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"Ciiiiiiiieeeeeeeellllll! Look! Look! She's coming closer! Isn't she just so cute!"

"Yes Elizabeth. The giraffe is cute." grumbled the bored earl. They had been at the giraffe exhibit for no less than 20 minutes, and he now officially despised the creatures. They didn't do anything! All they had done since they got there was walk around and chew like sloppy cows.

"Ciel, aren't you having fun?"

"Of course I am" he replied, flashing her a believable smile. Evidently it was satisfactory, because the bubbly blond marchioness turned back to gawk at the long necked beasts once again.

This trip to the zoo was yet another attempt by Lizzy to make Ciel happy. It had been nice to get out of the manor for a little while, but Ciel had no interest in spending the day staring at filthy animals. It was excruciatingly hot that day, so the animals weren't even doing anything, making it about ten times more tedious than expected. Not to mention that they spent a minimum of 15 minutes at each animal, all of which Lizzy found adorable.

Except cats. Any type of cat, they purposely avoided due to Ciel's allergies. He didn't want to ruin the day for his fiancee by having an asthma attack. Though, there were other reasons, i.e. Sebastian's disturbing cat fetish. He had considered ordering him to stay away from them for the day, but he knew that he would end up having to listen to subtle but irritating complaints from his butler. So he decided that it would be best to just use his allergies as an excuse, per usual.

"Ohhh! Ciel, let's go see the elephants next! Can we?" Elizabeth squealed.


Halfway through his response, Elizabeth grabbed his wrist and began to drag him towards a steaming pile of dung, which was presumably the elephant display. No doubt they would be spending just as much time here, despite the stench. Ciel was far from thrilled.

After several minutes of watching an elephant eat hay and agreeing that it was indeed adorable, Ciel became anxious to leave.

"Sebastian, what time is it?" he asked, turning to his butler. Who wasn't there. Oh great.

"Elizabeth, have you seen Sebastian?"

"Hmm? He was here a minute ago wasn't he?"

"I thought he was..."

"I don't think anything bad happened to him. He probably just needed the bathroom." Lizzy said, trying to reassure her nervous fiance.

"That's not my concern! He's not supposed to wander off without telling me!" snapped Ciel, realizing too late that he took out his anger on the wrong person. Before he could prevent it, Lizzy's lower lip began to tremble and tears began to stain her face.

"I just wanted to have a fun day with you. And now you're mad at me." she sobbed.

"No, no, Elizabeth! I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at Sebastian! He wandered off and now we might get lost. I don't want anything to happen to you!" he improvised. He wiped away his cousin's tears with a black-gloved hand, and slowly the tears stopped falling.

"We should go look for him before he gets too far." stated Ciel, in complete contradiction to his 'we might get lost' argument.

"Shouldn't we just stay here? We don't know where to look, and I'm sure he'll be back soon. We can watch the elephants more! They're so cute Ciel!"

"No, he won't come back on his own." said the boy, with a finality. "I have a hunch as to where he is."


This area of London was used to unusual sorts of things – ranging from fantastic ice sculptures and curry to murder and kidnapping – yet the sight of two unaccompanied noble children searching around in frustration still drew a crowd. No, they weren't staring at the children. Something else had drawn this crowd.

Ciel scowled when he realized what it was. He was a small child, but he was stubborn so he managed to squeeze his way through the crowd until he was in view of the leopard exhibit. There, as he had expected, was Sebastian and the cause of all this chaos. A large black-spotted cat was leaning over the edge of the cage, and being affectionately petted by his butler. The dark-haired man was apparently oblivious to the crowd that had gathered around him to watch as he whispered sweet compliments to the feline, who was purring happily.

"Such a fine texture...and the pattern is exquisite. They say a leopard can't change their spots, but I don't see why you would ever want to." he chortled at the cat, scratching her head lovingly.

"Sebastian!" screamed the enraged child, his hands balled into fists at his sides.

