Authors note: This was what I thought would be cool for the Aftermath Aftermayhem special after Noah got eliminated. Plus I thought that after kiss with Alejandro, Geoff and Bridgette would have broken up for good. But still, for those who haven't seen the Aftermath Aftermayhem episode there are a few spoilers.

This is a Noah/Bridgette story! Don't like…don't read.

It was time for another Aftermath Episode, and after Geoff's insane attempt on the telethon to raise money by sacrificing her friends while asking Izzy aka Brainzilla hard questions, Bridgette was beginning to question her former boyfriends hosting method…yep…former boyfriend was what Bridgette had labeled him now.

after she got eliminated from the Yukon, her and Geoff haven't been on speaking terms, neither has he forgiven her for kissing Alejandro. But, as the Aftermaths hosts, they have been putting on a happy face for the audiences sake, and everything seemed fine, but it still didn't help her feeling hollow on the inside.

Bridgette sighed deeply as she looked up at her mirror in her dressing room, gently brushing out her long blonde ponytail while looking over the script of today's show. It was going to star the three recent contestants that had been kicked off the world tour season and then force them to play a game for a second chance at the million, sounded simple enough, but she knew that wasn't all that was going to be happening on the show. Now that Gwen and Duncan were now a couple since their make out session on live Television, She wasn't really looking forward to putting her friend on the spot because it, be it for ratings or not, but knowing how some fans are, they will be wanting to know how long has it been going on between them, and if Courtney were to see it, she wasn't going let this been taken lying down.

Despite the awkwardness between her and Geoff, there was however a little bit of good news. Blainley, the rude, blonde co host, was not going to be present for the show this time, she was off traveling the world, visiting place after place where all the contestants have been and wherever her loyal fans were located, as her producers thought it would give her a break from stress of the aftermath show.

That thought alone, gave her a little smile, seeing how there was no pressure, she was thinking it was going to be a pretty easy going show.

As she exited out of her dressing room, she looked around to see what all was happening when she saw the contestants that got voted off, aka, Noah, Gwen and Tyler, were talking amongst themselves. She saw Trent holding onto Tyler's wheelchair as he looked over to Noah and Gwen.

Gwen looked at Noah saying, "So Alejandro voted you off just because you knew exactly who and what he was?"

"I know…shocker isn't it?" Noah said rather flatly.

"I am sorry that happened, but that's what you get for opening your mouth too," Gwen pointed out.

"Yes yes I know, its all game of how to win, and in many cases of, its either get rid of the weakest link or someone that knows to much." Noah crossed his arms.

Trent chuckled, "If that was the case, Tyler should have been voted off a long time ago."

Tyler looked up angrily at Trent and groggily said "Hey!"

Trent patted Tyler's shoulder, "Hey dude, I am just kidding" he reassured Tyler then turned his attention back to Noah, "but still, I have to admit, I was kind of surprised how you were this season, you actually showed a lot of persistence, teamwork and maybe a little optimism . And for once you didn't have a book in your hand."

"with all the constant movement and frequent turbulence, who had time to read? And I figured since I made it to the 3rd season, I could at least try to do something for once," Noah said in a flat stated manner.

"Wow, you actually came far from the lazy, cynical, smart mouth that you were in the first season, I actually had fun watching you participate." Gwen smiled.

"Meh," Noah shrugged, "its not every day you get to see the world."

Tyler groggily gave a thumbs up as if agreeing with his former teammate. Which on Noah's behalf, despite the fact that Tyler was one of the people who voted him off, smiled in return.

"Well, I better get Tyler to get prepped up for the show, see you all later," Trent said then wheeled Tyler away.

As Trent left the other two behind, Bridgette came up asking with a worried look at the now messed up Tyler, "Wow, he had taken a lot of beatings this season, do you think he will be okay?"

"He should be, he keeps on saying what a pro athlete he is, so I am guessing he will still show up on the stage with a smiled on his face, despite the fact he looks like a messed of jock who got scrambled on the football field," Noah stated.

"You think with Lindsey's drop of shame, she would have ended up with a concussion as well." Gwen said

"Oh please, with as much space as the head of hers has, there probably wasn't any loss of any brain cells, if there were any." Noah side with a little smirk as Gwen laughed a little.

Bridgette couldn't help but laugh as well, even though it was not funny to laugh at someone else's pain, it was still funny how she jumped out.

"Okay, well, I am getting some juice before hitting the stage, see ya…" Gwen waved and walked off.

Leaving Noah and Bridgette alone.

After Gwen left, Noah took a moment to look out on stage and the audience while Bridgette looked nervously at him. the last time she interacted with him was in the Yukon, and it wasn't really her proudest or nicest moment. Looking back on the only time they actually had some type of interaction with one another was when he came over and hugged her for Warmth, and she rejected it…how could she be so heartless, denying him the possibility of warmth and think that he was trying to hit on her. She could only imagine what he thinks of her…wait…why would she care what he thought of her?

After a few moments of silence, Bridgette decided to break the ice, "So…Alejandro got you too huh?"

"Yeah, that's what I get for saying what I thought…but then…hehehe, better to say what I thought then to actually use it, right? Pole kisser?," Noah said with a sly smirk.

Bridgette glared at him, "One more crack out of you, and I am going to flatten that giant head of yours."

Noah held up his hands in defense, "Easy easy, okay, look I didn't want to start a fight alright? I am sorry I said anything."

Bridgette calmed down as she looked at his sincere face, "Yeah well, I am sorry for snapping at you."

"Eh, Its okay." Noah shrugged before looking over the buffet table where the peanut gallery was hanging around.

Bridgette didn't really know what else to say to him, she didn't know that much about him, just that sometimes he kept to himself, he opens up when he wants to, mostly from the season, from what she could gather, the only other person he really opened up to often was Owen.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Noah said, " well, not like this is nice talking every few minutes, but I think I am going to go grab a sandwich before heading on stage." with that said, he walked to the buffet table.

Bridgette watched as he walked off and sighed deeply to herself thinking, "Way to go Bridge."