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Cady opened one eye and immediately regretted the action. It had taken entirely too much energy. She lowered the one lid and tried to force her body to relax, though she knew that would be difficult. She was coming off half a dozen different highs including a fresh kill, whatever potions Snape had plied her with and the exhilaration of learning to fly under her own steam. If the memories tugging at the edge of her consciousness were any indication, there may have been sex in there somewhere. Which was strange because she distinctly remembered Bellatrix saying that Muggle man would make a much better test subject for her new spell than a plaything, but...

Steeling herself against the pain, Cady opened both eyes. The light from the dying fire was muted, but slivers of sunlight came from the tattered curtains covering the windows along the far wall. Cady was half leaning against the bar in the back of the room, a weight covering her legs. A weight with long, silky black hair. And full, warm breasts. Bellatrix's robes were half open, but she was thankfully still asleep, giving Cady a few minutes to piece together what had happened during their night out.

It had started out innocently enough, she supposed. Cady had left Snape's attic space and gone down the stairs to the room Bellatrix shared with her husband. The older witch had beckoned her to come in before she'd had a chance to knock. The door opened and Cady felt a force push her over the threshold from behind.

"I suppose you're it today?"

Cady frowned. "I'm sorry?" She was so stunned, she didn't quite know what to make of the blunt statement, at once a declaration of fact and quick dismissal.

"You have nothing to be sorry for...yet," Bellatrix drawled. "I know Voldie pawned me off on you tonight so he could spend time with Lucius and Draco exclusively. Merlin knows why. Draco's too young to know how to do anything right and Lucius's tricks have dried up faster than his wife's—" Bellatrix cleared her throat. "You want to say something?" She was looking down at her nails, examining the perfect nail polish for a chip. Cady fervently hoped she would not find one.


The witch turned her beautiful, dark eyes on Cady and opened them wide.

"...trix." She offered a small smile. All right. No one calls her that but the Dark Lord. Or Snugglebunny. "It will be my pleasure to show you a good time today. I have a special gathering planned. A show of skill."

Of sorts. These kinds of things weren't skills so much as the most twisted things Cady had ever done or imagined taken to the extreme. She was sure performing the acts with Bellatrix would make them even more decadent in their depravity. Cady gestured towards the door, indicating Bellatrix should follow her. Cady descended the stairs, tension knotting her stomach. Would this work? Would the woman come to like her? Or, at the very least, not feel the need to inflict pain at the very sight of her? Cady only hoped this would work out the way she and the Dark Lord hoped.

Three hours later and Bella was nearly unrecognizable. She was laughing. Cackling, sure, but honest, full-bodied belly laughs. Cady flicked her wand and the Muggles in the center of the pub continued throwing punch at each other, the little boy screaming at his sister's jaw appeared to break under his fist. Finally, Cady let them drop. They were no fun when more than half their bones were broken. She tossed their bodies into a far corner where they passed out.

Cady floated another Sex on the Beach to Bella and she took it without looking, swigging down half the drink in one hearty gulp. Cady came from behind the bar and crossed the room, stepping over a two foot deep pile of Muggle body parts. Hopefully the stain repelling spell held and the blood wouldn't ruin her favorite boots. Still, it be worth a reminder of one of the most fun days of her life. It had been a little rough going at first—Bellatrix had aimed a Stinging Hex at her hand when she'd made the mistake of not offering to let her torture the first person they came across—but once they came upon the village pub filled with Muggles concerned over the violent killings in the area recently, the entire evening turned around.

Cady was particularly proud of the fountain they'd built together. Bella disemboweled the mayor of the village and Cady froze his torso, using a complicated series of spells to turn Bella's handiwork into a vodka fountain. Chilled to perfection once the drink passed through the frozen intestines, if Cady said so herself. And the best Bloody Marys she'd ever tasted.

By the time they'd polished off the second bottle of vodka, Bella was getting into the spirit of things, decorating the room with body parts at whim, torturing her victims to the edge of conciousness before reviving them and starting over while Cady set up a series of shows in the center of the room with the most resistant of their victims. Cady would never forget the screams of the village minister as he was forced to perform certain...acts with the unlucky barman after his failed escape attempt. The sweet music of his cries had mixed with Bella's rising laughter to create a sound Cady knew she'd hear in her dreams. Now there were only two unharmed Muggles left and Cady lifted her wand to levitate their bodies to the clean spot on the floor in front of Bellatrix's chair.

Bellatrix turned to her and frowned. "And what are we supposed to do with these Muggles? What's your plan?"

Cady immediately envisioned standing over two nearly unrecognizable bodies, one smoldering, the other just a hunk of misshapen meat, Bellatrix beckoning to her with one crooked finger. Seconds later, they were kissing. She tasted like evil. Dark, delicious sin. Irresistible poison. Cady's lips slid from hers and down Bella's check, to glide down the smooth column of her neck. Her bosom thrust out just slightly and Cady lowered her mouth, one finger edging at Bella's robes to peel back the fabric and reveal—

Bella cleared her throat and Cady shook her head, the startling vision clearing itself from her mind's eye. Well, that had been...disturbing wasn't really the word she was looking for, though Cady thought she should feel disgusted with herself. Bellatrix, on the other hand, was smirking.

"That's interesting plan for tonight," she whispered.

Cady fought back a groan. The woman had been reading her thoughts just as easily as the Dark Lord. "No!" Cady began. "I didn't mean to—not that you're not beautiful—I just don't want—not that I wouldn't be grateful if you offered, but—" Cady finally stopped babbling helplessly and looked down, bracing herself for however Bellatrix would choose to hurt her.