The butler's eyes became wide, and his head whipped around. He was in huge trouble, and he knew it. Straightening up, he bowed deeply in repentance.

"I apologize bochan. I simply could not resAH!" He could not finish his apology, as the young boy grabbed his arm and pulled him away through the crowd. When they were away from the madness, Ciel pulled his servant aside while Lizzy gawked at the elephants again.

"Bochan, it is extremely rude to walk away in the middle of a conversation. Now Lucinda is going to think I have no manners."


"The leopard, bochan. I decided to call her Lucinda."

"Sebastian, you embarrassed me in front of all those people with your obsession with stupid cats!"

"Bochan, they aren't stupid. Cats are actually very intelligent creatures. In fact, cats outperform dogs in their ability to master conceptual problems and also..."

"I don't care about cats! They can rot in a ditch for all I care!"

"How cruel, young master."

"You are an embarrassment! You left my side to go off and play with a tiger..."

"Leopard, bochan."

"Whatever! The point is, you shamed the Phantomhive name with your behavior! Everyone saw you!"

"That crowd was looking at Lucinda, not at me."

"No! They were looking at you because you were molesting an innocent animal!"

"I was merely admiring her beauty, she didn't mind. I always ask before admiring larger cats like her after that incident at the circus. "

"You were an embarrassment then too! If you like being on display so much..." he trailed off.

"Yes bochan?"


"You were saying something about..."

"Sebastian, stay here until I come back." commanded the child as he crossed in front of his butler. "That's an order." he added, not wanting a repeat of the most recent cat incident.

The young earl walked purposefully towards the main building, where the zoo owner's office was located. He knocked on the door hurriedly and barged in without waiting for a response.

"Woah! How'd you get in here kid? You lost?" asked the gray haired man over his messy pile of papers.

Ciel sat down in a chair across from the man and rested his chin on folded fingers, a sinister smirk on his face.

"I have a proposal for you." he stated. The owner was taken aback by the child's display of confidence, but he listened anyway. What came from the child's mouth was simultaneously insane, horrendous and brilliant


Sebastian woke up on a slab of black stone, having not the slightest inkling as to why or how he had gotten there. His head was fuzzy and he was very confused. Slowly, Sebastian sat up and surveyed his unfamiliar surroundings. Black stone was everywhere; covering the walls, the floors and the ceilings. Next to him was a cave with a semi-triangular entrance, which he could not see inside. It was stiflingly hot, which he figured was the result of several tall pillars of fire scattered randomly throughout the area. Beside the rock on which he was sitting ran a thin river of lava, which dropped off the side into a bubbling pool of death.

Baffled and deeply concerned, Sebastian stood up, figuring that searching around a bit might result in some answers. Unfortunately, he only became more confused upon discovering that his butler's uniform was missing and he was inexplicably in his true form. And he was hearing voices. Now he was nervous. It didn't help that a mysterious banging noise had begun to echo against the rocks. He had no idea where it was coming from and he was starting to get annoyed.

A loud screech sounded above him, and his head snapped over as he looked for the source. What he found shocked him down to the core of his being. There were people. People pressed up against glass, gaping at him. They were all talking at once, and he only heard snippets, but what he understood sounded like this:

"...up. See I told you if we waited...just some guy in heels...really scary...is he gonna...wow...i wonder what...rocks. It must be hot...swim? I think that would...sharp. Does he...angels too? I guess...oh my...children be seeing this...scared away..."

With a look of horror at the unwelcome visitors, Sebastian fled to the back of the room and hid behind a rock. He didn't like this. He couldn't believe that this was happening. Had he, the butler of the Phantomhive family, really been reduced to the level of a zoo animal?

He took a deep breath and tried to remember what had happened before he woke up here. He had come to the zoo with his master and lady Elizabeth, met Lucinda, was dragged away and lectured, bochan left and then he waited for his master to come back. Where had he...

"Bochan." he spat. Everything clicked now. What a disturbed child his master was.

