Warnings: Yaoi, don't like, don't read. Please, thank you. Pervy Renji.

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Byakuya: Scatter, Senbo-

Renji: I'm outta here! *shunpo'd away*

Byakuya: Renji *dark menacing tone* *flashsteps after Renji*

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Renji had a problem, a big problem. And it was starting to annoy him, because he had no idea how to deal with it. He liked his captain, and he had been dropping small signs everywhere, but Kuchiki-Taichou just hasn't picked up on them! Worst of all, he is supposed to be going on a vacation with his captian to the human world- What? Byakuya taking a vacation is pretty weird, yeah. Actually, believe it or not, Yoruichi had gone and done some meddling, what kind, Renji couldn't tell ya, but she ended up forcing Byakuya on vacation, worse of all, Renji was REQUIRED to go with him!

So, I hope you understand the poor red heads problem. And he couldn't believe he was here, about to ask THEM for help. Who is 'THEM'? We-

"Renji! What are you doing here, may I ask?" Yumichika Ayesagawa called out. "You haven't been to the 11th division for quite some time!" he pouted and glomped Renji. Ikkaku then came up, "Yumi, leave the guy alone. But I'm pretty curious, what brings ya here?" he asked.

"Well, I wanted to ask Yumichika for advice..." Renji muttered, "Yumi? Is your brain on strai- OW! What the hell was that for?" Ikkaku held his ba-shaven head that now had a large red bump on it. "Is it of the beauty kind or romance kind?" Yumichika asked brightly, grinning happily. "Do I look like I want FASHION tips from you? No? I didn't think s-" Renji was cut off by Yumichika squealing, and I inched towards Ikkaku. "So! Tell me! Tell me! Tell Me!" Yumichika grabbed Renji's arm and quickly pulled him to Yumichika's and Ikkaku's private courters. "Okay, is it Byakuya-Taichou? I mean, if I've been watching right, all the signs are there.." Yumichika began to think. "Yumi..Don't automatically assume! I dou-" "Actually, Yumichika-san is right.." Renji blushed, three different shades before he settled on one.

"...Byakuya Kuchiki? Dude, I thought you wanted to beat him?" "I did! But then..I started to see him in a different light and..." "And you fell in love! That is truely romantic!" Yumichika squealed, how did Ikkaku live with his hearing around this guy?

"Yeah..I mean, I've given subtle signs, but...He doesn't seem to notice at all, I mean, giving small statements, brushing against him on purpose every now and again.." Renji sighed. "Renji..That won't work with a Noble who has been taught that such actions mean nothing." Yumichika sighed. "What you need to do is make yourself a little more...blantant. Out right tell him, put your arm over his shoulders, you know? That kinda thing! Be more...Assertive...More like yourself! Really, Renji, we all know, subtleness is a suit that just doesn't work for you. It makes you ugly!" Yumichika stated.

Renji looked at him, "But doing that is gonna get me killed! I'll lose any part of my body that so much as touchs him!" he growled, "But you've brushed against him plenty of times without him saying anything, right? That has to say SOMETHING!" Yumichika stated with a huff. "I can-" "You were once apart of this squad, you dare say that you can't and I will beat you to a bloody pulp and tell Byakuya your feelings for you! Do you hear me! You are a leuiteniant for a reason! Now be a coward and let me do it for you and be ugly. Or be beautiful, grow some courage and do it yourself. Your choice." Yumichika growled. Hand on his sword, Ikkaku...That traitor was LAUGHING! Down right LAUGHING! "Shut up Ikkaku!" Renji growled...He only laughed harder. "ALRIGHT! I'll do it, damnit...But are you sure this will work?" Renji asked. "I'm certain! Now get packed, don't you have to be there in forty minutes? Punctuallity is another ke-" "SHIT! Later!" Renji was then outta Ikkaku and Yumi's sight.

"Wow, Yumi, that was hilarious. You think he'll stay alive?" Ikkaku asked, "I know he will!" Yumichika stated brightly.."This is BYAKUYA KUCHIKI we are talking about, do you know this?" Ikkaku stared at him. "Yep, I know who. I'm certain it will turn out in Renji's favor." Yumichika smiled. Ikkaku grinned, "Really now?" Ikkaku stated, walking over to his lover. "Yes, really." Yumichika stated, and then a kiss, "Forget about them, now lets get it on." Ikkaku grinned, naturally, they weren't heard from the rest of the day.