"Relax. I'm not going to hex you. Yet," she added. "Tell me what the plan is."

"The rest of this has been fun," she said, indicating the whole of the room, "but I thought we'd have a bit of personalized fun," Cady said. "This is Rose Tyler," she said, using her foot to nudge the first unconscious Muggle. "From what I gather, she's a party girl. Tonight she'll be our party favor." Cady snapped her fingers. The Muggle girl's clothes disappeared and a pile of white powder appeared on her bum.

"What's that?"

Cady grinned. "Blow." Bending, she slapped the girl across one side of her butt and the white powder separated into thin white lines. Waving her wand, Cady produced a small, thin tube and presented it to Bellatrix.

Bella kneeled next to her. "If this is what Snape and Lucius are always sneaking into the bathroom with, I know precisely what to do." Grasping the tube, Bella used it to snort one line into her nose. She blinked quickly, shaking her head as the drug entered her system. "And what shall we do," she sniffed delicately, "with the other one?"

Grinning, Cady stood next to the other Muggle and waved her wand. The man's clothes disappeared. Another flick and a strip of flesh disappeared from his back. "This is Dave. He thinks he's 'special.'" Cady used both hands to mime quotation marks around the last word.

Bella snorted. "With a smell like that, special isn't quite the word I'd use, but go on."

"He fancies himself a writer, though in the recesses of his mind, he admits to commissioning others to work with him and then killing them off so he could take all the credit." Cady didn't know why this didn't sit well with her. It was the perfect Death Eater thing to do, accomplish something and push others aside to steal the glory, but something about Dave doing it made her skin crawl. It was nauseating, really, how trivial Muggle problems could occassionally get under her skin. No worries, though. He was the lowest kind of bastard. She would enjoy torturing him as she had the others.

"I thought a liar and cheat deserved our special attention. It's more fun torturing the ones who believe they're better than the others." Cady flicked her wand and another strip of skin disappeared. Dave moaned. "For our meal, we'll be having fried skins and ribs."

Bella looked up at her, white powder caked around one nostril. "Ribs? Cannibalism?"

Cady lifted one shoulder in a shrug. "I don't think of it that way. They are nothing but filthy animals and we are the superior creatures. Eating them is no more vexing to me than eating a pig, though the pigs can sometimes be cleaner." She nudged Dave with one foot. "Don't worry, I'll sanitize this one before I put him on the grill. You'll love it. My dry rub and sauce are to die for."

"Whatever made you think I'd enjoy this kind of party?"

Cady smiled at Bellatrix, for once not afraid to be honest. "Everyone deserves to find a new way to have fun."

"I wonder if the Dark Lord would enjoy this," Bella said, going back to snort the last line of blow.

"Oh, I don't do this kind of thing for just anyone," Cady said, kneeling beside her again. "This is a private treat for you." Cady tried not to think about how that sounded as she smacked the Muggle girl on the bum and the rows of perfect lines appeared again. She really should ask Snape what kind of potion he'd given her before she'd left. Though if it was strong enough to make her act confident around Bellatrix Lestrange, perhaps it was best left alone. After all, why fix something that isn't broken?

Two hours later and Cady knew she was in real trouble. Dinner had been delicious, as had the way Bellatrix had made the Tyler wench scream until she was hoarse. Bella had generously allowed Cady the pleasure of dealing the final death blow, rubbing her shoulder while Cady executed her spell. After, she'd pulled Cady over to their fountain for one last drink then pulled her into a kiss that would change everything.

The reality of kissing Bella had been darker and hotter than her imagination had been able to conjure. Muggle blood on Bella's lips, sharp-tipped nails trailed over Cady's neck as her robes unbuttoned and her legs moved apart against her will before she made a move of her own. Her memory grew hazy after that, but Cady did distinctly remember Bella making noises Cady had never heard a human woman make before—good noises, if the way she grabbed onto Cady afterwards was any indication. And the way she returned the favor? Cady was no longer in doubt to how she'd managed to become the Dark Lord's favorite in spite of Lucius Malfoy's repeated attempts to curry favor. No one could pull off sexy, scary and deranged in quite the same delicious combination as Bellatrix Lestrange. It was a wonder she hadn't managed to take over the Death Eaters during their Lord's absence.

Then again, there was plenty of time for things to change.

A low moan woke Cady from her memories and she shook her head to clear it. Time to face Bellatrix for what had to be an awkward morning after. The grin that greeted her when Bellatrix looked up was... shy? No. A normal, sated smile. Completely out of place on a woman who still had streaks of blood on the side of her face. Cady just barely stopped herself from frowning.

"You really don't have to be afraid of me," Bellatrix said. "I know you're not competition for me. None of you are," she said. She sat up and reached her arms out in a long stretch. A cocky statement, but now Cady knew why she was that way. She was more twisted than the Dark Lord. He just had a way of commanding people Bellatrix didn't—or didn't bother with. She was more hands on in her enjoyment of Muggle torture, but without the grandstanding and power grabbing that was required of what the Dark Lord wanted to accomplish. Bella understood his evil plans, but had no ambition to usurp him. She was his perfect companion.

"And you'll be mine," Bellatrix said.

Cady's eyes widened when she realized her thoughts were being read again. She really had to work on Occlumency again, though she was reluctant to continue lessons with Snape, lest she further his fixation with her.

"Don't worry, Cady," Bella said, beginning to crawl towards her on all fours. "I'll take care of Snape and Lucius and anyone else who gets in our way. I'll take care of you," she whispered just before kissing Cady again.

Did Cady think she was in trouble? That was an understatement. She was on a suicide mission. And loving every minute of it.