"10 minutes to show time people!" Shouted one of the producers.

Everyone on the set was scrambling around for the next set of props to be prepared for the next segment on the show.

Bridgette watched with a slightly guilty face, but tried her best to hide it, when she saw everyone trying very hard to figure out what happened. The directors and executive producers were upset when they heard the show was cut short due to an electric shortage. They found out it a plug got loose and short circuit the set, but as to how it happened, was never really determined.

Bridgette rubbed her arm as she looked around, she knew a few of her friends saw her do it, but they knew if it were them on stage, they would have done the same thing. I mean come on, picking on a guy for publicity and fan service? Sure, Geoff did it during the Total Drama Action season, but they learned that it wasn't making them or the guests, aka victims of ratings, any more popular, it just created more suspicion and rumors. And finding it all over the Internet, wasn't making them feel any better about themselves or the people they interviewed.

Bridgette jumped when she heard, "LOOK LADY! I DIDN'T EXSPECT YOU TO GO INTO MY PERSONAL LIFE AND EXPLOIT IT COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT!" looking to the direction of loud voice.

Near the water cooler by Geoff's change room, she saw Noah glaring dangerously at Blainley who just stood there with her arms crossed.

Blainley waved a hand to him, "Yeah yeah I get this all the time, and I am going to tell you that I told the 100s of other people I have interviewed, Its in my contract I can dig up anything I find and exploit it. That's what ratings are about, and that's how I get paid."

Noah glared at her, "Suck it Blainley! It may say in your contract, but I am sure that in my contract, I have a right to sue you for humiliating me on national television."

"One, you embarrass yourself on national television. Two, if you have read your contract, which I am sure none of you or your so called loser teammates did, I have a right to any footage I find and choose."

"Show me where it saids that!" Noah demanded.

Blainley simply snapped her fingers and a short brown haired girl with glasses showed up backstage, handing her Noah's contract then disappearing. Blainley cleared her throat as she went through the contract, flipping through page after page before coming to a stop and pointed, "Here! Paragraph 78, section 2, any footage giving during screening time, can be used for any news or TV segment if asked. And since you signed the contract, you agreed to it…So there."

Noah grabbed the contract and read the sentence, "any future reference of suing because of it will be ….null in void…" his arms dropped, while he still held onto the contract, with the look of defeat on his face.

"You see Noah, you can't stop me from doing my job," Blainley proudly stated.

Noah looked at her, still with the helpless look, "But why me?"

She shrugged, "Everyone already knows about everyone else that is popular, so I thought it was time to bring someone new, and you happened to fit the bill."

"Five minutes to curtain time!" shouted one of the camera men as they set up for the next session.

"See you on stage Noah," She said with a smirk and walked off.

Noah watched her leave then looked to the contract, he growled angrily then swung his leg to kick something only to kick the metal table leg of the Cooler and screamed in pain. He seethed through his teeth and sat down on an empty, tall, camera casing, rubbing his foot to sooth the pain.

Bridgette looked sadly at him. He looked helpless, hurt, and more importantly, degradedly embarrassed. She took this opportunity to walk up to him cautiously, she wasn't sure what to say this time to make him feel any better, but she thought at least a little bit of encouragement would help bring his spirits up, even if it was a bit.

"I am sorry Noah," she said, then inwardly wanting to kick herself …*oh yeah…the whole, I am so sorry for you…bid…pathetic*

Noah didn't look up to her, for he knew the owner of the voice who spoke, in which he grunted, not answering.

"Look Noah, about what happened in the Yukon, I-"

Noah stopped her in mid sentence saying, " Lets just pretend that never happened okay?"

Bridgette's eyes widened…maybe…even shocked.

Noah looked up at her, "Look, lets just leave it as, I thought you were cold, so I hugged you to keep warm, end of story."

Bridgette didn't know what to say, how could he be so…cold about it.

Noah stood up, limping a little, no doubt his foot was still in pain, "now if you will excuse me, I am going to head out before queen plastic face decides to mess with me again on live TV."

As he was about to leave, Noah stepped on his injured foot then winced to the pain, causing him to loose his balance and fall forward.

Bridgette was still standing there when she saw him fall, she leaned forward and caught him, wrapping her arms around him while he wrapped his arms around her for balance.

Noah froze just then…he didn't notice till it was too late, that when he was caught in Bridgette's arms, his head was laying right on her chest…right up to where he could hear her heart beat. Feeling her arms around him, holding him tight, they were so soft and firm, he could feel his heart beat a little faster as his face turned red.

Bridgette looked down at him worriedly, "are you okay?"

He looked up to her, taking a moment to look into her green eyes, how angelic she looked, even if there were times she was a bit…slow. Her blonde hair, though always in a ponytail, looked so smooth and silky… *oh, if only for a moment, I could feel those strands between my fingers.* Noah thought to himself.

Noah's eyes widened, *what the hell am I thinking!*

"Noah?…Noah?" Bridgette called to him, snapping him out of his trans, "you okay dude?"

Noah quickly stood up, cleaning himself off as his cheeks were still hot, "yeah yeah…I …I am fine…I…..I got to go." he quickly turned and headed to the peanut gallery seats.

Bridgette may not have been the brightest person, at least she wasn't Lindsey stupid, but it didn't take a rocket Scientist to see that he was blushing. He was so cold a moment a ago and now…he was blushing just from her holding him…*Could it be…that….he really did….have a crush on me?* she thought.

"Aww, how cute" came a voice behind Bridgette.

Bridgette jumped a little turning to face Gwen who had a smirk on her face. Which in return, made her blush a little.

"Who him? I don't know, I never noticed," Bridgette panic crossing her arms then looked to the side, trying to find something else to focus her attention too.

Gwen giggled, "Relax I am just kidding, no need to get so flustered."

Bridgette looked at her annoyed, "I am not flustered."

"Oh really? Then why are you blushing?"

"Anyway," Bridgette asked quickly changing the subject, "ready to go back out there?" .

Gwen put up her hands, "I am not sure if I want to…I mean after that attack on Noah, I am almost scared to go out there myself…what if she pulls something on me? I know there are going to be tons of fans out there either devastated or thrilled over my recent hook up with Duncan."

Bridgette sighs deeply, "yes I know…the sad part is…she can get away with it."

"And all for fan service, you think with everything she has done, if there anyone that deserves to get exploited…its her."

Just then…Bridgette and Gwen's eyes widened to that last statement, they looked at each other as their lips slowly grew…into an evil smirk.