Title: Broken Wieners and Sex

Type: True Blood Fan Fiction

Pairing: Sookie Stackhouse/Eric Northman

Written by: Angelbsb

Disclaimer: I do not own. Chloe belong to Almiles, The CW and DC Comics. Eric belongs to Ace Books, Charlaine Harris and HBO.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Sookie gets drunk and Eric laughs – very hilarious

One night Eric took Sookie to Fangtasia where he got super busy, so she sat at the bar where Pam was at. Sookie noticed that Pam was flirting with the human bartender, "Ah Sookie, my friend here has one of these new drinks called 'The Flaming Viking' enjoy" Pam said with a cunning smile.

Sookie took a sip and loved it since it does not taste like alcohol, and asked for another one. Pam started laughing since the drink does have a lot of alcohol and she knows that Sookie is not a drinker; Sookie ended up drinking about four of 'The Flaming Viking' and was hammered.

Eric came out of his office and headed for Sookie; though before Eric was anywhere near her he could tell she was hammered. Eric was pissed at Pam and the bartender, but seeing Sookie laughing drunkenly like that was too cute for him to stay angry.

Eric walked up and said "Sorry I took so long Lover, you ready to go home now? Pam, I will deal with you and the bartender later." All Sookie could do was nod yes while giggling up a storm; while Pam acted like nothing was wrong after what her master said and the bartender was trying not to piss himself at Eric's tone.

Eric picked Sookie up and carried her bridal style to his car. The whole way to her house Sookie was laughing at everything around her.

Eric parked in Sookie's driveway then he led her into the kitchen. "I'm hungry. I am so hungry" Sookie says while sitting at the kitchen table.

Eric put on a pot of water to boil up some hot dogs for Sookie. While he was waiting for that to boil he fixed himself a bottle of True Blood.

Sookie was using the tongs to pull out two of the hot dogs, and as she placed them on the buns she noticed that one was broken in half. "Oh My God! I broke one of the wieners" Sookie said while falling to the floor laughing. When Eric heard that he tried not to laugh at her, but failed and that caused some True Blood to shoot out of his nose. Sookie noticed which caused her to laugh even more. Eric started laughing more, which caused him to start falling to the floor where he narrowly missed hitting his privates on the end of the table.

"Oh Eric, did I almost make you break your wiener too," Sookie said with tears in her eyes from the laughter.

Eric crawls over to Sookie then over on top of her. "My Lover, you did not break my wiener as you call it. Let me show you that it is not" Eric said in a playful manner while he pushed up her skirt and tore off her underwear.

Sookie quit laughing and said "Oh Eric, Show me it's not broken. Show me right now."

Eric did just that by thrusting fast and deep into her. Sookie threw her head back and said "Oh Eric, Nope you do not have a broken wiener but a huge one."

" I know Lover, We got a few hours to enjoy this so let's do just that" Eric said before feeding from Sookie's left breast, while Sookie had lost the ability for words and was floating on a wave of bliss.