed, indignantly.
"Sure. For a grandma. You know what I mean. See you."
And with that, he pulled out of the driveway and left. With her purse, unfortunately.

Luckily, she had a spare key hidden inside her old playhouse, so she fished it out and got inside to do her homework and get ready for the party. The only thing she might have missed from her purse, was her mobile phone, but no one ever called her anyway.

Part 3 - laying the grounds:
She very well understood Puck's comment about her choice of clothes. It wasn't like she'd been deaf, dumb and blind during the last years. Or, you know, ever. She was painfully aware that most of her fellow students found her attire ludicrous and old-fashioned. The problem was that she was a bit too proud to fall for peer-pressure and that her fathers weren't exactly top of the fashion class, and rarely let her do her own clothes shopping. It happened on occasion but not often enough, and she realized that it was probably time that she put her foot down on the subject. After all, she was old enough to choose her own wardrobe.

Digging through her clothes cabinet and coming up pretty much empty, she was more assertive than ever. A change would have to take place, and while Noah might offer up a first baby step by pretending that she wasn't an embarrassment to him (he almost made her believe it!) she would have to do a lot of the work for herself.

Finally, after going through every single garment of clothing she owned a couple of times, she'd pulled out a pair of dark blue jeans that fit her like a glove. She paired them with a simple but well fitting, rather slim white t-shirt and a black military style jacket and a pair of black flats. Staring at herself in the mirror, she decided that she needed something a little bit… more… so she added a white, grey and silver-striped scarf and a few silver bracelets. As the final touch, she applied a little rose tinted lip gloss that made her plump lips look luscious, if she'd dare say so herself.

Once done, she told her fathers she was going to a party and would get picked up soon. (They looked at her rather strangely at first, but finally told her that she looked nice.) Guessing that Puck would probably bring her purse back, she'd still paired her outfit with a smaller model that she thought would be suitable for a party, so she sat down on the porch swing and lazily pushed the seat backwards and let it swing freely until it almost stopped and then repeated.

At ten past nine, she started wondering. At a quarter past nine, she got cold and went inside. At twenty-five past nine, she was on the verge of tears. He'd stood her up.

Her fathers looked at her, their eyes full of pity, and they offered her a cup of tea. She hated the condoling tone of their voices so she declined and started walking upstairs to her room, when a rapid series of knocks resounded through the house.
Her father opened and she heard Noah's voice.
"Um… Hi, sir. Is Rachel here?"
"She is, but I am unsure…"
Rachel stepped in between the boy and her protective father and just stared at the handsome, hazel eyed boy who stood before her in a pair of loosely fitting, torn jeans and a flannel shirt over a black tank top.
"Good evening Noah, what may I be of service with?"
"Ready to go?"
"I was ready half an hour ago. I am quite positive I no longer wish to attend the soiree at your arm, Noah."
He furrowed his brows and pressed his mouth into a thin line, obviously annoyed with her for some reason she could not for the life of her fathom.
"The fu… Um… I mean – I told you. I had to babysit. Check your texts much?"
"Wha… Oh… I forgot my purse in your truck…"
He stared at her, but then burst out laughing.
"In that case, my truck has been quite popular this evening…"
He winked at her and she felt her resolve to stay at home vanish into thin air.
Fetching her purse, he stood back, arms crossed over his chest, and watched her while she read the three new texts that had arrived since she'd left his truck in the afternoon.

"Nvm the clothes thing. UR skirts r fine. Hot legs. ;)"

"Yo, B. Need 2 babysit. Will b l8."

"BT 930 CU soon."

She looked up to find him staring at her.
"Fuck Berry, this…" he motioned to her body in the unfamiliar outfit. "Totally hot too."
He winked and smirked at her, but then obediently followed her inside to shake hands with her fathers, promise to have her home at two and to drive responsibly. He even wished them a good night and added "Don't worry. I'll take care of her!" in his most charming voice.

She didn't stop giggling until after he'd helped her get into the truck and he'd fastened his seat belt on the other side of her.
"You sound so responsible, Noah! Quite out of character…"
"Well… If we're doing this thing, we'd better do it properly."
She tried to answer, but he'd already started the truck and put it in reverse and the stereo started automatically at ear-splitting level.

As they entered Brittany's house, all eyes turned towards them. Puck (while used to turning heads) wasn't sure whether it was the combination of the two of them or if it was just Rachel looking fucking hot in those slim jeans and that top that revealed her trim figure. He found the party rather dull. Seeing these people getting trashed and silly, while he himself was sober, was a new experience and he wasn't sure he liked it. Actually, he was pretty sure he didn't, but he didn't know whether the best solution would be to get a buzz for himself, or to just not hang with these guys.
He shook that thought out of his head. These were his FRIENDS after all.
Rachel had been cornered by Quinn, and he could tell by her stance that she was extremely uncomfortable, so he sauntered over there and smirked down at Quinn with a "Mind if I steal away Berry?" and then stuck his hand into Rachel's and pulled her away without waiting for a response.
They got out into the kitchen when they first spotted Finn. Her eyes got a bit distraught and Puck didn't like that at all. He lifted her up and sat her down on the countertop and placed himself between her thighs, his arms leaning on the counter in a way that made them encircle her slender waist and that made his face come dangerously close to hers. Dangerous because her lips were glossy, flushed and full in a way that made her look like she had been thoroughly kissed. He tossed caution to the wind and leaned in even closer, kissing her neck and gently nipping at her earlobe. Suddenly her hands were moving over his neck and head, tangling into the locks of his mohawk. He caught her eye and slowly leaned in towards her tempting mouth. Her pink tongue ran over her lips again as she tilted her head lightly to the side, and that was the only invitation he needed.
When his lips captured hers and his tongue touched hers, she moaned into his mouth and he felt himself grow hard and his skin tingle. Oblivious to the world, he pulled her legs in around his hips and she got the hint, lacing them behind his back, so when he straightened up, she hung around his waist and he pushed her against the wall, pressing his hardness into her, letting one hand hold up her fine round ass while the other entwined in her hair.

A weird noise tried but failed to penetrate his lust filled haze.
He groaned when she broke the kiss, and her hips that had been moving slightly against him suddenly stilled completely. She undid her legs and slid down his body, her forehead leaning against his broad chest as he heard it again.
"Get a room, for fuck's sake!"
Santana was staring at them, her eyes flaming with anger, as she saw her once-boyfriend in the arms of Rachel Berry. As if she didn't hate the girl enough already.
He cocked an eyebrow towards the Latina and slowly nodded.
"Smartest thing you ever said, Satan!"

He lifted Rachel up in one swift move and carried her, fireman style, towards his truck while she hung laughing and smacking his butt playfully as they exited the party.

Once in the truck, she started giggling hysterically and turned to him with her eyes glittering with laughter. Her amusement died instantly when he leaned in and crushed his lips to hers, kissing her deeply and desperately.

"Shit, Rache… I want you. So bad."

Her eyes grew big as the words computed in her head.