Frost Bite

By Iana

Chapter 1

Sarah Walker was NOT a happy camper.

She was cold, she was wet and she was mad as hell. She was a trained CIA agent for Christ' sake! She shouldn't have gotten in a stupid argument with Chuck Bartowski and consequently distracted enough that they'd both been spotted. That was exactly the type of thing that was either going to get both of them killed and/or banned from the agency.

Feathers ruffled, she dragged herself through the snow, flashlight in hand, throwing small glances over her shoulder to make sure that Chuck was still behind her. He was also silent and for what she could tell, extremely pissed off. Well, he could just go to hell. Who had died and made him king of the mission anyway? She was a TRAINED, VALUABLE agent and she was not going to be pushed around. What was she supposed to do? Leave him to die? Well, he had another thing coming. Was it her fault Casey had gotten shot on their last assignment and was on leave until his leg healed?

"Sarah!" He yelled to be heard over the wind and grabbed her arm, breaking her cursing thoughts. She turned to face him, cheeks and nose red from the cold and a little annoyance. She looked adorable on that black winter coat with fur on the hood, tendrils of blond hair whipping around her face. Her stubborn, pretty face.

"I think I saw something up there." He pointed with his own flashlight to a hill and indeed she could see a shadow of what could be a cabin. Cursing, she turned back around and kept walking. Damn, stupid missions in the snow and damn stupid over-protective boyfriends. As they approached the shadow, Sarah realized that it was indeed a cabin. They hurried their steps and sighed in relief when they finally arrived at the small porch. It was easy enough to break the lock to find a spacious and well maintained house and Sarah could only guess this was someone's vacation home. Unfortunately it was as cold inside as outside but at least they had managed to get out of that awful wind.

"I'll see if I can light that fireplace." Chuck murmured and after taking off his boots, shuffled his feet (in thick wool socks) towards the rear end of the living room while Sarah tried the light switch. No luck there. The owners must have the power turned off on those months the cabin wasn't being used. Shivering a little, Sarah started brushing off the snow from her coat and tugged on her boots.

"So?" Chuck looked up from the fireplace to stare at his girlfriend. His anger was vanishing quickly; he could never stay mad at Sarah for long. He just wished she'd understand his worries and try to relent sometimes. "I'm almost done." He flashed her a grin and gave a tired sigh when she just huffed-puffed and went towards one of the closed doors on the opposite end of the cabin to investigate.

Luckily there were enough logs near the fireplace to keep the fire going for a good time. Chuck took off his coat and was about to go search for Sarah when she returned, arms outstretched in front of herself, buried behind a mountain of blankets and quilts. He rushed to take the load off her and after dropping them on the couch, noticed she was still shivering and that her face was now pale, lips kind of bluish.

"Sarah, you need to get out of those wet clothes." Chuck started pulling on her coat when she slapped his hand away and shot him a dirty look.

"Look here, Charles Bartowski..."

Chuck wanted to do two things to her as she stood there chewing his head off about chauvinistic behavior and over-protectiveness and so forth: slug her or kiss her senseless. Since he was incapable of hitting any woman, specially Sarah, he decided to go with the last option and after grabbing both her forearms, crushed his mouth to hers.

She humphed and struggled, but in the end, when he swiped his tongue over her cold lips she parted them and sucked on his tongue, swiped hers over his palate, the back of his teeth. It was wet and slow and sensual and it simply turned her on. Not that it took a lot to turn her on these days.

Nimble, agile fingers made quick work of his shirt and Chuck pulled back from her lips a little. "Wait, I..." He swallowed hard at the small hand that was now unzipping his pants and grabbed her wrists. He could see she was still a little mad but he also knew there was no way in hell she'd want to discuss their current problem at that particular time. So Chuck kissed her again, this time softly and lovingly and made a path over her jaw towards her neck. She skyrocketed when he found the perfect point and sucked.

"Let me spread those quilts in front of the fireplace..." He whispered softly and with a kiss on her earlobe. While he did exactly that, his back to her, Sarah rid herself of her coat, blouse and thermal shirt and even though she was now shivering, her pants and underwear.

Chuck turned around and almost swallowed his tongue. Sometimes he still couldn't believe that the "leggy Valkyrie with an aversion to clothing" as Morgan had once put it was his. She was a goose-bumped Valkyrie now, but still. Before he could make a move, Sarah crushed her mouth to his again, arms like a vice around his neck and climbed him like a wall; legs around his waist.

She rubbed her hips on his and with a hiss he lowered them both onto the furred quilt. Chuck traced a path down her mouth towards the lovingly naked breasts beneath him, paying sweet attention to the puckered nipples: both from arousal and from the cold. They were overly sensitive so he lapped softly; thumbing the other one in a way he knew drove her insane while he made his way down her body. Sarah twisted and moaned, both hands buried on his curls, pulling occasionally. She was so responsive lately that it took no more than a brush of his tongue against her moist curls to make her come almost painfully.

He brushed his nose against her clit, delighted with the aftershocks and ignored the hands pulling harder on his hair, signaling she wanted him on top of her. Instead, he opened her up with his thumbs and dove in. Chuck sucked, lapped, nipped and kissed and made love to her with his tongue until a string of incomprehensible words left her mouth. He loved to taste her. His tongue flat, he buried it in her, raising his right hand to press his thumb on the small button of flesh near his nose.

"Chuck... please... Chuck..." Thighs quivering, Sarah pushed her hips up in his face and moaned loudly, so close to coming she could feel it already, tingling on her spine. Feeling her inner walls tightening around his tongue, Chuck grasped both her thighs with bruising force, placed his mouth over her clitoris and sucked hard. Sarah came with a shout, tightening both legs around his ears so he was suddenly deaf. His hands moved to her bottom and kept caressing them lazily on the same pattern as his tongue on her sex, helping her down from the height.