-Story Break-

"Honestly, Abarai-FukoTaichou, what took you so long? You should have been here five minutes ago?" Byakuya-Taichou asked, "I..Uh, was talking to some friends and lost track of time...Sorry." Renji stated, getting lost in those dark eyes.."-pen again, you hear me, Fukotaichou?" Byakuya asked, Renji snapped out of it. "Uh- y-yeah! I heard you.." he stated. Grimancing, and then remembering what Yumichika said to do, well, we'll see what happens...Renji and he quickly depart to the world of the living. They had a hotel by the beach, so it had a beautiful few of the ocean. "Ah..You are Byakuya Kuchiki and Abarai Renji?" the man in front of the counter asked. "Yes, that would be us." Byakuya stated, "Ah, here you are, the top floor, room 325! Enjoy your stay." the man stated.

It wasn't long before Renji and Byakuya had made themselves at home, "So, Taichou, where do we start?" Renji asked, walking over to Byakuya. Breath catching as Byakuya turned toward him, wearing a pair of simple black swimming trunks or shorts, he couldn't tell right now, but he did now that it had a silver lining...A white button up shirt, that was undone, the keiseiken, were naturally still there..Renji couldn't help but wonder what his hair was like down...He unconciously licked his lips, and then, for the third time remembered what Yumichika stated, and LET himself look the man over. Causing Byakuya to blink, it worked, Byakuya noticed him! "Abarai? Are you alright? Your acting odd." he stated, damnit, he didn't see the point! This man, very strong, powerful, intelligent, on the battlefield only damnit! No sense of art and he had no clue when someone was BLATANTLY checking him out! Innocent, dense, intelligent and powerful all at once...Well, now was as good a time as any..

"The beach, I believe that would be a good place to begin." he stated, "Alright, I need to get changed real fast.." Renji stated, grabbing a pair of beach cloths, throwing them over his shoulder and walking past Byakuya, his hand groping Byakuya's butt for a second before he walked into the bathroom, but not before taking a small glimpse of Byakuya...Was that a blush? Renji couldn't be certain, but, if Byakuya had wanted, he could be dead right now, so far so good!

Byakuya blushed softly, holding most of it back, but still. Did Renji really just..? What was...Renji just decided to walk out of the bathroom then, Renji was wearing a pair of red swimming trunks with an monkey on the side of it, outlined in black. No shirt, revealing his tattoo's for the whole world to see...They even went past his hips. "Aba-" "Well, lets get goin' Taichou!" Renji grinned, grabbing his towel and soon they got to the beach and..Was that? "Hitsugaya-Taichou?" Byakuya asked as he noticed a fluff of white hair sitting in a beach chair by himself. "Hm? Ah! Kuchiki-Taichou?" Hitsugaya asked and offered a seat to Byakuya. Touching Byakuya's shoulder, running his hand down a bit, he montioned towards the beach, when he knew Byakuya understood he took off.

Byakuya stared at his arm, "Hm, I didn't know you swung that way." Hitsugaya stated. Byakuya turned towards him, "What do you mean? Hitsugaya?" and that caused Hitsugaya's eye's to widen and he put a hand up to his lips trying to hold back a chuckle, "I beg your pardon?" Byakuya was now a little annoyed with the little ice captian. "You...You really don't get the hidden message behind those touchs then?" Hitsugaya stared at him, "Wha? Hidden messages?" Byakuya asked confused.

"Renji! It is you then!" "Eh? Ichigo!" Renji grinned, "Hey, what's up man?" Renji asked. "Not much, you?" Ichigo responded, "Same, Taichou was forced into taking a vacation, and I gotta come with." Renji grinned, "Di- Huh? Ichigo, what's up?" he asked then looked up, "Oh yeah, Hitsugaya-Taichou's here too." he stated, "Hm? Oh, yeah, I know that. I wouldn't be here if he wasn't." Ichigo stated, "Wha? Why not?" Renji asked confused, Ichigo smirked, the two walked up.

