Hey Wash –

I'm getting married! Simon finally asked me and I'm real excited because I've been waitin for months for him to do it. Can you believe it? I can barely sit still long enough to think two words in a row I'm so happy!

Inara and Zoe are helping me get ready for everything. We're headin back home so I can grab my folks. We've gotta be careful with Simon bein wanted and all, but we're gonna stay far enough from the Purplebellies so's nothin gets tripped up. Captain let us stop at this fabric world special so we could get clothes for the wedding. Had to beat off Simon from hanging around cause it's bad luck for him to see. It's so pretty – lotsa of ruffles and lacey things. I can't wait to wear it!

Serenity misses you. River flies her real good but sometimes I hear the coils shudder and the hull tweak just a bit and I know she's cryin for you. Zoe does too, but she don't let nobody see. She's too busy bein a mom for Alia. You should see her, Wash! She looks just like you and Zoe all mixed up together. She likes to sit on River's lap on the bridge and watch the stars go by. Had to rework things to rig in a dead switch – Alia think's she's a pilot already! Usually we just give her one of the dinosaurs to play with, but when she figures we ain't lookin she'll got for the controls. She's a right clever baby.

I gotta go now so's we'll be ready for atmo. Tell the Shepherd I said hey.

- Kaylee Tamm

PS: We're not married yet, but I just wanted to write it. "Kaylee Tamm". Ain't that something?