Mr. Crepsley hated heat. It was always stifling and uncomfortable, especially with his taste in clothing. If Seba had taught him anything, it was to always dress fashionably.

Loosening his collar, Crepsley looked around at the Cirque. Due to his nightly curse, there was no one to really talk to when he was up in the middle of the night and there was no show planned. Hibernius was the only one, but he was away on business. Then there was Darren, but he was still used to his "day schedule".

Crepsley could not blame him. Though their relationship had improved drastically, the young boy preferred to be around Evra. The two were so close, they were almost brothers. Well, brothers that never wanted to kill each other.

Crepsley sat on a log and started poking at the dying fire. His stomach suddenly gargled. Standing back up again, he began to walk towards Darren and Evra's tent to find food.

He was almost at the opening flap when Evra rushed through it and ran into him. They collided, sending the snake boy to the ground. Looking up, and seeing who he hit, Evra started to shiver.

"S-s-s-sorry Mr. Crepsley," he stuttered.

The vampire shook his head. "Accidents happen Evra. Why were you in such a hurry?"

Evra pointed at the inside of the tent.

"It's Darren. I think he's sick."

Crepsley frowned and walked into the tent. A flashlight on the ground provided the only light, illuminating the far wall. Darren lay in his hammock on his stomach, his face buried in the cloth.

"Darren?" Mr. Crepsley asked, walking over to his assistant. The only reply was a grunt. Crepsley grabbed him and gently flipped him over.

"Evra! Cut out the lights!" Darren shouted, pushing his face back into the hammock. Mr. Crepsley raised his eyebrow and flipped him over again sharply.

"What the crap, Evra…" Darren's opened eyes widened.

"Sorry Mr. Crepsley," he mumbled. Crepsley, instead of answering, felt Darren's forehead. Sure enough, it was burning.

"I think you have a fever Darren."

His apprentice nodded and started to shiver. "But I feel so cold," he moaned.

Crepsley pulled a thick blanket from a pile in the corner and tucked Darren in with it. Clutching it like a baby, the apprentice looked into his mentor's eyes.

"I think I'm OK now Mr. Crepsley."

Crepsley raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure? I can stay if you…"

That's when Darren vomited all over Mr. Crepsley.