"Wha-" Byakuya was cut off from asking Toshiro what he had meant when Ichigo and Renji came up, Ichigo walked up to the icy dragon, wrapping his arms around his neck and muttering something or another into his ear, and Toshiro spoke something else. Renji was as red as a cherry as he realized what Ichigo had meant, Byakuya had a much lighter blush. "So uh..You're..a..couple.." Renji stated. "Yeah, that's right, ne Shiro-chan." Ichigo stated, "Ichigo!" Torshiro growled at him. "Alright, you want blueberry?" he asked, "Yeah, thank you." Torshiro stated, "Would you two like a popcicle as well?" Ichigo asked, "A popcicle?" Byakuya asked, then Renji remembered, "Yeah, we want one." Renji grinned, "Alright, then come on." Ichigo stated, blinking as he noticed Renji run a hand on the Keiseiken in Byakuya's hair.

"You and Byakuya?" Ichigo asked with a smirk once they were far enough away, Renji sighed, "Yeah, I wish! Trying to figure out a good way to tell im'...But it ain't going to well.." Renji groaned. "Wha? Seriously? Geez, is he really that dense?" Ichigo asked, "Yeah, he is. And it's actually pretty hot, once you get past how damn annoying it is!" Renji grimanced, Ichigo whistled lowly, "Dude, maybe just outright tell him." "Why is everyone saying that? I'll get diced to pieces!" Renji groaned, "So what, Byakuya will want to know what's up with your 'subtle' touchs and you'll have to tell him eventually! So now you've yours- Um...You alright?" "...That damn rat, Yumichika made me think that I'd at least get away with it..." "Dude, your an idiot." Ichigo sweatdropped, "Shut up!" Renji growled. "So either way...Well, I'll think about it. I guess..." he stated.

"You know, Kuchiki-san, I believe you should try and observe what your Fukotaichou does and try and think of a reason for them." Hitsugaya suggested smirking, "If your so smart, why don't you tell me what it is?" Byakuya stated, a little annoyed. "Sorry, but that's not for me to tell. Just think about it." Toshiro stated.

Soon they returned, "Here you guys go." Ichigo stated, Renji handed one to Byakuya, allowing their fingers to brush. Causing a small shiver in Byakuya that he didn't understand, staring at it, Byakuya turned to look at the others and saw them sucking on theirs and tried it. Which, was pretty yummy, he was unaware of the red eyes watching his every movement. Watching as his tongue swirled around the ice..'That is just HOT' Renji thought, Hitsugaya and Ichigo chuckled softly. Snapping both out of their little worlds and to them, "What?" Renji asked, "Hn? Nothing." Hitsugaya stated, "Well, I think its time for me and Shiro to head back home, we'll have to hang out again, give us a call." Ichigo stated handing them a piece of paper with his number, wrapping an arm around Torshiro's waist.

"That was interesting." Renji stated. Watching them go, "I suppose..." he stated, then blinked and looked behind him as he felt hands on his shoulders. "You're pretty tense, Byakuya." Renji stated, "You should, lossen up bit, don't ya think?" he let his fingers massage lower and lower as he spoke. "..Abarai, are you absolutely certain your alright?" Byakuya asked, but his breath caught as those hands got to his lower back, to the small of his back. "I'm fine, I'm certain." he stated, grinning, he wasn't in pieces yet. So how far...? "Aba-" "Renji, call me Renji." he stated. "Al-alright, Renji, you've been acting strange, all the touching, why?" he asked. Renji gulped, "Ah...Well.." he muttered, Byakuya looked up at him with a curious look, and...god, that look was hot! Leaning down, he placed a gentle kiss on Byakuya's lips. Pulling away, looking at him before realizing what he did, "I..I'm gonna head back!" Renji stated and quickly took off, leaving no time for Byakuya to say a word.

Though, Byakuya was too surprised, and for once, it showed. "What was that...?" he just couldn't figure it out...What was his problem, kissing him like that? It was time to get to the bottom of this, he wouldn't be able to relax until it was solved.

Walking back to the hotel, he walked in, looking around, he blinked as he walked into Renji's room, Renji was laying down...He could feel he was still awake, "Renji, I want to get this matter resolved. So, why don't we talk about this?" he stated. Renji sat up and looked at him, scoffing, "Even after ALL of that. You still don't see it? Your innocent and dense personality, is hot, but for god sakes! I really hate it right now!" Renji shouted, "Innocent? Dense? Hot?" Byakuya repeated, Renji got up and stalked over to him, "Yeah, that's right, hot." he stated, putting his hands on the wall, trapping him between himself and the wall. "I'll put it blantently, I love you, Byakuya Kuchiki, an I want you, you wouldn't know how badly I've wanted you." Renji stated.

