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I grabbed her.

Oh yes, and I felt truly terrible about it. Pulling beautiful Flavia Gemina behind a pillar in a deserted side street off the forum and into my arms (at last) is no fun at all.

She squealed childishly, probably think it was Nubia messing around, but stopped abruptly when she saw it was me. Gaius Valerius Flaccus. And I couldn't go on any longer. I had to show her I loved her, even if she didn't feel it back. Too long I had waited for her to confront me on the subject, and as it's Flavia, you never know when she's going to go charging off on a mystery of some sort. Just while I was here, in Ostia, I had to tell her.

The only thing that held me back was her expression when she saw it was me.

I couldn't make it out – here I was, with my hands pinning her shoulders against this pillar – and her face was an unreadable mixture of emotions. But what I could see was her eyes were swirling the same colour as her dove-grey stola. And – did I imagine it? Love, in them?

I realised I should probably say something before her friends came looking. I had just minutes before I would be needed back at the court to discuss – oh what does it matter right now?


"Floppy." She said, slightly breathlessly.

"Please don't call me that." I said, on impulse.

Her eyebrows furrowed slightly, and she looked so beautiful I had to stop blathering.

"Flavia, Flavia Gemina—"

"Yes, Flaccus?" She made a point of saying my name.

"Fla—I love you."

"You do?" she whispered. Was it just me, or did she look…hopeful?

"Yes. And as soon as I can, when your pater is back from sea, I want to ask his permission to marry you. And,when you're a bit older, of course," I said, laughing "But, is that something you would…you would want?"

Her eyes sparkled, silvery with mischief. Then she pulled my head down, and kissed me.

Flavia kissed me. And it was everything I imagined.

Her soft, but slightly dry lips (from too much talking, presumably) moved around mine, and I felt her hands clasp gently around the back of my neck. Without thinking, my arms had constricted around her waist. I was completely stunned by her scroll-and-lavender smell.

We had to pause for breath at some point, and when we did, I think it dawned on us at the same time what had just happened. I was dizzy from the kiss, but I had yet to be supplied with an answer.

"Yes." She laughed, her sweet breath on my face "Yes, Floppy, and, good luck on the trial!"

Then, she was running, looking back once, and smiling.

I was mad with elation when I ran back to the court, I even forgot I was meant to be resting a murder case.