There was a loud rumbling noise in the lower corner of the room (habitat, he thought in disgust) and a trapdoor slid open, revealing a very short employee wearing a zookeeper's uniform. He debated ripping the human to pieces, to show exactly what a demon would do when put in captivity, but he decided against it. That would be tasteless. He was glad he made this decision, as he soon observed that this miniature zookeeper wore an eyepatch.

"Bochan." he hissed at the child.

"Is that any way to talk to your master?"

"Is this any way to treat a loyal servant?"

"Ungrateful. I spent all night building this for you! Well...I oversaw construction...You should be happy!"

"Happy?You sold me to the zoo!"

"I didn't sell you. I lent you."

"Why would you lend me to the zoo?"

"Well, clearly you like being on display. So I'm displaying you."

"Bochan, haven't you thought about how people will react when they learn of the existence of demons?"

"Yes. Don't worry, I have a solution. Once the month is up..."

"Month? You lent me to the zoo for a month?"

"Don't interrupt me, servant. I was saying once the month - yes month – is up, a memory alteration will be placed on all people who saw you and they will forget that demons really exist."

"How do you plan on doing that, may I ask? I can't perform memory alterations"

"Grell, of course. I gave him a full time pass to the exhibit for the month that you're here, and I also promised him the security tapes so he can rewatch it anytime. It will be annoying with him around, but I didn't have leverage with any other shinigami."

"And what do you plan to do with yourself for the next month, bochan? You can't even dress properly."

"I will be living in the townhouse with Soma and Agni. And I will be visiting here periodically to check up on you. All of the employment here are too afraid to enter your cage, so I have to maintain it. Though I'm pretty sure you can handle it yourself."

"And what am I to do?"

Ciel shrugged. "Entertain the people. Move around a bit, flap your wings. You do have wings right? I told them you do."

"Yes, but I don't want to show them."

"It'll keep everyone interested."

"We're not supposed to show them to humans. It's considered bad taste."

"Sebastian..." Ciel said unfeelingly. "Show me your wings."

"Bochan, did you not hear anything I just said?"

"I did. But I want to see your wings."

"But bochan..."

"I'm waiting"



"Please bochan..."

"It's an order."


Sebastian couldn't compete with an order. He closed his eyes and released his wings. It was uncomfortable and awkward as the feathery appendiges slid out from his back.

Ciel ran his fingers across the black feathers. "I like them."

Sebastian shuttered. If demons had their own set of sins, this would be one of them. He was allowing a human to pet his wings. His mother would be furious.

Still, he rather liked that the boy was so fascinated with them. It truly fed his vanity.

"I want you to keep them out as much as possible, Sebastian. That's an order." said the entranced child.

"Yes, my lord." responded the demon. "But would you mind not touching them? Human contact makes the feathers oily."

"Tch." With one last stroke of the soft feathers, Ciel stepped away. He had liked the feeling of his demon's wings, but he was in a good enough mood to respect Sebastian's wishes.

"I'll leave you to yourself then." shrugged the boy "If you need anything, I'll be back tomorrow evening. I trust you can handle things until then."

Sebastian watched as his master slipped into the trapdoor and it began to close.

"Stop sitting there and do something!" Ciel called back before disappearing behind the rock.

Sebastian sighed and stood up, which caused the onlookers to rejoice, as they could now partially see his head. He walked around the rock and back to the forefront of the habitat, listening to the reactions, which ranged from awed fascination to traumatized horror. As much as he resented being in captivity, he had to admit, it was quite the ego booster.

As they all gaped at him, Sebastian curled his lips into a deathly smile which revealed his pointy teeth. Several people screamed, while others pushed and shoved to get a better look. He laughed under his humans reacted like that from a mere smile?

Pushing off the ground with his heeled boots, the demon leaped to a high up rock and landed in a cat-like crouch. He stared down at the humans with glowing eyes, making them tremble. Taking a deep breath, he let out a earsplitting inhuman shriek. The spectators covered their ears, screamed, and some even fainted. Sebastian smirked. This might be fun after all.


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