Byakuya, was uncharacteristically speechless and shocked, "Renji..." he stated, he glanced down as he noticed the buldge. "That's all you baby." he stated, taking Byakuya's hand in his own and put it on his crotch, causing him to jump, Byakuya took a moment to analize his feelings, realizing that he did feel the same way, he just didn't realize it till now..."Then...Allow me to help your problem." Byakuya stated, pressing his hand harder against the buldge, looking at Renji's face and watching his eyes go wide before glazing over, his breath hitching and a faint pink running across his face. He liked it, it looked...hot? Is that the proper word? No...beautiful. He kneeled infront of Renji, pulling the swimming trunks down...he was much bigger then Byakuya thought, but he stopped thinking and put the tip in his mouth, Renji had his hands on Byakuya's shoulder and was doing his best to not fall over, "Oh...Damn...Bya-Byak-kuuya!" Renji was having a hard time standing, Byakuya's mouth moving against him, bobbing his head up and down, holding his hips so he didn't buck and choke him.

Renji was having a hard time believing this, Byakuya sucking him off, and willingly! That's what is so different about it! Byakuya was normally so...so...uptight, never smiled, looked down on him and everyone else and that sorta stuff...Yet...here he is, kneeling in front of him 'helping' him with his problem. Feeling that tongue working him, milking him, he knew he was close. "Ha..hah...I-I-m...I'm close...Bya..Ah..AH!" he cried out as he came, hard into that warm cavern. Byakuya swallowed as best he could, soon withdrawing when Renji finished.

"Ah...Damn...That was...Amazing..." Renji stated, looking at Byakuya, he reached down, taking out the Keiseiken. Letting the hair fall normally. Byakuya stood, and kissed Renji, "Ah..." Renji moaned into the kiss, "Ah...Bya...Take me...please. Fuck me." Renji begged, Byakuya looked up, "Are you sure?" Byakuya asked, wanting comfirmation that this wouldn't be a one time thing. "Yes, oh god yes. You have no idea how long I've wanted to simply touch you, Bya.." Renji moaned. "Fine." Byakuya stated and latched his mouth onto Renji's neck, marking him here and there, playing with his nipples before finishing by licking the others belly button, "Now, hands and knees. Renji." Byakuya stated in a commanding voice, causing Renji to moan, "Yes.." he muttered, getting onto his hands and knees. Renji felt hands spread his ass and then..a tongue...sliding insid-"Ah! Fuck!" Renji cried out, pushing back against that warm muscle inside of him.

Byakuya kept working him, preping him with his tongue, "Shit, Byakuya..Please.." Renji moaned, "Please what? How am I supposed to know what you want if you don't speak it." Byakuya stated, waiting for an anwser. "Please...Stop...tea-Ah! teasing..m-me..Oh...Ah.." Renji was finding it hard to string words together, who wouldn't? The sexiest thing alive, rimming him, pumping him and teasing one of his nipples all at once? Yeah, that didn't work. Byakuya removed his hands from Renji's nipple and cock, "So then? That still doesn't tell me what you want." Byakuya stated. "I want...your cock..slamming into my ass..damnit!" Renji growled out, Byakuya smirked, "Alright then." he said and lined himself up with Renji's ass, before slowly entering, "I'm not goi-going to break, Bya.." Renji pushed back, taking more in, faster. Causing Byakuya to groan, starting a slow pace, but soon enough, slamming, like Renji wanted, both moaning and groaning in sheer pleasure. "AH!" Renji moaned as he saw white spots in his vision, and Byakuya knew he found what he was looking for. "Shit, I..I love you, Byakuyaa!" Renji cried out as he came.

The two collasped. "I...love you too, Renji." Byakuya stated with a smile. Renji's face brightened, "Then...we can be certain this'll happen again?" Renji asked. "Of course, I don't do one time fucks, Abarai Renji." Byakuya stated and kissed him deeply.

Problem solved.

A/N: It sucked, but oh well. :)